Not all Bayanis are @$$#0l&$, it seems

It is unfortunate that I first learned about the Bayani/Babist religion from the psychotic backstabber known as Wahid Azal. His betrayal of the exBaha’i community in reddit and of me personally colored my opinion of the Bayani religion itself, causing me to assume that the Bayanis as a whole deserved nothing but eternal damnation for their acts of treachery against others.

Now I’ve had to rethink that assumption, thanks to a friend I made in Facebook known as Paul Schuhl or Pawel Szul.

This is his Facebook profile:

This is his blog on WordPress:

And this is his new group on Facebook to promote his interpretation of Babism:

Naturally, Wahid Azal and his toxic cultists went after him once they learned of what he was doing. Some of their attacks are documented on Schuhl’s blog:

(Note: Schuhl included an exact copy of my own blog entry defending myself against Wahid Azal’s lies: .)

After looking into his Facebook group and seeing what a war zone it had become, I advised Schuhl: “you should identify and expel all the known followers of Wahid Azal from it.

And in case anyone says his doing that is censoring opinions critical of him, it should be noted that  on NONE of Wahid Azal’s videos on YouTube are comments by others allowed. So NO ONE can directly confront him about his many lies. Since he censors opposing opinions on his YouTube channel, he and his followers shouldn’t complain about being expelled from any place they are disruptive in, whether it is a Facebook group, or the ExBahai subreddit!


6 thoughts on “Not all Bayanis are @$$#0l&$, it seems

  1. Before I blocked him from sending me any more Email today, “Wahid Azal”… accused me of complicity in his wife’s “murder,” of murdering my own father, of being a Racist, among a myriad other absurdities. He is really insane…and should be ignored.

    • I imagine that his madness would be a problem if he followed any religion or even if he was atheist. Hate such as his can never heal the world. Only love can do that.

  2. Dear Dale ,
    Thank you Dale for your words of support and encouragement, I am not the first one who wants to introduce reforms in Bahaism, but I do want to introduce radical reforms in Babism and Bahaism, which contributes to my image . I too disagree with Baha’u’llah on many issues and I do not attack him after his death or destroy his image as a Baha’i prophet. I have told him that I am not a Baha’i many times and he claims that I am BIA – the religious police of the Baha’is.
    Even recently Wahid Azal has wished me dead, which you can see below in this link, he calls me a kafir, uses vulgar language against me and shows hatred, I send the last words of Wahid Azal “Paul Schuhl God fuck yourself and die”
    I forgive him for such words

    • You may forgive him, but I won’t. As far as I’m concerned, he tried to murder me by proxy, attempting to drive me to suicide when he accused me of being a pedophile, ironically for a blog entry I wrote condemning pedophila. It’s like a Ku Klux Klan leader accusing Adolph Hitler of being pro-Zionist after he wrote Main Kamph, the book defining Nazi politics, including his anti-Semitism! People who operate like Wahid Azal belong in hell, period.

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