Another Battle with a Haifan Baha’i, this time on Blogspot

One of the most powerful anti-Baha’i blogs ever made is:

It is run by a man named . A few years ago, he took notice of my own blog entries criticizing my former religion and made copies of them to spread my messages.

Recently, a confrontation between a Haifan Baha’i, Scott Hakala, and N. Wahid Azal (a former Baha’i turned Babi), was recorded on this blog, leading to more fighting between them later.

And then when I spoke up in defense of Azal:

{{{Dale Husband September 23, 2017 at 1:59 PM

Based on my own experiences with both Wahid Azal himself and with various Baha’is across the internet, I find Azal far more credible than you, Mr. Hakala. The “history” writers of your cult are notorious for damage control that would have impressed Joseph Goebbels, the Propaganda Minister for Nazi Germany.}}}

…Hakala went after me! Before too long, made another blog entry slamming him and defending me by showing exactly how I dealt with him!
I would not call my response cute, since I was feeling anything but cute when I wrote it unless you consider this to be cute too:

Not knowing when to shut up and go away in defeat, Hakala continued to assault me on the earlier blog entry, so I made copies of his comments and brought them to the newer one. Then I ripped into him again.

So to continue:

{{{I had hoped you would have the courage to actually call me and discuss directly, rather than resorting to a caustic online debate which can only inflame.}}}
Why? I like to keep everything public where all can see it. You don’t?

{{{Reading your site concerned me with its anger, hostility, and tone.}}}
Tone-trolling is insulting to my intelligence.

{{{I, frankly, found it confusing, offensive, and plain wrong about many things, not just the Baha’i Faith.}}}
You are welcome to make your own specific arguments online and debunk my points, rather than make vague statements denying their validity. I back up each and every one of my opinions on my blog with detailed historical references and logic. Can you do the same?

{{{It is illegal to alter or use copyrighted images (that picture was from my employer’s site) in an impermissible or offensive manner without permission. If you do not see or realize that, then I cannot help you.}}}
Why would a mere picture of you, or anyone else, be COPYRIGHTED? Copyrights are for intellectual property that is created, such as my Circle H logo, a book that is written and published, and a TV show being broadcast. A pic of you is not intellectual property!

{{{Those posting such venomous content may not realize the full consequences of doing so and may not realize how many (or most) might see those things differently and react negatively to what they have posted. They may see or revel in the small following they believe they have (such is the human ego) but not see the greater revulsion in others.}}}
Yes, let’s see some actual statements from seekers who claim anything like, “Dale Husband’s bitter attacks on the Baha’i Faith were disgusting to me, so that made me more interested in the Faith.” Until that actually happens, I have no reason to take such an absurdity seriously! It makes absolutely NO sense whatsoever!

{{{No one should feel misled; if you found out some things in the Faith later that you had difficulty accepting, that is perfectly fine. That does not and never made the Baha’i Faith a cult; it has none of the characteristics of a cult (including the false allegations of”love bombing” which I frankly do not see either).}}}
So now you are calling me a liar about my own personal experiences and perceptions. Thanks, hypocrite; you are the pot, I am the kettle.

{{{You have every right to believe what you will, but you DO have the obligation to fully and fairly investigate facts and understand them and you DO NOT have the right to slander, defame, or disparage others or a religion.}}}
So you think it was acceptable for Abdu’l-Baha and Shoghi Effendi to defame their own relatives for disagreeing with them? Even having Baha’i “history” written with absurd biases to attempt to destroy their memory?! MY OWN INVESTIGATION AND UNDERSTANDING OF FACTS IS EXACTLY WHY I AM NOT A BAHA’I NOW!

{{{What is clear is reliance on and poisoning of attitudes over time (just another form of online brainwashing frankly), some clearly based on material (much of its false) on other Internet sites antagonistic to the Baha’i Faith (often with hidden motives or affiliations by the way). I do not understand the inappropriate name calling and such caustic methods; they are signs of a weak argument and are both inappropriate and unacceptable.}}}
This is projection. Your mere denial of statements made by critics of the Baha’i Faith means nothing; those critics can just as easily deny the claims made by YOU and other Baha’i advocates to support your Faith’s dogmas. If they are not credible, why should YOU be? NO ONE should ever have automatic credibility.

Can Haifan Baha’is (or, indeed, religious fanatics in general) PLEASE learn to argue without using such lame fallacies as is made so damn clear from incidents like that?!


8 thoughts on “Another Battle with a Haifan Baha’i, this time on Blogspot

  1. For the record, Scott Hakala, aka DavidbinOwen, is doing something that goes completely against my standards of ethics: He as a Baha’i evangelist has invaded the Ex-Baha’i reddit forum and engaged me and others in fruitless debates and agitation. You won’t catch ME invading the Baha’i reddit forum and spamming it with anti-Baha’i propaganda! I respect other people’s territory even if I profoundly disagree with them. And that is what makes Hakala so despicable to me. He is shameless!

    • Scott Hakala, I already made it clear to you that you are not welcome on my blog, just as you are not welcome on the ExBaha’i reddit forum, so for you to continue posting on either one only shows you to be an abuser. I think you are lying when you say someone invited you to that forum, it does not matter that it is public, it does not matter to me what a few others do, you can defend yourself in the Baha’i reddit forums or on a blog of your own, the insistence on calling the Universal House of Justice-led version of your religion THE Baha’i Faith would be dishonest because there ARE other versions out there, and it is YOU that are being intolerant of other opinions by insisting that only YOUR opinions and claims should ever be equated with FACTS and that everyone else must be wrong!

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