In a previous blog entry, I posted video testimonies by people who were former Jehovah’s Witnesses. Tonight, I do the same for people who used to be Mormons.

Most of these testimonies are about people converting to mainstream Christianity. But here is a person who left Mormonism because she had a gay father.

I have already shown Mormonism’s racist nature. So it is surprising that any black person would ever be a Mormon. But this is a story of a black woman who left Mormonism.

Having a gay father is problematic enough, but what if you are gay yourself? This man was both a Mormon and gay and struggled with that contradiction for many years.

Note that many orthodox Christians also struggle with being gay.

Here’s another example of a gay man who tried to convert to being straight by being Mormon. It didn’t work for him either!


And here is a story of a woman who split with her husband after he left the Mormon Church…..only to also leave later.

There are many other stories like these. A more general trend is seen with this video:


Spiritual degeneracy takes many forms and has many effects, all harmful. Mormonism is merely one of its worst forms.

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