Four Ways to Create a Religion of Hypocrites

1. State that religion no longer needs clergy……and replace them with leaders that are as authoritarian as the clergy ever was.
2. Claim that men and women should be equal……but then deny women membership in the all-powerful leadership council of the religion.
3. Condemn as heretics those who believe in your religion but dare to challenge the claims of your religion’s current leadership, while at the same time claiming to welcome as friends the followers of other religions.
4. Claim there is harmony between science and religion, but also claim that anything your leaders say is absolutely true, even if on topics science is expected to address.
Any one of these makes a religion not worth following, but what do you do if you find a religion that has all four such contradictions?

6 thoughts on “Four Ways to Create a Religion of Hypocrites

  1. You’ll love this website:
    It is basically a website for the book:
    “Twelve Principles: A comprehensive investigation on the Baha’i Teachings”
    It exposes many contradictions and lies regarding the Baha’i principles. For instance Baha’is claim they have no prejudice but Baha’u’llah claims that:
    “My friends are the pearls of [this] order and all others are earthly pebbles . . . a single one of these (Baha’is) is more precious than a million others (non-Baha’is),”
    `Abd al-Ḥamīd Ishrāq Khāwarī, Mā’idiy-i āsimānī, vol. 4, p. 353.
    more at:

    You can download the book from:

    • Thank you. Just understand that I have just as many problems with Christianity as I do the Baha’i Faith. If your spiritual orientation is for Christianity, that is fine. It is when people claim it is an exclusive and absolute source of truth that I come out ready to fight. No one but God Himself would ever know that…..and I think He has never told us.

  2. It continues to boggle the mind how Bahai is such a blatant mindgame.. NONE of this makes sense. How the people in this religion can reconcile all of it, I have NO idea.

    (Dale Husband: The actual ideas of a religion are irrelevant. What makes a religious community function is the social interactions among its members. As long as the community fills that need, it will thrive. That is why attempts to debunk religions do not discredit them alone; you have to also provide a social structure that can rival what most religions provide…..which UNITARIAN UNIVERSALISM GIVES!)

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