6. Dale Husband’s Sound-Bites for an Idiotic Age

The sex drive in humans is one of the strongest in our bodies. If it wasn’t, our species would not exist. If you think celibacy and abstinence are realistic options for young people, why not suggest that they also starve themselves nearly to death?

For some people, the worst thing you can tell them is “Let’s just be friends.” Because that implies that friendship is a limitation, that you refuse to give them any more from your heart. So instead, you should say, “I want to love you like a brother/sister, to the point where you can share the deepest joys as well as the deepest pain in your life with me, without feeling you have to have sex with me to do that.”

Rich people can afford to buy and use illegal drugs, while poor people are the ones who tend to deal the drugs to try to get themselves out of poverty. Guess which one of these groups tends to get locked up because of our idiotic “Drug Wars”?

The simple fact that Cuba’s Communist government did not collapse soon after the ones in eastern Europe did totally discredited the political narrative that the USA has made about Cuba since the 1960s: that Communism is by nature oppressive and when given the chance all people will embrace democracy and capitalism. The reason this is false: Cuba never had democracy, but before the 1960s was ruled by dictators that were friendly to the USA because they were also pro-capitalist! CAPITALISM DOES NOT PROMOTE DEMOCRACY! And the trade embargo forced on Cuba actually enabled Fidel Castro to demonize the USA as a bully and hypocrite for decades, keeping him in power.

Indeed, throughout the Cold War period (late 1940s to late 1980s) we Americans were NOT fighting for freedom and democracy against Communism but for capitalism, which led us to do some really despicable things to other countries (Iran in 1953, Chile in 1973, Vietnam in the 1960s and Nicaragua in the 1980s, among other examples). The notion that capitalism promotes freedom is one of the biggest lies ever invented; A corporation in a capitalist economy actually operates like a dictatorship, with the workers taking orders from their superiors and having no say in who their corporate executives are or what they do.

I pledge allegiance to the CONSTITUTION of the United States of America, one nation, with liberty and justice for those who can afford it in the name of capitalism. The rest of us can be thrown under the bus.

I’ve had to learn the hard way that having a degree in anything means almost nothing in an age when almost EVERYONE has degrees. “Get an education and you will be successful,” I was told as a child. But that is no longer true!

I finally figured out that good character is irrelevant to Conservatives; all that ever matters to them is if you profess the right ideology and kiss the butts of those who are already in power so they will do you favors. Liberals are much less tolerant of character flaws among themselves, and actually do Conservatives a favor by condemning some of their own for scandalous acts. Small wonder Liberals tend to fail!

Bernie Sanders wouldn’t have been so damn popular among Liberals in 2016 if Republicans and other economic conservatives had not been using most of us like de facto slaves to enrich themselves over the past generation or two, bribing the government to do their bidding. If you think Sanders is too radical, do something to OVERTHROW those greedy bastards that made someone like him necessary in the first place and then NEVER allow them to regain power again!

I have accepted, with extreme reluctance and bitterness, the understanding that 20 or 30 years from now the United States will no longer be a superpower that most of the world will admire and respect. We no longer seek the best standards of morality and justice for ourselves and others in the world; all we care about is money, white supremacy, Christian based bigotry, and fascist style nationalism. The rest of the world, even in Europe, look at us and want no part of the useless sham the USA has become…..and I don’t either! Instead of making America great again, Donald Trump has made it a laughingstock……but I do not think this is funny at all! Goodbye freedom and democracy; I will miss you!

Atheism was never a cause worth fighting for. The idea that it could bring improvement to the world by debunking religions has been shown to be completely false. It does not counter racism, sexism, or any other social ill we know. Those who reject religions need to find what does.

Note to Muslim bigots: I can just as easily call Muhammad himself a false prophet and justify it with references to Judaism and Christianity. NO ONE has any right to limit the Word of God. Stop that nonsense!

Ronald Reagan was the first President of the United States to have gone through a divorce and a remarriage. Donald Trump is now the second and indeed he has gone thru this TWICE. Both are Republicans and both were endorsed by…….Phyllis Schlafly, one of the most hard-core “family values” conservatives ever. Let that sink in…….In truth, she was ALWAYS a bigoted, dishonest extremist compared to actual standards of reality and justice and her Eagle Forum was no better than the Ku Klux Klan. But the spread of and easy access to the internet with its allowing all sorts of alternative sources of information to be seen has destroyed the credibility and appeal of her brand of conservatism among younger Americans who grew up after the Reagan era.

Opinions are never based on facts, they are based on priorities. Even the Nazis had certain priorities and no amount of facts regarding the worth and dignity of all human beings would have mattered to them. Same with southern slaveowners, which is why we had to fight both the American Civil War and World War II to defeat those bigots. And we may have to do that sort of thing again.

Dear state government of North Carolina,
I heard on NPR that you passed a law banning cities like Charlotte from enforcing local ordinances banning discrimination againsts GLBT people. So, how do you feel about the Supreme Court ruling legalizing gay marriage in all 50 states, including yours, you DAMNED HYPOCRITES?! STATES RIGHTS, MY @$$!!!!

I was born in 1969, raised in a family of Republicans and came of age when Ronald Reagan was still President, but I am now so hard-core liberal that some might call me a socialist. Why? Because the more I look at how America and much of the world has been run since the 1980s, the more I see white, rich and “Christian” people screwing with the rest of the world to profit themselves while keeping poor white Christians sedated with bogus issues like “religious freedom” and you can’t do that and sincerely claim to promote freedom and justice for all. And if you are not doing that, you are a DAMNED PARASITE!

My respect for the collective mindset of Americans has fallen so much over the past two decades that it is shocking! We are a nation of self-centered, greedy, and shallow hypocrites and it shows in how we have behaved since 2001.

In the interest of being politically correct, the very first line of “The Star Spangled Banner”, “Oh say can you see…..” instantly excludes blind people, who can be otherwise as patriotic as anyone else. Also, it refers to one specific event in American history. Why not make “America the Beautiful” our national anthem instead?

Liberal, Leftist, and Progressive does NOT mean tolerance for opposing VIEWS, only tolerance for different PEOPLE. Can we just stop LYING about that issue and GROW THE HELL UP?! If you are not INTOLERANT of Right-wing, Conservative and Regressive views, your views are worth NOTHING…..and that’s exactly what the bigots opposing us want!

We evolved in the ice ages, when our average life span was only 25 to 30 years, hardly anyone lived past 50, and families had to have six to eight children just to break even. When a teenage girl has a baby, she is doing what her cave-dwelling ancestors did……but we no longer live in caves, we live longer and nearly all our children live to adulthood. So teens NEED birth control! We NEED to get rid of the abstinence concept in sex education, because it is a falsehood!

Remember when Hitler referred to the Holocaust as the “final solution”? Because the Nazis has been discriminating against Jews for years and most Jews remained in Germany.
Once you start down the path of dehumanizing anyone, you make it easier to kill them eventually.
It could also happen in America against any despised minority, such as Mexican-Americans and Muslims.
There are two “problems” with my argument above about the Holocaust. One, we tend to demonize Hitler, calling him a monster rather than a man. Second, we think very highly of ourselves and our country and think we would never been so horrible.

But he wasn’t a monster, he was a human product of his time and culture, just as most of us are. And we HAVE committed acts of genocide and outright conquest! We actually put Native American tribes by the thousands into concentration camps called “reservations”. We even did the same to Japanese-Americans during World War II, even while fighting Hitler! We did not exterminate them….but we could have!

I wish people around the world would just STOP taking religions and their dogmas and commandments from 3500, 2000, 1400, or even 150 years ago and insist that any of them are relevant to today, when the only thing we as people should EVER care about are real needs of real people in real time and in the future. It makes me want to pick up an axe and chop away at all the bullshit out there, but it is like a massive FOREST!

I am a white, cis-gendered male of Protestant background and a natural born American citizen, so I have several reasons to feel privileged and thus vote for conservatives that claim to represent MY interests. Then I remember that I am also a member of the working class and all those other issues mean NOTHING. If you are poor, what does being of a certain race, gender, or anything else matter? Only an idiot thinks otherwise.

Bigot: Hey, where did all these homos and trannies and other pervs come from all of a sudden?!
Enlightened soul: Hey, they were always around, it’s just that the overwhelming culture against them kept them hidden from you until recently. In essence, most of them were forced to live a lie. I wonder why your discomfort at seeing them now is so much more important than the fact that they no longer are hypocrites. Shouldn’t we have MORE integrity, not less?

We can never do too much good in the world and we can never acquire too much knowledge from the world.

Conservative political philosophy is based on three standards that were the norm centuries ago:
1. Obedience to religious authorities.
2. Every person or family fending for themselves.
3. The majority ruling as an upper class over minorities, regardless of merit.
Under those standards it was common for people to starve, to become homeless, and to be treated with contempt for either being a lesser being or failing to obey unrealistic rules.

Liberals have an absolute standard of justice that rejects all these standards. The Declaration of Independence and the U S Constitution were LIBERAL documents. We have been generally moving in a more liberal direction ever since 1787. But conservatives constantly lie to the people to justify their hijacking our government so they can try to restore the older standards that benefit them.

It has been 2000 years since Christianity was established, yet Christians persist in calling the Jewish Scriptures the “Old Testament” and the Christian Scriptures the “New Testament”. This is both outdated and bigoted and should no longer be accepted by anyone!

Conservatism itself has never been an honest, ethical, or productive ideology. All Donald Trump really did was tear off the phony rhetoric and show the people what is at the actual core of right-wing political ideas. To be a conservative in the USA, you must believe at least one of the following:
1. That whites deserve more social power than non-whites.
2. That men deserve more social power than women.
3. That Christians deserve more social power than non-Christians.
4. That straights deserve more social power than gays/lesbians.
5. That cis-gendered people deserve more social power than trans-gendered people.
6. That the rich deserve more social power than the poor.
That’s it. If you truly believe in “liberty and justice for ALL”, then you CANNOT be a conservative!

When we attacked Iraq in 2003, we claimed it was because it had weapons of mass destruction. But we seemed to ignore just how much smaller and weaker Iraq always was compared to us Americans. The whole point of a small and weak country developing such weapons would be to deter attacks by its enemies. So in essence, even if the claim was true, we would have been attacking Iraq for trying to prevent its being attacked! Bush Jr was not just a liar, but a pathetic bully too!

Attention! If you have ever used the bigoted term “SJW” (Social Justice Warrior) as a means of insulting people because you disagree with their progressive views about women, gays, and others different from you, YOU ARE NOT MY FRIEND!

Equality under the law is not enough. Everyone should have opportunities in our economic system as well.

Have you ever wondered how it could have been possible for someone who was not even an original disciple of Jesus to join the Christian church, become one of its leaders, and change its  very nature? That’s what the Apostle Paul did! He was a usurper of the authority that belonged rightfully only to Peter!

People who consider the Japanese during World War II as horribly evil for what they did to their neighbors and to Americans never consider two things:
1. The Japanese were isolationists for much of their history and rarely attacked anyone else before the 20th Century.
2. They were finally forced to open up to the rest of the world by….the United States, which wanted to trade with them.
And when Japan looked at the rest of the world, including the United States, what did they see? Imperialism everywhere! So of course they thought they had just as much right to wage war on others as the Europeans and Americans were doing themselves.
WE made Japan what it became in that war! As the old saying goes, what comes around goes around.

Don’t be a doormat. Be the door. Then you can have the pleasure of slamming and blocking people who try to step on you.

To all public and private schools: Either get rid of dress codes or require that all students wear uniforms. Humiliating girls for wearing the latest fashions while never punishing boys for doing the same is sexist by nature.

The Gulf War of 1990-1991 was notable for two things that I did not even consider when it was happening but are clear to me now.
1. The dispute between Saddam Hussein and the government of Kuwait that led to the invasion of Kuwait was absolutely NONE of the United States’ business, period. It should have been kept a local matter.
2. There was never any evidence that Saddam Hussein was planning to attack Saudi Arabia or any other country.
So why did we launch Operation Desert Shield, Operation Desert Storm, put Iraq under economic sanctions and no-fly zones for over a decade and then finally finish off Saddam in the Iraq War starting in 2003? I have not the foggiest idea. Everything I was told before about why we went to war both times was shown over time to be……lies.

Please remember that the first three words of the U S Constitution are “We the people…..” not “We the whites…” not “We the Christians….” or “We the rich….” ANYONE who claims to be loyal to the Constitution for a second should be willing to represent the interests of the PEOPLE, yet we have an entire political party, the Republicans, that does NOT do that at all!

You say you want a revolution in the USA? You would not get it under Bernie Sanders! The simple fact that he ran for President under the present federal Constitution negates any claim that he intends to lead any revolution. To have a genuine revolution, you have to COMPLETELY TEAR DOWN THE SOCIAL ORDER AND REPLACE IT WITH A NEW ONE!

I have calculated that if every couple in the world today only had one child from now on, after ten or eleven generations humanity would only be able to populate New York City or Chicago.
(((((((((7,000,000,000/2)/2)/2)/2)/2)/2)/2)/2)/2)/2)= 6.8 million.

Dwight Eisenhower was the last honorable Republican to hold the Presidency of the United States…..and today I think he would have to be a Democrat.

Charles Darwin did not invent the moral atrocity known as “social Darwinism”….it was a perversion of his ideas of evolution, misapplied to human economics.

It really infuriates me when otherwise intelligent people use rhetorical stunts they may have picked up from FOX News or right-wing talk radio to try to justify a corrupt political and economic system. Of course, that is easy to do if you are one of the rich elite and need an excuse to look down on those you consider “inferior”.

I used to collect Transformers and in the instructions for changing them from vehicles or other forms to robots, I would often see this warning: Excessive force is not necessary. Question: Why give that to children playing with toys, but not to cops in their dealings with UNARMED BLACK PEOPLE?!

Conservatism is not so much a distinct political philosophy as it is an attitude based on the already powerful doing whatever they can via social engineering to keep their power. For example, in the last days of the Soviet Union, hard-line Communists were the conservatives of that society. In the late 1770s, conservatives in the American colonies were called “Loyalists” because they opposed the American Revolution and professed loyalty to the British King. In the early 19th Century, they supported slavery and in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries, they opposed equal rights for racial minorities. In religions, they support traditional dogmas and morals, even at the expense of objective truth and justice.
Conservatives are backstabbers of every democracy, every scientific advancement and every movement to make equality a genuine thing in real life. We must find a way someday to destroy it completely and forever!