Wahid Azal and his Bayani gang hit a new low

Imagine you are a famous horror novelist, like Stephen King, with millions of fans around the world. You decide to write a historical fiction novel set during World War II and focusing on the Holocaust. You write the story about a concentration camp as accurately as possible, depicting the atrocities committed there in graphic detail and the Nazis involved as cruel and powerful, while their Jewish victims are shown to be helpless, the story only ending with the liberation of the camp by Allied forces. At no point do you endorse anything about Nazism, nor do you attack the Jewish community. And yet, after the novel is published, you are accused of being pro-Nazi, anti-Semetic, racist, and white supremacist, and you get tons of hate mail and even some death threats, causing you to go into hiding and consider quitting writing altogether. This despite you having made statements damning the Nazis and supporting Zionism in the past; the novel is considered proof of your true nature by people who are your sworn enemies.

This is similar to the situation I am facing right now. Let me provide some background.

In 2017, Roy Moore, a right-wing religious extremist and former judge, ran for a place in the U S Senate, but lost to Democrat Doug Jones. During his campaign, it was revealed that he had violated the bodily autonomy of several young girls when he was decades younger, disturbing the people of Alabama enough to make them reject him. This was at a time when the #metoo movement, asserting the right of women to no longer tolerate sexual harassment from men, was a major social force. I decided to support this movement by discussing it on my blog.

Thus on December 18, 2017, I wrote and published a blog entry titled, “Why I am far better than Roy Moore”. I described an actual incident I had with a young girl and how, even when given a chance to molest her, I chose NOT to do that and let her go because I respected her body and mind enough to do so. Far from being an endorsement of child sexual abuse and pedophilia, it was a total condemnation of those things and a warning to adults about how to treat younger people.

Because the girl I was with seemed to be giving me romantic signals, I mistakenly thought she had a crush on me and so I thought I needed to address that issue directly with her. But instead, she clearly explained that she only saw me as a friend and was not in love with me. The moment she made that clear, I dropped the subject and moved on. My error was thinking her overly affectionate nature was something more. That’s it. I made NO attempt to seduce the girl, tell her she HAD to have sex with me at any point, or anything so disgusting. That simply didn’t happen!

Last year, I had a dramatic falling out with Wahid Azal, who like me was an activist against the Baha’i Faith. But unlike me, he was the leader of his own “Bayani” cult based on the teachings of the Bab mixed with Marxism (which is atheist, a fundamental contradiction since Azal was also supposed to believe in the same God as the Bab he supposedly followed). I refused to endorse his cult and when he was expelled from the ExBahai subreddit for disruptive conduct, I sided with the moderators of it against Azal. That turned him against me and over the next several months, he proceeded to accuse me of being racist, a white nationalist, a pro-Baha’i operative in league with the Baha’i leadership in Haifa (he also accused the ExBahai subreddit moderators of that), and even of being gay and also lusting after Azal’s wife before she died (hardly what a gay man would do, eh?). Of course, he could make none of those claims stick because there was no real evidence for any of them and I had made my rejection of racism and other forms of bigotry all too clear on my blog, and everywhere else for that matter. So what else is there to do when you are desperate to smear me?

By this time, I had long forgotten about the blog entry I had written about Roy Moore and the little girl I’d been with and had moved on to many other things in my life. But Wahid Azal found that blog entry and he and his cult followers began to spread links to it in various places, and he also made a video attacking me titled (I kid you not) “Dale Husband confesses to being a Paedophile”.

Needless to say, that is an outright lie, just like all the other lies that bastard has told about me. The only thing I ever confessed to on the blog entry in question was facing a difficult situation with a child and treating that child like an independent person rather than a sex object. A pedophile is a person attracted sexually only to children and aggressively seeking them out for sexual purposes, disregarding their own feelings and needs. Not only do I condemn such a thing, I actually believe convicted child molesters deserve the DEATH PENALTY! Indeed, I even condemned Moses, God’s supreme lawgiver, for endorsing child sexual abuse and genocide, as depicted here:


After learning what Azal had done, I asked a friend of mine, the same one I consulted in making the controversial blog entry, what I should do. She said, “Unfortunately in my experience very little weight is put into someone’s intention, only in other’s perception. I would probably take it down if I were you, but there’s no action that will immediately make this problem go away for you. Good luck, friend. Things like this are never easy.” So I removed the blog entry from public viewing.

So this is how utterly low Azal has sunk and now I am going to have to be a lot more aggressive in dealing with him and his lies on YouTube as well as on reddit. Any chance of him and me reconciling in the future is gone forever.

Fortunately, it seems that some progress in getting rid of him has already been made.


Blog has been removed

Sorry, the blog at wahidazal.blogspot.com has been removed. This address is not available for new blogs.

So there’s that. You can only defame people for so long before your lies catch up to you! 🙂

15 thoughts on “Wahid Azal and his Bayani gang hit a new low

  1. As further proof of Wahid Azal’s mental decay, he has made a blog devoted only to me:


    So far, it has three entries, all made on May 9, 2020.




    All merely copies of the same bullshit he published on his main blog and on YouTube.

  2. Wahid Azal can continue to misrepresent me in terms of my political views, my sexuality, and even my religion, but my own words on this blog will stand as my ultimate defense. Anyone who believes his bullshit about me without investigating the truth for themselves, and better still, without asking me directly about what I am about and why Wahid Azal really hates me is not really a friend of mine, is he?

  3. Note to Stephan Beyer:

    Neither you, nor Wahid Azal, nor anyone else who has read my blog over the years has ANY basis for accusing me of being a threat to children. I find it absolutely incredible that a blog entry that was written to be a CONDEMNATION of pedophilia could instead be called an ENDORSEMENT of it. But I guess I shouldn’t have been so shocked, since Azal started calling me a racist last year, and he clearly lied about that. You Bayanis live lies every single day, and that is why you disgust me so much. I will see you hypocrites in hell!

  4. Wahid Azal even lies about himself here:

    {{{I am N. Wahid Azal, a Twelver Shīʿi Sūfī Muslim, independent scholar, cultural commentator, political critic and activist.}}}

    No, according to actual Muslims, he CANNOT be a Muslim at all if he accepts the Bab or any other Messenger of God after Muhammad. The very creed of Islam itself says:

    “There is no God but Allah and MUHAMMAD is his Messenger.”

    Both the Bab and Baha’u’llah acknowledged Muhammad as the Messenger of God for Islam, but they were not Muslims because they did not follow Muhammad, but made new religions to replace Islam. THE BAYANI CULT IS NOT A FORM OF ISLAM!

    He has made a new blog to replace the one that was wiped out:

    And this one contains NO attacks on me, at least not yet. It is possible that he spun off his attacks on me in a separate blog in the hopes I would not notice. I still caught you, idiot!

  5. More proof of Azal’s insanity:



    {{{ Communication with Pier Galliet: 15-18 March 2019
    March 19, 2019

    {{ a)
    From: N.W. Azal
    Date: Fri, Mar 15, 2019 at 7:09 AM
    Subject: Inji Galliet-Jakoby
    To: ,

    Greetings, I send this email because I do not know who or where else to contact. I understand that Inji Galliet-Jakoby has been with the London Symphony orchestra per this item on the web https://lso.co.uk/images/pdf/21-12-Web.pdf

    If anyone reads this email, could you forward to whoever knows Inji Galliet-Jakoby personally to inform Inji that her mother, Roya Jackoby aka Kirsten Roya Azal passed away in Berlin, Germany last Monday night, early Tuesday morning. I am Roya’s husband and now widower. I think Inji should be able to attend her mother’s funeral or at least be appraised of the fact that her mother has passed away.

    Thank you very much.

    Best regards,
    N. Wahid Azal}}

    {{ b)
    From: Pier Galliet
    Date: Mon, Mar 18, 2019 at 9:07 AM
    Subject: Re: Inji Galliet-Jakoby

    Dear Mr Azal,

    I am Inji Galliet-Jakoby’s father, Pier Galliet.

    I am very sad to receive your news that Inji’s mother, Roya, has passed away this week. I am very sorry for the great loss you and your daughter, Nuriel, have suffered. Inji will be devastated to hear of this.

    Thank you for your email of last Friday, 15th March 2019, to the LSO seeking to communicate this loss to Inji and hoping for Inji’s attendance at her mother’s funeral.

    Please could you inform me of the date of the funeral?

    Inji has no active German or British passport so it will be much quicker to renew her expired German passport than to obtain her British passport.

    In order to obtain an emergency German passport for Inji, I will need to present the German Embassy in London with proof that her mother has passed away. Otherwise they will not issue me with a passport for her without her mother’s written consent.

    Please would you send me a scanned copy of the death certificate for me to supply to the German Embassy in London in order that I can obtain an emergency German passport for Inji to attend her mother’s funeral. It may turn out to be necessary for you to email this yourself to the German Embassy in London, but I will try myself with the copy you send me.

    With my thanks and my sincere condolences,
    Pier Galliet}}

    {{ c)
    18.03.2019, 15:01, “N Wahid Azal” :

    Greetings Mr Galliet,

    Thank you for your condolences.

    The German authorities are slow with issuing paper certification. The actual cause of death was only made official a few hours ago as the case was under a police criminal investigation until then. However, you can provide the following details to the embassy issued by the Berlin police itself and they will expedite issuance of travel documentation:

    Vorgangsnummer (Case Number): 190312-0330-324943

    However, why would Inji need a German passport if she is a British citizen? The full implimentation of Brexit isn’t official yet and AFAIK anyone with a British passport can still enter Germany without too much hassle. You may want to double check that but that is my understanding at this time.

    Since the coroner has signed off on the case, I will now be planning the funeral. More than likely it will be mid next week, either Wesdnesday or Friday.

    That stated, I think it is a very good idea for Inji to attend her mother’s funeral and have a closure for her own sake, rather than find out about it years later and have to find her mother’s gravesite alone. However, I advise very strongly that you not attend or physically come to Berlin, given the history, and also I myself will not allow your presence to be anywhere near where my daughter is present. This is also what Roya would have wanted. As you know, I did not reach out to you personally but to the London Symphony Orchestra group. There is also a community of people here who will be attending the funeral and the local police themselves will also be in attendance as well (as is required by law in such cases).

    Thank you again. Looking forward to see Inji at the funeral.

    Best regards,
    N. Wahid Azal}}

    {{ d)

    From: Pier Galliet
    Date: Mon, Mar 18, 2019 at 3:41 PM
    Subject: RE: Re: Inji Galliet-Jakoby

    Dear Mr Azal,

    Thank you for your swift reply. I include below the bulk of my email to the German Embassy in London seeking their confirmation that Inji’s mother has passed away.

    Inji is 12 years old, so there is no question of her travelling anywhere without me.

    Furthermore, as you can see from my summary for the German Embassy in London of our history with her mother, I could never risk her going to you without my protection. I am sorry if you find this summary distressing, but it is crucial that I set out the facts as they were.

    I will explain to her why she cannot attend her mother’s funeral. I’m sure she will find comfort in the news that she has a baby half-sister.

    Best wishes for the future,
    Pier Galliet

    > Dear Madam/Sir,
    > I write to you here making an emergency request for your confirmation of the death in Berlin last week, Tuesday 12th/Monday 11th March 2019, of German citizen, Kirsten Roya Azal (nee Knoerzer, aka Roya Jakoby), mother of my daughter, German citizen, Inji Knoerzer (UK birth certificate; Inji Galliet-Jakoby).
    > This Friday afternoon I received the attached email (Confidential – Information received via the LSO St Lukes inbox.png) from the head of my daughter, Inji’s, LSO Discovery Choir forwarding an email that morning from a Mr N. Wahid Azal.
    > As you can read, Mr Azal’s email sought to communicate to Inji that her mother, his late wife, had passed away in Berlin last week, Tuesday 12th/Monday 11th March 2019. He also hoped for Inji’s attendance at her mother’s funeral.
    > Inji’s removal from her mother’s care in mid-2010 by the UK Family Courts was finalised by their Final Court Order of 10th September 2010 where I was given full custody of Inji and Inji’s mother was restricted to a weekly fully supervised 2 hour contact session with Inji in a London Borough of Hackney local authority Child Contact Centre.
    > The Court Order stipulated that no other contact between Inji’s mother with Inji and myself was permitted apart from via the London Borough of Hackney local authority and that Inji’s mother could not approach closer than 150 metres to our home nor Inji’s school. Furthermore the Court Order required that Inji’s mother undergo 2 years of psychiatric counselling before she could apply to change the aforementioned contact arrangements with Inji.
    > This Court Order was the result of Inji’s mother abducting her from London to Hamburg, Germany in July/August 2007, which resulted in the German Courts returning Inji to London permanently in January 2009 after which Inji’s mother subjected her to persistent abuse.
    > After receiving allegations in 2011 from a recent ex-fiancee of Inji’s mother that she was planning to have me assaulted and Inji abducted again, the London Borough of Hackney local authority terminated her contact arrangements with Inji.
    > That was the last time Inji and I had contact with her mother although she contacted my solicitor by email on one occasion a year or two later before the withdrawal of Legal Aid terminated my solicitor’s services to me and this year Inji’s mother tried to contact Inji via Vimeo and she also emailed my school.
    > Over the past 8 years, Inji has found some peace with her abandonment by her mother. Her positive feelings about her mother have been reinforced by my continually positive portrayal to Inji of her mother.
    > Inji will be devastated by the news of her mother’s passing, so I am reluctant to give her this news without official confirmation. I will reply to Mr Azal in order to seek greater confidence about his news, but following Inji’s mother’s UK Family Court obtained psychiatric diagnosis of narcissistic personality disorder, for Inji’s safety I need more reliable assurance that Inji’s mother has indeed passed away.
    > If you are able to confirm to me that Inji’s mother has indeed passed away, I would like Inji to attend her mother’s funeral if she so wishes.
    > }}

    {{ e)
    18.03.2019, 16:11, “N Wahid Azal” :

    Dear Mr Galliet

    The issue then is as is stands, and the email trail will demonstrate who did and said what for posterity.

    Now, seeing how I am in Germany and you are in the UK, and seeing how Europe wide (and beyond) the utterly corrupt nature of the British Family Court system is now a fact widely appreciated by lay and judicial expert alike, I would advise you to be careful in communicating any nonsense that a crooked British Family court system and its judges may have found in a demonstrably rigged case that any impartial judicial review outside of the UK would immediately find to be what it is — a gross miscarriage of justice as well as an unmitigated human rights violation — because as it stands under German law you may have committed a criminal offence and violation of the law by communicating that email (with its allegations) you sent me to any third parties. Fortunately, the Germans (and most but not all of the rest of EU) have not descended into the systemic malevolence and systematic gaslighting that epitomizes the British system from top down. So good thing that the UK is leaving the EU. The sooner, the better.
    You are more than welcome to communicate the above to Judge Crine (sp?) and the Family Court in question as well as the local council. Furthermore, if I should ever see you personally within a 100 or more yards of either myself or my daugter, we will have a very, very big problem indeed.

    Consider this the last communication.

    N. Wahid Azal}}

    {{ f)
    18.03.2019, 18:07, “Pier Galliet” :

    Dear Mr Azal,

    I am sorry for your anger but I realise that you are still deep in grief.

    I can only say that the German Embassy in London had a German Childrens Services representative at the Final UK Family Court hearings in 2010 because Inji is a German citizen and they had no objections to those proceedings and their outcome.

    I will explain to Inji if she asks to meet her baby half-sister that you will not permit this.

    I am afraid that because you end your email below to me with a veiled threat against me, I have copied it to the German Embassy in London and to the London Borough of Hackney Social Services.

    I am content with your wish for this to be the last communication between us.

    Hoping you find peace.

    Best wishes,
    Pier Galliet}}

    {{ g)
    18.03.2019, 18:33, “N Wahid Azal” :

    Mr Galliet

    You may be used to getting your way in the UK and manipulating people along the way to that end, seeing how you are a career predator like everyone else on that infernal island in the north Atlantic working in that system. But rest assured that the rest of the world no longer revolves around the whims of the British or abides by their peculiar kind of fuckery that you and people like yourself exemplify from the top of your head to your toe nail.

    Inji is welcome to meet her baby half-sister whenever she wishes. You are not. There is a precise legal distinction here; and besides, you have absolutely no say in the matter whatsoever, in any case, legal or otherwise. I do — and FYI you are talking to a lawyer right now. Should you press the matter and come to Germany, I will have you arrested on the spot faster than you can say UK Family Court– and that is if you are lucky. This is no threat. This is a promise as sure as the sun rises in the firmaments each day, so make of it what you wish. Also note, there are other lawyers here who know every intricacy, detail and minutia relating to Roya’s case in UK, people who would not hesitate to nail you and your crooked friends to a wall if you come here and they find out about it. So be on notice.

    Kindly communicate the above to whomever you wish in that god foresaken Anglo-Saxon imperial lavoratary and rat-hole you live and thrive in; and especially convey the above to them directly from both N. Wahid Azal as well as the deceased Roya Azal.

    N. Wahid Azal}}

    {{ h)
    18.03.2019, 20:22, “pg4igj@gmx.co.uk” :

    Dear Mr Azal,

    I am sad that your last email to me, below, contains such abusive and threatening language as did its predecessor to me from you.

    In light of this I can no longer consider that you might be a safe individual for Inji or myself to meet. I will explain this to Inji and that she will therefore have to wait until her baby half-sister is independent from you before they can meet. I will show Inji this email chain when she is old enough not to be distraught at your language so she can see why I made this decision.

    Please do not in the future without my prior permission attempt to meet Inji nor myself, nor attempt to communicate in any way with Inji.

    Because of the openly abusive and threatening contents of your last 2 email replies to me below, I am again copying this email to the German Embassy in London and to the London Borough of Hackney Social Services, so that they are aware of the risks you appear to pose to Inji and myself.

    For the same reasons I will forward any future emails from you to me to these 2 organisations.

    However, I will no longer reply to any emails from you.

    With my sincere best wishes,
    Pier Galliet}}}

    {{ i)
    18.03.2019, 20:56, “N Wahid Azal” :

    Mr Galliet,

    The legal issues have been spelled out and communicated to you in black and white, yet you persist in communicating after you have already been told once before in unequivocal language that the communication has ended. Yet you persist, and because you persist this now becomes a legal case of criminal harassment which I can pursue you for in a court of law on this specific point alone.

    Now, let me spell it out again: in no way, shape, manner or form, absolutely and unequivocally, you are not welcome to attend Roya’s funeral. You are not welcome nor do you have any legal right to be present within 15-30km radius of the funeral proceedings when they occur. On this particular issue, I am fully within all legal rights to make that call.

    Furthermore, neither now nor in the future, and until such time as Nuriel attains the legal age of maturity of 18 years and should decide otherwise for herself, are you – Pier Galliet of the UK, legal father of Inji-Galliet – to come within a 15-30km radius of Nuriel. Should you do so, I will have you arrested on a litany of charges, including criminal harassment, endangerment, stalking, trespass and related issues, whether in a German jurisdiction or elsewhere. You have no legal standing whatsoever, and neither does the local council in London you cc-d. It is as simple as that. And if they (via your prompting) should attempt any underhanded tactics — undehanded tactics that this particular council is well known for and which has been copiously documented — there are a cavalcade of German lawyers ready to pounce on them who will then explode the criminal interference of a body with no legal standing outside of a small piece of London all over the European media, beginning with the German. We will also bring the matter directly to the attention of EU judicial and legal oversight bodies.

    Again, Inji is welcome to a) attend the funeral of her mother, Roya Azal; b) meet her half-sister, Nuriel; and c) visit in the future her mother’s grave and final resting place, whenever and at whatever time she wishes. No moral nor legal constraints are placed upon Inji to that end in my capacity as legal heir with full power of attorney as well as widower to Kirsten Roya Azal. The issue is not Inji, not now nor in the future.

    The issue is you and that you are categorically, on the level of both a moral as well as a legal imperative, not welcome. Period, full-stop!

    Finally, and as you are well aware, I reiterate, I initially reached out to the London Symphony Orchestra and not to you. As such, even though I politely responded to your first communication, all of your subsequent communication after that legally constitutes unwanted communication and so harassment. And as you have communicated libel and defamation in email to third parties in response to me regarding Roya — whatever its origin (and whose substance is categorically disputed) — under the German criminal statute you are already on seriously thin ice. So I suggest you cease and desist and simply go away.

    N. Wahid Azal}}


    https://vimeo.com/47814991 }}}

    I find it incredible that Wahid Azal would issue threats at the FATHER of his stepdaughter for wanting to protect her from possibly being kidnapped and abused. That is absolutely Pier Galliet’s prerogative as a parent of a minor. And even more incredible that Azal would make public such correspondence. Such ARROGANCE! Plus, it establishes that Roya was also mentally unstable, just like her husband.

    And for the record, if I had known of this shit a year ago, THIS would never have happened!

    Because I don’t make projects with known abusers.

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  7. Even while cranking up his hateful rhetoric against me, Wahid Azal posted this on his new blog:


    {{{May 15, 2020
    In the Name of God the Most Revivificatively Alive, the Supreme Discloser!*

    I hereby extend the hand of friendship to Nate Abookire and Denis Giron. We have been warring for over 4 years. It is time to stop. ٍ

    Solve et Coagula!}}}

    See references to those two here: https://dalehusband.com/2020/02/20/destroying-wahid-azals-credibility-forever/

    How noble of him! I guess he thinks I am an even bigger threat to him than the other two were. He called THEM pedophiles too. So will he ever offer to make peace with me? I doubt it, and I know better than to take such a two-faced bastard at face value, ever. Once a backstabber, never a friend again!

  8. I have scored another victory against Wahid Azal!


    A lot of his videos, specifically the ones with the most vicious and hateful slanders uttered against me, were taken down after I reported them to the admins of YouTube. His channel is still up, however. So what would cause a YouTube channel to be shut down completely, if not repeated acts of slander and libel?

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  10. I am becoming increasingly irritated at Naser Emtesali because he keeps showing things posted by Wahid Azal on YouTube and on his blogs.


    As a “Bayani” and a known slanderer of others, including me, Azal should be SHUNNED by dedicated critics of the Baha’i Faith. Wahid has even attacked Naser Emtesali himself. But I can’t criticize him because he does not allow comments from outsiders on his blog anymore.

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