Joining the war against MLMs

With the election of 2020 finally over, I can focus more on being a skeptic and ethical philosopher again. And one of the best ways to express my convictions is to give crucial support to public enemies of Multi-Level-Marketing companies. I already focused on one such enemy, Blair aka, the iilluminatii.

Here’s more of her videos damning MLMs.

If I ran a major newspaper or Cable TV news network, I’d hire her to run her own column or TV show!

Others are joining the battle, including Genetically Modified Skeptic.

Here’s another such video:

And testimonies about one specific MLM from former members:

Another damning story!

Here is an investigation of how an MLM uses a “team call” for propaganda.

Here’s a video from yet another channel slamming MLMs:

Yet another one:

Here’s one more:

Maybe if Blair gets tired of the Sad Milk project, she should form a group with some of these other ladies and collaborate with them often. They ALL have my support at exposing MLMs for their crooked and abusive practices!

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