Go follow iilluminaughtii on YouTube!

I have discovered a YouTube channel that seems to be dedicated to the type of investigative journalism you would think ALL newspapers, magazines, and websites that are media sources would do often to expose frauds in the world. Alas, they don’t, so YouTube personalities often have to do it. And this channel is one of the best at it!


I first took notice of this amazing lady when I came across her videos slamming PETA, the animal rights extremist group.

And most recently:

But her main focus is exposing MLMs for their shady practices. Here is one of her early videos giving a general description of them and how they are related to cults.

She then gives more specific descriptions of certain companies.

I almost got sucked into the Primerica scam back when I was married and living with Cheri in Arlington, Texas.

Then there is Avon, a company I have known about for most of my life:

She also slams EA, despite it not being an MLM:

No target is too big for her to take on. She even goes after Nestle, the giant food company!

Blair, I LOVE you! You are awesome!

She is also in other places on the internet:

Her Twitter account:

She has an account on Discord:  https://discord.com/invite/iilluminaughtii

She is also found on Twitch:  https://www.twitch.tv/theiilluminaughtii

She is also on Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/iilluminaughtii/

This is her actual appearance:

View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Blair (@iilluminaughtii) on

Her fans can gather here on reddit:

I think I will be following her for a long time to come!


5 thoughts on “Go follow iilluminaughtii on YouTube!

  1. Of course, just because I adore someone does not mean I will follow or agree with everything she does. Blair is also a member of a YouTube comedy group called Sad Milk, that seems to consist of guys (and one gal, Blair) making comments about whatever.


    Here’s one example of a recent video that I assume is typical of their output. I don’t really get it, honestly.

    This was one of their first:

    Recently, the group underwent a disruption as reported here by Blair:

    She was trying to be diplomatic, but then she was criticized over that.

    Blair responded as follows:


    I would actually like to clear this up. The only thing the milkmen did (any of them as a whole) was show up to a recording that I had to create a schedule for, say funny words and then upload their audio to a drive that I manage. I did all post collection, I managed the channel and it’s uploads, schedules and meetings, the thumbnails, the ideas for videos, all of sad milks finances, taxes, paying all of the freelancers, managing the discord server, and it’s social media. I want to make it perfectly clear that the most any of the milkmen had to spend on sad milk was 2.5 hours a week. I spent closer to 30.

    I do not want the work I did and continue to do to be belittled by a false narrative. I do that in addition to doing it with 5 other channels, in college for my masters degree, caring for a chronically sick special needs puppy (who has my whole heart), 3 merch shops, and a soap business.

    I asked for help and the only people that stepped up to that plate were Damien, Oz Media, and Wonderstruck. When I said I needed help, that is what started the fight. And I got left out in the cold by those three. They left in the middle of the night and I woke up to (not even a DM) but a message in the milkmen chat of them leaving.

    What they did to me and the channel was cruel. I am not friends with them. Click saying the n word, r slur, and f slur had nothing to do with why they left, and if I had seen these videos sooner, it most certainly would have been a reason. That is disgusting and I am happy I am no longer friends with someone who said those things and couldn’t even say “I’m sorry” in his apology. }}}

    Another member added:


    I can personally verify this as well. I had asked former members for help in gathering content and had been told by such members it is up to Blair and should be Blair’s job (which was never how it was supposed to be) . The weight was not distributed equally and when a change was set up for us to all have a fair work load people bounced. The remaining Milk Men have and will continue to carry the passion and drive we hold for the channel. We care about those nearly 200k fans who find comfort/joy/laughter/entertainment in our videos. And we hope to grow this even further. }}}

    Good for them that excess baggage was expelled, but it would have been wiser for the group as a whole to have agreed to the exact same work ethic from the first day of its existence. Oh, well, live and learn.

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