4. My Spiritual Journeys

Over the years of my life, I have professed several religious positions:

  1. From early childhood to age 15: Christianity, no church affiliation, being taught religion by my Baptist mother.  http://www.christianity.com/
  2. From age 15 to age 20: Evangelical Christianity, Southern Baptist church affiliation. http://www.sbc.net/ I deconverted as a college student after deciding that most of the claims of Christianity were lies.
  3. From age 20 to age 27: Agnostic humanist, with Unitarian Universalist (UU) church affiliation.  http://www.uua.org/beliefs/who-we-are/beliefs/humanism
  4. From age 27 to age 35: Baha’i Faith, loyal to the Universal House of Justice based in Haifa, Israel. I joined it after deciding that the UUs were “empty” and that a religion with substance would be more useful. http://www.bahai.org/    http://www.bahai.us/
  5. From age 35  to present: Agnostic humanist and UU once more. http://firstjefferson.org/  Freed from Baha’i prejudices, I reverted to what I now consider to be my true self: Willing to learn from religious traditions without being bound by anything dogmatic. In 2005, to reconcile my spiritual side with my skeptical side, I invented my philosophy of Honorable Skepticism which has guided me ever since.

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