Muslim-bashing and Libel Against Ex-Baha’is in Reddit

This is a direct sequel to Treachery of Baha’is @ reddit

Baha’is in reddit have come up with a new tactic for attacking those who dare to leave and then criticize their former religion; they are claiming most ex-Baha’is are just Muslim enemies of the faith who never joined.

First see this:

At one point, a Baha’i named t0lk asserts:

A word of caution about r/exbahai, it is mostly populated by Muslims and not by people who were formerly Baha’is.

This was noticed and commented on here:

And on both threads, a Baha’i named aspiringglobetrotter made an @$$ of himself. At the first, he declared:

aspiringglobetrotter 2 points  

Anyone can claim they’re a Hindu, Christian, atheist whatever, especially on an anonymous platform like Reddit.

I know people who are ex-Bahais in real life. Pretty much every single one of them are irreligious and claim that if they had to choose any religion it would undoubtedly be Baha’i. My sister is such an individual. They don’t go around trying to detriment the name and reputation of the Baha’i Faith: on the contrary, they think it’s the most appropriate and logical religion despite no longer being believers themselves.

Of course some Muslims will want to detriment people’s perceptions of our Faith. For them, Muhammad is strictly the final Messenger. To see a young, modern Faith whose core principles appeal to the masses is a huge threat to them. The government of Iran knows this very well.

Needless to say, I don’t believe him.

And then at the second thread he came to say things like:

aspiringglobetrotter 3 points  

Yes there are [ex-Baha’is], they just don’t spend their time badmouthing it online.

Dude anyone with a brain knows most of you guys are Muslims. Doesn’t Allah tell you there are better things to do?

There’s no compulsion of religion in the Baha’i Faith, therefore true exBahais don’t see a need to “help” others know the “truth” of “Bahaism”. Shows over boys.


aspiringglobetrotter 1 point  

I didn’t say everyone here are not real ex Baha’is. I agreed that most of them are Muslims, which is true – some admit it some deny it. You tried to portray that you’re doing a favour for the Reddit using world by exposing the ‘truth’ of this ‘cult’ and I replied saying that’s nice, but that same mindset is what others also claim they do with your religion (which I view as a valid, true and inspirational Revelation of God mind you) on other subs.

So naturally I confronted him:


I agreed that most of them are Muslims, which is true – some admit it some deny it.

And some EVIDENCE for that would be nice.

The libel you (and t0lk) have committed is supposed to be against Baha’i teachings regarding backbiting and calumny. But I’m quite used to your hypocrisy; it’s all over your religion.

{{{Four Ways to Create a Religion of Hypocrites

  1. State that religion no longer needs clergy……and replace them with leaders that are as authoritarian as the clergy ever was.
  2. Claim that men and women should be equal……but then deny women membership in the all-powerful leadership council of the religion.
  3. Condemn as heretics those who believe in your religion but dare to challenge the claims of your religion’s current leadership, while at the same time claiming to welcome as friends the followers of other religions.
  4. Claim there is harmony between science and religion, but also claim that anything your leaders say is absolutely true, even if on topics science is expected to address.

Any one of these makes a religion not worth following, but what do you do if you find a religion that has all four such contradictions?}}}

that same mindset is what others also claim they do with your religion (which I view as a valid, true and inspirational Revelation of God mind you) on other subs.

I am myself an ex-Christian. Do you see me bashing Christianity here? No, because that is not the appropriate place for it. Just as this is also not the appropriate place for YOU to attack ex-Baha’is by lying about them. If you are a dedicated Baha’i bigot, your place is:

Instead of answering me directly, he just moved to:

Where he said crap like:

aspiringglobetrotter 3 points  

Quality over quantity mate. Unlike you we don’t force our children’s fiances to convert to marry them. Nor do we think it’s a religious duty to have many children just to spread our religion and outbreed secular or Christian populations. Oh, and, did you forget the part where we are actually free to leave our religion and when we do it’s taken into account on the records.

Can the same be said for yours, though?


aspiringglobetrotter 2 points  

Hahaha do you know how ridiculous you are? Many Aghsans in the UK mind you, I know some personally.

Little do you know that the Bab is a descendant of your prophet Muhammad LOL. Oh and we do have the certified family tree to prove it, check it out in Dawnbreakers.

LOL at the not feeding children thing.

Definitely not as many wives as Muhammad, that’s for sure. Or children as your homeboy Khomeini, the sick twisted heartless mullah.

An apostate is someone who leaves their religion. For us, that is not a negative or bad thing if the person has done so willfully and after investigating. What about the punishment in your Faith for apostasy according to what you yourself believe? Oh yeah that’s right, death.

It’s easy to brag about your religion growing when you threaten to (and often really do) kill those who no longer wish to follow it.


aspiringglobetrotter 2 points  

Cool, good for them.

Nice stalking me, thankfully yes I had social anxiety but I’m not sure how that’s relevant to anything here?

Shoghi Effendi? He died from the Spanish flu influenza, definitely wasn’t murdered. Wish I could’ve said the same for the 230+ Baha’is murdered by the regime you support since 1979 for no reason other than refusing to revert to Islam.

I’m a Baha’i, sorry.


aspiringglobetrotter 1 point  

Lol the reason I had anxiety was because I was bullied my entire childhood and called things like ‘terrorist’ by white Australians because I’m brown and middle Eastern. My Faith actually has helped so much, nice try though. Have a look over at r/exMuslim if you truly want to see how a religion can cause mental problems.

Anymore, I said in the years following the Revolution.

You calling me a hypocrite is just another prime example of your hypocrisy. Allah warns that the hypocritical ‘Muslims’ will suffer the most in the next world. So be careful. I may not know who you are, but God certainly does.

A Haifan Baha’i? Do you mean the type of Baha’i that all Baha’is are? If so, yes.


aspiringglobetrotter 1 point  

Just like how Muhammad died without explicitly staying who would proceed him and thus causing a sectarian divide in the ummah from the very beginning after His passing?

But no, because it’s Islam.

Strangely enough, this reminds me of another situation involving an ex-Christian turned atheist; her critics claimed she had never really embraced “true” Christianity.
You were NEVER a real Christian

They lied about her, just as Baha’is in reddit have lied about us. Same difference!

6 thoughts on “Muslim-bashing and Libel Against Ex-Baha’is in Reddit

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  6. The Baha’i at their Bahaiforum referred to me as a Muslim, or also has “revelations like Muhammad”
    Wahid Azal thinks I’m an “evangelical Christian.”
    those who know me a little bit or less think that this is some form of Judaism, so I won’t judge what people think of me.
    If I was born in a Protestant family, and I reject Christianity for the most part, and I accepted the Baha’i Faith first, and now I am reforming it, following the path of the Bayani Faith (and Bab alone), then by what right am I a Christian, a Jew or a Muslim?
    I don’t care about names, call me what you want.

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