A banned person lies to me!

When I ban someone from commenting on this blog, it is not merely because I dislike his or her opinions, but because I find the person using dishonest, profoundly stupid, and/or abusive comments against me or others here.

Consider some the comments on this blog entry:  https://dalehusband.wordpress.com/2009/01/19/those-terrible-twins-of-climate-change-co2-and-h2o/

wrauny said

December 28, 2009 at 1:33 AM

You are right that H2O is a strong greenhouse gas, due to its absorption spectrum. I didn’t really understand the molecular weight argument. I have analyzed the CO2 greenhouse effect (here). You might find the results surprising. Sorry that I don’t include the secondary effects of H2O.

After I made a reply to him, he said:

wrauny said

June 9, 2010 at 12:52 AM

In the last table, the emitted Radiant Intensity from the earth is decreasing due to increasing CO2 absorption. In order to balance the Radiative Forcing (incoming Solar Irradiance minus outgoing thermal and reflected radiation), the surface temperature of the earth was increased in MODTRAN so the the radiant intensity matches the baseline value.

Note that I updated my blog to include the IPCC definition of radiative forcing, which excludes this balancing effect (increased thermal radiation from a hotter earth). My blog was really a criticism of that definition, thus the glossing over other factors (which you justly criticized).

I apologize if the language I used was provocative and I regret this. I am concerned about the environment, but I feel that the sensationalism and politicization of this issue is preventing us from being reasonable in our solutions.

I will NEVER ban honest critics who can admit to being wrong. Making mistakes is not a sin if the mistakes are subject to correction.

Later, humphreyc showed up. His comment there was so offensive that I used the editing technique called “disemvoweling” to obscure its contents while still allowing the comment to stay up as a warning to others. I had learned this tactic from P Z Myers.

He should have had the good sense to stay away, or better still, to publish a critique of me on his own blog. Instead, he pulled this useless stunt: He made one more comment which got listed as spam. I read it.

This is strange. I didn’t make this post (I can’t even read it). Someone appears to be using an identical appellation to comment here.

My only comment ever on this site was on the Iran/Afghanistan/Iraq thread, which was simply to point out that things always go better in theory than in practice. I apologize if you thought that juvenile.

So am I banned, or should I simply change my post name?

humphreyc, you damned moron! Here are the vital stats that appear along with BOTH comments:


The first is your screen name, the second is your e-mail address, and the third is what computer the comment originated from!

His other comments, all with the exact same stats, are as follows:


Those of us who never bought into creationism in the first place have a lot less anger about the issue.

As to your last paragraph…you really want to go with the word “blasphemy”? Oh wait, sorry I meant “BLASPHEMY!” I seem to recall god creating and then subsequently destroying all sorts of things in the bible, including a fairly close call with humanity. In fact, there seems to be alot of things in the bible that would cause one pause regarding God’s behavior toward the world. Killing off the dinos doesn’t seem particularly out of character.


Everything always goes better in my imagination too…

No, you will NOT be unbanned, you lying @$$hole. GO AWAY FOREVER!

Who is this psychotic pest?

In the interest in being completely transparent, I’m posting this insane comment I got from some unknown troll, who I think is either an alter-ego of or a close friend of an old enemy of mine:

Author : tangoforever (IP: , cpe-75-84-8-93.socal.res.rr.com)
E-mail : dharma31649@mypacks.net
URL    :
Whois  : http://ws.arin.net/cgi-bin/whois.pl?queryinput=
To Michael O.
In this thread, as in all of his other threads, Dale Husband presents himself as
a mentally challenged individual. He seems to have a psychotic dispostion. He
statements smack of self serving, grandiose thoughts of himself. His statements
show him to be Narcissistic. Someone to steer away from for sure.

To provide proof of my observations – Profile of the Sociopath @
and Narcissistic personality disorder @

This person is displaying one of the most rediculous examples of projection I’ve ever witnessed.

I checked out his WHOIS file and found the following:

OrgName:    Road Runner HoldCo LLC
OrgID:      RRWE
Address:    13241 Woodland Park Road
City:       Herndon
StateProv:  VA
PostalCode: 20171
Country:    US

In any case, the twisted loon has been banned from commenting here ever again. That happens to all outright liars.

Fear of being shamed publicly

A friend of mine is being repeatedly attacked by certain people because of her posting names and pics of members blocked from her group on Human Rights, along with specific reasons for the blocking. They claim that this act itself violates human rights, as well as rules of proper behavior. But does it?

When challenged to specify what rights are being violated, they refuse to do so.

When they are issued a judgement, they refuse to accept it.

Instead of moving on after they state their case, they keep repeating it, as if saying it 1000 times will make a difference after failing to make their case the first time.

That’s trolling, people.

What’s really going on, with at least some of the critics, is fear of appearing on the list they are protesting about. Well, here’s an idea: Don’t violate the rules of the group and you won’t ever appear on that list!