I spit on the concept of “Southern heritage”!

Read this story and note that the “Senate” referred to in it is the Virginia State Senate, not the U. S. Senate:


Senate votes to scrap Lee-Jackson Day in Virginia, make Election Day state holiday

It is saddening that it took this long for the Virginia state government to stop romanticizing the pro-slavery, white supremacist, and just plain TREASONOUS impulses that started the American Civil War!

But I wouldn’t start celebrating just yet. I just discovered a website devoted to selling items that have a pro-Confederate stance. Imagine if there was a website devoted to selling Nazi regalia. Ironically, that sort of thing is ILLEGAL in Germany, where the Nazis once ruled. But in America….




When they say “Southern rights” they mean only white people in the south. Not blacks even though there are millions of them in the south too.

Imagine a website that actually said, “Nazi Outfitters is dedicated to preserving, showing pride in, and educating others about true German history and the German way of life, through our art and apparel.” Would such a thing be tolerated, or would we condemn it and anyone who supports that? Keep in mind that the Nazis were racists, just as the Confederacy was. If we think racism is evil, then any manifestation of racism must be condemned, period, even if from our own people!


Hey, would you excuse anyone, even in Germany, wearing a T-shirt with Swastikas all over it and saying, “Nazi and damn proud”?  I sure as hell wouldn’t!



Dixie5If Confederate President Jefferson Davis said those ridiculous things, then I have two responses to them.

  1. You and other southern whites held power over black people for centuries, keeping them enslaved from birth to death! You are a damned HYPOCRITE to demand to be left alone from efforts to abolish slavery and to keep the Union preserved so the USA can be a strong nation promoting REAL freedom around the world!
  2. If you insisted on continuing to resist the Union even after your defeat, you should have been executed for what you were, a TRAITOR.

You CANNOT romanticize the Confederacy or anything related to it without insulting the very dignity of the black people whose ancestors were kept as slaves.

Maybe 100 years from now, our white descendants will finally have freed themselves from this bullshit and will have an honest perspective of what their distant ancestors really did to others, including killing so many of their fellow Americans in the Civil War and abusing constantly others for so long before that war in the name of profit. In any case, the Confederacy and its “Southern heritage” are disgusting to me.

I am an American! And even more, I am HUMAN and nothing less!

One thought on “I spit on the concept of “Southern heritage”!

  1. As a late teenager, 1980s, I was really into genealogy. This was right about the time “Roots” came out. Through research I discovered that I was descended from three different Confederate soldiers, one, a General. I petitioned for, and was accepted as a member of “Sons of the Confederacy.” We had meetings with speakers on Southern Heritage… Barbecues at old plantations near Houston. reenactments of battles. All went well, until I joined a barbershop quartet, and it was planned that we would sing…in Blackface. When I protested, I was ordered to, “Just sing the nigger songs!”
    I resigned my membership.

    Many years later, after resigning from the Baha’i Faith…I got involved in Freemasonry, in Texas…and was active again…until I discovered the inherent Racism in that organization, too.

    At present I belong to NOTHING!

    Michael Zargarov

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