Destroying Wahid Azal’s credibility forever!

I expect this to be my final blog entry ever referring to the notorious backstabber Wahid Azal. Previous blog entries dealing with him are as follows.

Baha’i government would be totally tyrannical
(Azal made a couple of comments there)


Baha’is must reject the Guardianship!
(He made several comments there.)


Another Battle with a Haifan Baha’i, this time on Blogspot


Another Baha’i picks a fight with me on YouTube


A Podcast/Interview featuring myself and Wahid Azal


Confronting Scott Hakala on Quora


Wahid Azal Slanders Me and Others in Reddit


Betrayed by Wahid Azal (podcast)


Suspended from reddit!


Wahid Azal strikes again!


Restoring my presence in reddit

On Christmas Eve of last year, Denis Giron, one of Wahid’s enemies, made this comment on my blog.


I recently learned that “Wahid” still posts to the usenet newsgroup talk.religion.bahai (in fact, he’s almost the only person still posting there). That newsgroup can be browsed (and posted to) via Myself and another person whom “Wahid” has libeled have recently posted there, and because it is unmoderated, “Wahid,” who is unable to have a sustained correspondence even on topics he himself brought up, has gone silent. Perhaps it might be said he fled (Proverbs 28:1).

Side note, he has posted about you there once or twice.

So I went looking for it, and sure enough, I found it a chaotic mess, full of Azal’s worthless pro-Bayani propaganda. I remembered his complaint about the “gatekeeping” in the exbahai subreddit and realized that Azal’s own toxic personality found this totally unmoderated Google group to be his ideal environment. Of course, that’s only true until others challenge him, at which point things can get miserable for such a narcissist like Azal.!forum/talk.religion.bahai

The other person Giron referred to is Nate Abookire. He had already contacted me via Facebook.

My very first post in that group was a massive sucker punch at Azal.

Wahid Azal, enemy of Baha’is, Americans, white people, capitalists, and…..anyone not like him.

Naturally, he didn’t take kindly to my arrival and we proceeded to have a series of planet-sized verbal throw downs. For several weeks, this continued, even as I also restored my presence in reddit at the same time.

Then on February 3, 2020, things came to a dramatic head that gave me an opportunity I never even expected was ever possible!

“First of all, Mr. Dale Husband was never my friend.” —Wahid Azal


Azal, posting under the name NUR, said: He wasn’t. Friends do not occur on bandwidth without further interaction which involves three dimensional reality. You nerdy Yanks have been so plugged into the virtuality of cyberspace that you have lost all sense of the distinction between it and spatiotemporal reality.

For easy reference, here is that video where he denied the friendship with me. The denial is about seven minutes in. He also tells another lie about me about 35 minutes in that will be addressed later in this blog entry.

I know I have occasionally called someone a pathological liar as an insult, but this was clearly a literal case of that! So I proceeded to CRUCIFY him in public!

Dale Husband

What else can you expect from a pathological liar? Even when his lies are clearly exposed, he literally CANNOT stop lying about the obvious.

Indeed, because of our battles together against the Baha’i Faith, Wahid Azal and I were more than just casual friends, but brothers in arms. He said so, more than once. First time was nearly a decade ago on my WordPress blog, as part of the longest and most intense verbal battle ever waged there.

{{{wahidazal66 says:        
March 23, 2010 at 9:13 PM Edit        

Dear Dale,

You are a champ, my brother!

Seriously, though, don’t waste your time with Dr Maniac. This apparat-chick is so far out in the left-field of cult-doom that she ought to rename herself Kristy Alley or some other celebrity Scientologist whack-job rather than her own name anymore.

Anyway, my point of view is that Bahaism of all hues has pretty much relegated itself to cultdom in perpetu and this thing will eventually become extinct over the next 100 years or maybe less. Eric Stetson’s Unitarian Universalist Bahai venture might have the best of intentions at heart but to me it is also silliness squared coupled with a badly tempered Nietzchean “will to power.” I hope he succeeds, but doubt he will beyond small circles, since I believe that demons and bad karma cannot by definition be reformed but transmuted beyond their originary forms — which in the case of Bahaism means throwing the baby out with the bath water and getting a new bay together with a completely new bathroom and bath. Unitarian Universalist Bahaism is just another attempt to repackage the demon and its negative karma in a kindler gentler suit. It is still the same old, same old. Just like a kindler gentler Soviet Communism didn’t work, and a kindler gentler Islamism doesn’t work, a kindler gentler Bahaism won’t work either! Folks need to start moving on and fight the good fight where they are needed the most.

That said, the real #1 enemy right now, for me at least, is the regime in Iran (and Islamist fundalooniests generally) followed closely by the multinational corporate Beast of Mammon ravaging our beloved Mother Gaia-Spendarmata (aka *Eywa*) all over this beleagured holy rock we all are inhabiting. The warriors needed, really, are in this domain and not amongst these silly cultist losers and NWOer Haifan Bahai loons who do not know their proverbial heads from their bloated backsides.

Much love to you and yours during this resplendent Spring, my main man! Keep up the good work.

The AVATAR (aka Wahid) 😉}}}

Then in reddit last year:


Brother Dale, be careful with your contrast and arguments. I agree that the Baha’i writings and their style are full of crap from start to finish. However, the comparison and argumentation you are offering comes with its own set of problems, baggages and fallacies because it is positing a cultural supremacist angle about the West and its materialist-scientistic focused civilization which has unleashed more destruction, genocide and mayhem on this planet than any theocentric one that preceded it. Style is also in the eye of the beholder. One style may appeal to one person whereas it may not to another.}}}


Brother Dale, indulge me. Islam’s five daily prayer cycle (actually the Qur’an mentions only three and Shi’ites are required to perform only three daily prayers as long as these three daily salat prayers tally up to a total of seventeen cycles of standing, kneeling and prostration, i.e. raka’at) besides its spiritually centering component for the believer is also conducive to creating bonds of communal solidarity and camaraderie within a community of shared values between and among believing individuals. Right here a tendency of otherwise solitary individuals to fall prey to loneliness, melancholia and depression is eliminated upon the basis of the act of prayer and communal togetherness itself. The ideology behind secular Western Liberal humanism scoffs at such reasoning, but its own reasoning for ridiculing it is fatally flawed, IMHO, and the proof is in the pudding. As for the consumption of pork: modern science itself confirms that pork consumption leads to heart disease, high cholestral, and a litany of other health problems. The swine is also an animal that consumes literally everything around it, including its own feces as well as its own young and other pigs. If we are what we eat then consuming the flesh of swine means we are consuming the flesh of an animal who consumes its own feces, its own young and other members of its own species, not to mention all the toxic parasites that such an animal would necessarily take into itself as a consequence of what it consumes. You can throw out the religious sanctioned prohibitions and still are left to explain its medical and scientific (harmful) effects, which are measurable and tangible.}}}

Which is why I took his betrayal of me so hard, it was so unexpected and abrupt. But I guess he was lying to me even way back then!

But now he claims: {{{Friends do not occur on bandwidth without further interaction which involves three dimensional reality. You nerdy Yanks have been so plugged into the virtuality of cyberspace that you have lost all sense of the distinction between it and spatiotemporal reality.}}}

No, to me, all friendships are of equal value. Only a shallow asshole thinks of ANY person as disposable when it suits him. The inherit worth and dignity of all human beings is a value at the very core of my character, and it is sad that Wahid does not share it.

No, I was far from finished!

Dale Husband

If you want further proof of how completely treacherous Wahid Azal is, note that on his podcast with Stephan Beyer, he claims that he rejected me because he is more loyal to principles than to individual people. But where did he get THAT idea from? Not from Babism!

{{{No matter how great the pressure, I feel that one must never “sell out”. It is being able to stand up to the urge to conform to the shallow desires and priorites of others who have a limited vision that makes one truly heroic. I choose my friends according to my ideals; I never bend my ideals for the sake of keeping friends.}}}

That was written way back in 2005, even before I ever knew Azal. HE STOLE MY IDEA!

As for his equally bogus claim that I just showed up unexpectedly on and that was where he first saw me, well……

{{{wahidazal66 says:        
August 6, 2009 at 5:33 AM Edit        

Dear Dale,

I would encourage you highly to post this blog and any additional thoughts you might have on the subject to the site Currently the Baha’is are opportunistically using the occasion of the implosion of the theocracy in Iran to advertise their own brand of theofascism to a largely secular Iranian crowd. Since you are not an Iranian it would be nearly impossible for you to be accused by the Bahais of being an agent of the Islamic Republic.

Please open an account over there and offer your views.

Best regards,

Wahid Azal}}}
{{{Dale Husband says:        
August 10, 2009 at 6:40 PM Edit        

I was unable to create an account at the website in question, but Wahid Azal was still able to post a copy of my blog there:

There was one positive response so far:

[ALL regligion-base government are…tyrannical! If a Bahai argues that a government based on the Bahai religion will be any different than, for example, the current Eslamic government, I’ll be the first one to criticize it. But if the issue is to consider Iranian Bahais as full citizens who must be protected by the constitution, I’m all for it.
    by Ostaad on Mon Aug 10, 2009 12:23 PM PDT]

Dale Husband: I agree with this. Baha’is’ rights should never be violated by an Islamic government or any other.

The denialist responses from Baha’is were about what I expected:

    [Ey morghe Hazin dont you worry, there will not be a Bahai Government. The aim of the Bahai, Gods’ teachings is to change your self destructive hate and agitation into peace, not to change your government. What good will it do to change government with the same people like you with different names. Look how many times you have had to change your name and you are still the same afflicted soul.

    By the way ghamgini is only trying to steal the spot light and detract people from the atrocities being committed in Iran by his brothers. They have used this tactic for the past 160 years with Bahais and before that.. . Every time there is discontent with the government they find Bahais as their sacrificial lamb.
    by Waters on Sun Aug 09, 2009 03:01 PM PDT]

[Nima Hazini/Wahid Azal/Zulf…and all your future aliases..Take your meds ; you might learn to distort less, tell less Lies, Tell the truth more and hopefully need less of your prescriptions…
    by faryarm on Sun Aug 09, 2009 01:46 PM PDT]

  [This attack on the Baha’i Faith is quite a distortion of reality – as are most, if not all, such attacks. I will limit myself to a few comments.

    Firstly, if you think that the nominating and campaigning process currently existing in the political process makes for a good selection of leaders, I am simply amazed. The whole injection of money, special interests, and ego into the political process both greatly limits the choice of the people and also creates an incredibly corrupt government. Now……this process may be preferable to a more tyrannical form of government – but it is far from ideal. Over the past 39 years, I have seen the Baha’i electoral process on a local, national and international level and it is a simple beautiful and spiritual process – that allows people complete freedom of choice – while avoiding the corruptive influences that are inherant in the current political processes around the world. The process is this:

    On a local level, all adult Baha’is gather together and, after prayerfully considering those who can best ‘combine the necessary qualities of unquestioned loyalty, of selfless devotion, of a well-trained mind, of recognized ability and mature experience”.and, after privately casting their ballot, the 9 people with the most votes form the Local Spiritual Assembly. The community is then asked if they accept the reults of the election. (Basically, the same process takes place on a national and international level – except that it happens every 5 years on the international level.)

    Now, while it may be true that, thus far, the Baha’is elect incumbants to a great degree, they have the complete freedom in their choice and complete freedom in their questioning the results of the election – so where is the fault with this?

    As far aThe requirements for Baha’i marriage are simple. First the man and woman must decide for themselves that they want to be married (ie, no arranged marriages by parents & relatives). Secondly, they must get permission from all living parents – unless there are extreme cases of mental incompetency, etc. Thirdly, they must repeat the vow ‘We will all, verily, abide by the Will of God’ in front of 2 witnesses approved by the Local Spiritual Assembly. That’s it! Very simple – although Baha’is can add prayers, readings, music, etc to the marriage ceremony.

    As far as the comments on homosexual behavior – yes, such behavior is not morally acceptable according to Baha’i law but neither is heterosexual behavior outside of marriage. Baha’is do not judge anyone – but, as Baha’u’llah has given us very high moral standards (including no alcohol, drugs, etc,) as Baha’is we must do our best to try to overcome our weaknesses – even though it may take a lifetime to do so.

    The real question is: is Baha’u’llah a Messenger from God? If He is, then from a Baha’i point of view, such questioning is irrelevant – except in our attempts to understand His laws and teachings. If He is not a Messenger, then He suffered in prison and exile for over 40 years for nothing – as did 10s of thousands who have given their life (and are still doing so) over the past 165 years – mostly in Iran.

    Baha’u’llah says that we should not blindly follow our ancestors, religious leaders, etc – that we need to think and see for ourselves. So….I encourage you to rid yourselves of whatever prejudices you have learned in the past and, with an open mind, investigate.
    by Alrandolin on Sun Aug 09, 2009 09:19 AM PDT]

Dale Husband: So this is what Baha’is do when they are confronted with the absurdity of their dogmas: Personal attacks, innuendo, and parroting the talking points instead of dealing with the real issues I raised! I’m glad I’m no longer one of them!}}}
August 10, 2009 at 10:52 PM Edit        

Thanks, Dale. Me too, i.e. glad not to be one of them.

Keep fighting the good fight.

Yours in appreciation,


How I miss those days.


Denis Giron
Okay, wait, am I understanding this correctly? Did Nima, the man who claimed you just suddenly appeared in out of no where, actually serve as the one who encouraged you to join the site? If so, haha! That’s gold!

Gold, silver, platinum, and STEEL!

Dale Husband

Ever heard of the Wayback Machine? It’s such a useful tool for digging up old dirt that others prefer to forget or deny many years later.

Oh, here’s a comment there I never noticed before!

{{{Dale Husband’s response – (The Missing Prologue!)
by Anvar on Wed Aug 12, 2009 12:01 AM PDT

*Zulfiqar110*, you left out the best and only interesting part out of Dale Husband’s (who?) blog.

This is what “Wahidazal66” wrote in the same blog:

[[[[[  wahidazal66 said

August 6, 2009 at 5:33 AM
Dear Dale,
I would encourage you highly to post this blog and any additional thoughts you might have on the subject to the site Currently the Baha’is are opportunistically using the occasion of the implosion of the theocracy in Iran to advertise their own brand of theofascism to a largely secular Iranian crowd. Since you are not an Iranian it would be nearly impossible for you to be accused by the Bahais of being an agent of the Islamic Republic.
Please open an account over there and offer your views.
Best regards,

Wahid Azal  ]]]]]

(Above is response #2 from the blog here):

This is Dale Husband’s response to the above request in the same blog:
“I was unable to create an account at the website in question ( – Anvar’s clarification), but Wahid Azal was still able to post a copy of my blog there…”

*Zuliqar110*, I must admit that I was not surprised by your desperate plea but very impressed with your politeness.  Didn’t think you had it in you.  You must have learned some virtues when you were a child. God bless that value system, whatever it was. 😉

But let me ask you this.  How come Dale Husband was not able to create an account here but you seem to have been able to create so many?  Maybe he’s just not as competent as you.  Even though, after all these years, he has managed to garner exactly 8 followers to his blog.  I wonder who the other 4 are.  

Seriously, *Zulfiqar110*, don’t you feel pathetic begging for the support of these anti-Baha’is on the Internet for your ill fated mission?  What a waste of human energy and dignity to constantly wage war with people who have absolutely no animosity towards you!  

Now, don’t you run off crying to your mom & dad (Sophia & Dale) again that Baha’is are ganging up on the poor, defenseless, and helpless Zulfiqar (actually, hopeless is more like it).  Just hang in there and, sooner or later, one of your minions will pop up to “support” you.  If you can’t wait that long, ask one of your buddies on this site to loan their password to Dale Husband so that he may “share any additional thoughts he may have” to enlighten us.  Or, just give him one of your own extra user IDs.  

There’s no doubt that you are doing your best to seek out and solicit anti-Baha’is to come here to “neutrally and independently” share their wisdom with everyone.  Only a twisted mind would believe that ordinary and open-minded people would prefer to get the official Baha’i viewpoints, on any issue, from non or anti Baha’is.  

You know – no matter how much fun I’m having here with you, *Zulfiqar110*, I still love ya.  So don’t get unnecessarily enraged and login as *Covenant* to write a blog and debase yourself any further.

Give my regards to Wahidazal66.  I wonder if he left out the other 6 on purpose (666).

For future references, keep this Yiddish proverb in mind: “A half-truth is a whole lie.”

Anvar = Anvar # XXX # YYY #etc.,
Brighter than NUR, in more ways than one}}}

Later, I succeeded in making an account there. And posted my own blog entries myself there. If I find any, I will link to one or two also.

It really pays to have an excellent memory!

Dale Husband

Here’s one of my copied blog entries I made myself there:

I wonder if this is what later caused Azal to call me an Islamophobe. Uh, no, this was way back in 2010! It’s not Islamophobic at all, anymore than Jesus, himself a Jew criticizing other Jews for their hypocrisy, should have been called anti-Semetic. I even quoted the Quran to support my case!

My most damning blog entry against the Baha’i Faith:

A follow up is here:

Where Wahid and I interacted for the first time on that site:

{{{Hi Dale
by Nur-i-Azal on Wed Mar 03, 2010 12:53 AM PST

Good to see you finally got an account here, brother. Months ago the flock here where accusing me of being you.}}}

{{{Reply to faryarm, corcord, and Azal
by Dale_Husband on Thu Mar 04, 2010 12:32 AM PST

I know Baha’is are not perfect and do a lot of good. Saying that is like saying Earth is not flat and has a lot of life forms. MY point is that the Baha’i teachings and how they are practiced are no better or worse than any other form of religious dogmatism. Until you deal with that and stop sounding so superior to other religions, you will get nowhere in dealing with non-Baha’is in the spirit of truth.

{Good to see you finally got an account here, brother. Months ago the flock here where accusing me of being you.}

I’ve been told personal attacks are not allowed here. Sad to see that some Baha’is, when confronted with the embarrasing facts, do that. That tells you more about the failings of the Faith than anything I could write about it. }}}

I should send a donation to the makers of that Wayback Machine. I really owe them, don’t I?

Dale Husband

And in the ultimate case of Earth’s core irony imaginable:

{{{“I live and let live, I do not challenge authority”
by Nur-i-Azal on Thu Mar 04, 2010 01:00 PM PST

 This man [Dale Husband], whom all of you accused here at one stage of being me, has made some valid points. Instead of attacking him address his points honestly. As I keep telling you people here and elsewhere, denial is not a river in Egypt!

Ya NUR }}}


Nate Abookire

Great finds, Dale.

Let’s keep making publicly available the evidence of Nima Hazini’s aka Wahid Azal’s wild ideological and psychological swings and inconsistencies and indeed outright lies (I admit I still vacillate on whether this is all intentional lying or if at some level he truly believes his lies and compulsively lies when cornered to prevent himself from having to acknowledge that he is not in tune with reality, has maliciously attacked and tried hurting others, or even to acknowledge what is otherwise normal: people change.)



Wahid Azal has suffered another defeat! Blogger, the blog hosting web system, kicked him off!

Blog has been removed

Sorry, the blog at has been removed. This address is not available for new blogs.

Sometimes, you CAN get justice in this messed up world!

9 thoughts on “Destroying Wahid Azal’s credibility forever!

  1. At one point, I challenged Wahid Azal’s claims regarding his late wife Roya’s existence by noting that her gravestone had the last name “Azal” on it, when Wahid’s real surname was “Hazini”, so why wasn’t her surname also Hazini?

    His response was that “Wahid Azal” was indeed his legal name and he had changed it with the blessing of his parents. I didn’t believe him. Why? Because of this comment he made here:

    {{{wahidazal66 says:
    November 25, 2019 at 8:41 AM
    You used personal information. My real name. You get what you deserve. Fuck you and suffer!}}}

    REAL name, not original name. The truth often comes out by what you let slip rather than what you say consciously to try to prop up a phony narrative.

    I did say that I suspected Roya never really existed, even while knowing that was extremely unlikely. I mean, if Wahid can make up and spit out all sorts of bullshit about me, Nate Abookire, Denis Giron, and the moderators of the exbaha’i subreddit, why not throw that absurd attitude right back at him?

    Later, I retracted that claim, illustrating my willingness to change my position and apologize for being mistaken, something Wahid Azal has NEVER done.

    So I now think Roya was real, but her gravestone had the false name put on it. Because in Nima Hazini’s twisted mind, “Wahid Azal” is the only name he needs. But he still should have tried to prove he had legally changed it and his last comment to me on my blog should have been different. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, he says should be believed without proof.

    Also, what the hell did Azal mean by my “salivating” after his wife on Facebook? I simply do not understand that. Yes, she was a beautiful woman, so what? That doesn’t mean I was trying to use pics of her for pornographic purposes. If that’s what he meant, that’s yet another lie Azal has told about me.

    As for Azal’s claim that he kicked me in the ass as a matter of principle because I was disloyal, the truth is that I was shocked and disgusted after seeing he had made THREATS at the exbahai subreddit moderators. There is NO excuse for that. When that asshole designated Mustagath came into the subreddit and started slamming the Bab, it would have been good for Azal to defend the Bab by making a blog entry titled “My response to Mustagath about the mental state of the Bab”, then posting a link to that blog in the subreddit for all to read. Instead, he went ballistic and started screaming like a child at not only Mustagath but the moderators. The result?

    So both those guys were banned, as they deserved. samanwilson later explained:


    komorikomori, it’s not an issue of fake politeness. He blatantly threatened another user (it’s in the text of this post) and threatened to shut down the sub. He starts throwing absolutely juvenile tantrums the second he doesn’t get what he wants. No one, not any Baha’i troll, no one has been as nasty and toxic as he has. And he’s been making fake accounts on a daily basis and posting comments telling various people to go eff themselves.

    I’ve tried politely addressing his concerns. I responded to him multiple times, such as here: Why does he not simply respond?

    You disagree with the moderating style? That’s fine. But no one can start threatening other users and try to get their way by acting like a thug. The only times discussion is ‘shut down’ is when he starts threatening.

    He can come back if he apologizes and makes a pledge to stop spreading conspiracies. By conspiracies I mean 20 page long copy pastes about how some people are Haifan Baha’is or that other users are Orientalists or whatnot. If Wahid is sincere, he can do that. If he wants to play some roleplay some spy novel, he can do that elsewhere.}}}


    Wahid has had multiple flagrant offenses. We have given him several chances in the past. Furthermore he outright threatened a mod, which Mustagath never did.

    If Wahid apologizes and commits not to repeat himself, it will be removed. He could be back tomorrow.}}}

    If your “principles” include behaving like a toxic spoiled brat when you don’t get your way and are punished for blatantly disruptive behavior, then I want no part of that.

  2. I nailed Wahid yet again here:!topic/talk.religion.bahai/9dJHmpue-8g
    {{{Surprise, mutherfuker! Not only did you, Wahid Azal, invite me to on my WordPress blog, you repeated that invitation HERE too.

    And yet a decade later:

    [“First of all, Mr. Dale Husband was never my friend.” —Wahid Azal]!topic/talk.religion.bahai/vdND8Xc4ENQ

    No wonder I am losing my mind. That’s what happens to ppl that are being GASLIGHTED! But the evidence spesks for itself!}}}

    I feel like throwing a headbanging party!

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