Ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses

I’ve never been a Jehovah’s Witness (JW), but I think I can still relate to people that have left that religious group, having been both a Christian (Southern Baptist, specifically) and a Baha’i and rejected both faiths due to personal investigation of their claims and histories.

One of my Facebook friends is an ex-JW and we occasionally discuss our different experiences with religion.


On YouTube, there are several testimonies by people that have left the JWs.

Note that some of them later promoted orthodox Christianity. Would they look at their new religion as critically as their former one? I doubt it. Just because you are AGAINST something false does not mean you are for objective truth. You may merely trade one set of falsehoods for another because it is more acceptable to a larger community. See my previous blog entry, where I noted that the difference between a cult and a world religion is popularity and not substance.

In later blog entries I will look up testimonies by ex-Mormons, ex-Baha’is, ex-Muslims, ex-Christians, and others. For now, enjoy the stories.


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