4. My Spiritual Journeys

Over the years of my life, I have professed several religious positions:

  1. From early childhood to age 15: Christianity, no church affiliation, being taught religion by my Baptist mother.  http://www.christianity.com/
  2. From age 15 to age 20: Evangelical Christianity, Southern Baptist church affiliation. http://www.sbc.net/ I deconverted as a college student after deciding that most of the claims of Christianity were lies.
  3. From age 20 to age 27: Agnostic humanist, with Unitarian Universalist (UU) church affiliation.  http://www.uua.org/beliefs/who-we-are/beliefs/humanism
  4. From age 27 to age 35: Baha’i Faith, loyal to the Universal House of Justice based in Haifa, Israel. I joined it after deciding that the UUs were “empty” and that a religion with substance would be more useful. http://www.bahai.org/    http://www.bahai.us/
  5. From age 35  to present: Non-theist humanist and UU once more. https://allpeopleschurchuu.org/  Freed from Baha’i prejudices, I reverted to what I now consider to be my true self: Willing to learn from religious traditions without being bound by anything dogmatic. In 2005, to reconcile my spiritual side with my skeptical side, I invented my philosophy of Honorable Skepticism which has guided me ever since.

4 thoughts on “4. My Spiritual Journeys

  1. Hi, I find your religious journey very interesting. I have had quite a journey, too, yet I am still young and have much more to go. I was a Baha’i for a short time, but I found the religion hypocritical in some respects. I found your website via reddit under one of my posts. I wanted to offer some sort of conversation about religion. I do not think that one religion fits everybody– just as you have said. I was briefly a religious studies major at university, and that drove an interest in Christianity for me. Yet, I was raised Catholic and had a very sheltered upbringing in the Catholic church (i.e. going to Catholic school), so I find Christianity to be somewhat sexist. Especially in reading the Old Testament, like Judges 19, I am not comfortable with Abrahamic religions. That being said, I want to create my own religion: I want to build something that people can turn to the way I need to turn to something. I guess the point of my post is to see what your thoughts are on starting a new religion that isn’t based on a prophet, but a philosophy of some meaning. I can give you more details if you email me. Thanks. 🙂

    • You can certainly join a Unitarian Universalist church and proceed to build your own theology within it. Of course, I have my own path and have no need to follow another’s. Good luck with your quest for truth, love and a good life.

  2. I’m an atheist and have been for over 10 years. Scientific knowledge is the best and most reliable way to finding the truth. There has never been any evidence that people can survive their own death as every religious group teaches. And religious faith divides people because of the different paths it teaches.

  3. We actually have atheist in some UU churches. Not that you need to join or visit one, we believe we all find our way and accept others the way they are. Which allows for this to happen.

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