Restoring my presence in reddit

First, watch this video:


After realizing that my previous tactics against Wahid Azal and his allies in reddit only hurt me, I changed my strategy.


And in the process, I have gained a new ally.


I don’t remember being exploited so badly by others when I was a Baha’i, but this does not surprise me.


It seems you were constantly asked to help others in the Baha’i community. Did they ever offer to help YOU in return?


Literally never. I honestly can not even think of a single example of me gaining anything other than the wisdom to avoid cults in the future.

G was the only person who ever came to help me out but she is not Baha’i and we are very close friends to this day.


I came from a very toxic family and was disowned about 14 years ago. I have no contact with that side of my family except an Aunt who just so happens to be Baha’i. The family story (impression) was that this Aunt was better than the rest of the family. A gentle benevolent sort of person.

That was the problem. The Baha’i community was (slightly) better than how you were raised. I was in a bad marriage and after my divorce I was involved in several relationships, all of which were better than my marriage but none of them could last because they really were not what fit me.

Likewise, you need to keep looking for what in religion fits you.


Bit of a fangirl here but your blog was the catalyst for me pulling up my britches and getting out. Your information was a life saver and I am very grateful.


Thank you. I’m glad I could make a difference. It is people like you that make all my efforts worth it. And I will never stop!

And no one like Wahid Azal will stop me either!


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