5. My favorite blog entries

On science in general:

An Explanation about Science
Natural selection and the scientific peer review process


On global warming:

Those terrible twins of climate change, CO2 and H2O
Damning evidence of fraud by Nils Axel-Morner

On religious fundamentalism:

Religious fundamentalism is blasphemy!
The Bible CANNOT be the Word of God
The ultimate conflict between Judaism and Christianity
Lying About History for the Bible
Five Things Most Christians Get Wrong About the Bible
God was a hypocrite?!
Biblical Genocide and Pedophilia

On the Baha’i Faith and related issues:

Why I Abandoned the (Haifan) Baha’i Faith
The Fatal Flaw in Baha’i Authority</
Baha’is must reject the Guardianship!
FIVE Ways to Create a Religion of Hypocrites
Baha’i Scandals
My Battle on Amazon with a Haifan Baha’i
Treachery of Baha’is @ reddit
Muslim-bashing and Libel Against Ex-Baha’is in Reddit
Destroying Wahid Azal’s credibility forever!
Is the Baha’i community disintegrating?

On politics and history in general, mostly American:

We must REFORM America’s democracy!
A critique of the Declaration of Independence.
White Americans need to grow up!
Newton’s Laws of Politics, sort of
Two Reasons for Public Ignorance
Abortion Autonomy

On Unitarian Universalism:

Why more people should join the Unitarian Universalists
There is NO Trinity, period!
Making a case for Universalism
Spiritual Orientation
An Open Letter to the New President of the Unitarian Universalist Association

On Libertarianism:

Why Libertarians are wrong about economics
Shane Killian sells out!

On the New Atheist movement and related issues:

Misdefining terms for purposes of propaganda
The New Atheists step up their campaign against the NCSE and the BCSE
Is agnostic an obsolete term?
“Classical” Atheism vs. “Contemporary” Atheism
The Skepchicks vs. the Asses of Evil

On Ayn Rand and her Objectivist movement:

A bitter rant about Ayn Rand

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