Suspended from reddit!

On the afternoon of Friday, November 22, 2019, I got this message:

Your account has been suspended from Reddit for posting personal information. The suspension will last 3 day(s).

This is an automated message; responses will not be received by Reddit admins.

What personal information did I reveal? That was not made clear to me. Fortunately, I still have the original post in my files, so here it is.

Wahid Azal addresses his critics

After Wahid Azal was banned from this subreddit and he responded to that with a YouTube podcast, I made a blog entry expressing my fury at what I saw as his betrayal of me.

He saw it and made a comment on my WordPress blog, and it was thrown into its SPAM folder automatically, which may give you an idea of how credible his attitude is. In any case, I also found it in my email and have decided to share it here. If the moderators find this inappropriate, they may delete it. Did I mention how ANGRY I am about all this?

Neither you, nor Christian ex-Bahai, let alone the dodgy moderators of that place, have correctly addressed a single indictment of your duplicitous behavior. I stand by what I said, and others seem to agree about your lot over there as well (not that consensus changes anything since facts stand on their own regardless who disagrees or agrees with them). You and Christian ex-Bahai are especially blind to what you say and do. But that goes with the territory of being self-righteous WASPs, so kindly stop playing the violin. Then again, white victim-playing when called out on white duplicitly always plays by the same playbook: reverse narrativization, victim blaming and gaslighting. Also, Christian Ex-Bahai still doesn’t understand what gaslighting means.

Now, let’s look at your particular kind of white duplicity and dishonesty, one that people of color deal with 24/7 in a multitude of contexts with always the same reactions from you people: DENIAL and gaslighting.

  1. You brown-nosed on the very first comment of this post . It was after your stupid comment which I got rid of you from the moderation of realexbahais because at this point you have demonstrated that you are an asshole not to be trusted. So you have yourself to blame, and the facts demonstrate that the betraying was all your own — not mine. I cut weak links and don’t keep them.

  2. As I have maintained for years, the superstructure and bases of Bahaism is rooted in the white Anglo-Saxon global imperial project with its capitalism. I began the podcast by offering the quote from De Tocqueville that speaks to precisely what is driving people like you, Christian Ex-Bahai as well as Scott Hakala. Then I offered social psychological analyses showing that people like you and Christian Ex-Bahai are really spiritual tourists and how what you people understand by “pluralism” is merely free market ideology masquerading as something else. I offered the link to Joseph Massad’s latest book that addresses these very same issues. All of these points you and your Evangelical Christian friend have ignored in almost exactly the same kind of terms that Baha’i cultists ignore points.

  3. Which leads me to this point: indeed, while it is not enough to merely “bash Baha’ism”, without addressing the base and superstructure from which Bahaism subsists, this “bashing” is only telling a part of the story. I agree. But you are not interested in the other side of the story because it indicts your entire society and way of life as being what fuels the Haifan Baha’i cult because your interests (per your UU adherence) lies with perpetuating the white middle-class Anglo-Saxon imperial fallacy in its “liberal” form via the UU packaging. In other words, you are peddling Americanism, which is the real enemy here with Bahaism merely being one of its many colonial franchises, hence why my approach to these questions makes people like yourself unconformable and thus makes your own approach to “bashing Bahaism” ultimately irrelevant, only playing into the system’s hands, and more of the same.

  4. Repeatedly you have made Islamophobic statements and asides. The fact that you now call me an “extremist” also now reinforces the fact and goes to the very heart of the white racism that animates your thinking about literally all of these issues and why you cannot be an ally to what I am about. Be that as it may, there is no such thing as reverse bigotry or reverse racism. Here is why. Learn something .

I’m not going to waste my time answering most of his charges. But I will say this:

He has no business accusing anyone else of duplicity after what he did with me weeks ago! He was only angry at me because I did not abandon this subreddit after he was banned from it……and he should have known I would stay here from the beginning.

And then I discover this:

September 22, 2018

I, Nathan Abookire, aka Nate Abookire, independent theology student and comparative religionist, go on record as having fallen afoul of a certain [name omitted] aka Wahid Azal. This man has consistently libeled me, violated my copyright on my personal photographs and used such to abuse and defame me. He is a cyberstalker and a cyber bully.

The following photos he has abused against my will were taken by myself and I own their copyright:

After what I have experienced, I believe him. I don’t believe in Wahid Azal anymore. I’ve been backstabbed so many times in my life that I can just add him to my list of personal traitors. I never want to see or hear from him again.

Here are the comments that came with that post:

I don’t feel any need to answer to any of his accusations. I think he’s a very intelligent man who has lost his grip on reality due in part to racism against white Americans, and I find that sad. I’m sorry he’s going through such a traumatic time, especially with the recent passing of his wife, and the shock of being banned from this subreddit, and I hope for his spiritual, mental, emotional healing.

racism against white Americans

You noticed that too? I certainly think bigotry can come from anyone and be aimed at anyone else. And the concept of “reverse bigotry or reverse racism” is indeed bogus.

A Jew can be an Islamophobe if he champions the expulsion of Muslims from Palestine. In that case, the anti-Semitism often aimed at Jews is not an issue.

A so-called radical feminist can be an anti-transgender bigot, attacking them because they happened to have been born with male parts but identify as female as an adult. The sexism often aimed at women by men is irrelevant here.

Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe carried out racist policies against whites still living in his country. The anti-black racism that fueled imperialism in Africa is irrelevant here.

The moment you smear an entire group of people with attacks, instead of dealing with people as individuals, you are a bigot. And ALL bigotry is deplorable and should never be excused, even if the group the bigot belongs to has also been victimized in the past by other bigots.

the recent passing of his wife

Remember who was the one who brought news of her death to this subreddit?

the shock of being banned from this subreddit

Which he brought all upon himself. He could have ignored the ridiculous postings of Mustagath. I think Mustagath delibrately pulled his stunts to piss off Wahid and start trouble. If I had been Wahid, I would have blocked Mustagath the moment he started posting about the Bab and other early Babis to smear them.

I think Mustagath delibrately pulled his stunts to piss off Wahid and start trouble.

You only think?

I went through Mustagath’s post history after I heard about this and it’s very very obvious that it’s exactly what he was doing. I doubt that he turned up randomly uninvited too, someone like that doesn’t turn up out of the blue to spread hate speech like that only to get a top poster (Wahid) of the sub (which is not a large one either) banned, just by coincidence.

It is against reddit rules to state another’s real name openly. You can ask about that privately.

{{{I find it ironic that I was punished for doing something I didn’t intend to do, especially after I admonished another member for doing that same thing. I suspect that I was set up with a completely false claim, much like YouTube users may use bogus copyright claims against videos they dislike to wrongly silence opposition.}}}

I respected him as well when I met him online years ago.

However . . .

In the post above I’m accused as follows:

“self-righteous WASP” “white victim-playing when called out on white duplicity” “reverse narrativization, victim blaming and gaslighting” “white duplicity and dishonesty” “DENIAL and gaslighting” “spiritual tourist” “peddling Americanism, which is the real enemy here with Bahaism merely being one of its many colonial franchises” “Islamophobic statements and asides” “white racism that animates your thinking”

What is that all about????

I seriously don’t understand this….. it is a very different way of thinking than what I’m into, which is peace, love, and caring for others…… Holy Spirit, Jesus, Almighty God… Blessed Trinity… the indwelling Spirit of the Lord… the fruits of the Spirit… those are the things I think about as I go about my day trying to get stuff done.

None of what Wahid wrote in the comment above that he left on Dale’s blog actually applies to me, and I can’t appreciate the mentality of anyone who would level accusations like these at someone.

Clearly his way of thinking and mine are very different. I don’t see any way to bridge the gap.. I can only pray and leave this in the hands of God.

{{{It’s not “thinking” at all, actually, but a clear case of pathological lying and verbal abuse.}}}

Lol, you’re a joke.

It’s too bad all this transpired. Wahid brought a wealth of knowledge to the group.

I know, but he also did a lot of damage to our credibility. Most notably with this claim:

the superstructure and bases of Bahaism is rooted in the white Anglo-Saxon global imperial project with its capitalism.

Maybe that would be credible if he was talking about Mormonism, which was indeed founded by a white racist American. But the Baha’i Faith was founded by someone who had NO ties to America at all, let alone the Anglo-Saxon culture. Plus his claim that the moderators of this subreddit were “gatekeeping”, as if trying to keep things peaceful here is a bad thing! We cannot have productive discussions in the midst of chaos!

And his attacks on UUism are especially hurtful because it was being a UU that made me strong enough to start slamming the Baha’i Faith to begin with!

Sometimes, you have to cut off a finger to save the rest of a hand.

More than anyone else I’ve ever seen in this group, IMHO. It’s truly disappointing on the part of this sub, most of my interest in this sub has faded into oblivion now.

{{{Clearly, this guy was one of Wahid Azal’s sycophants. Screw him!}}}

The individual under question is himself one of the most Islamophobic people that comes on this sub. Whenever he is confronted with the violent nature of the Bab, his response has always been to claim Islam is even more violent and interpret verses in the same way that only Salafi’s or hardcore Islamophobes do.

In Islam and many other major faiths and philosophies, knowledge is not just memorizing a bunch of facts. Knowledge has practical effects on the way a person behaves. Specifically, a knowledgeable person is able to restrain their anger and control their behavior. This person clearly fails on both counts. Let’s not waste anymore time on him.

The individual under question is himself one of the most Islamophobic people that comes on this sub.

You are literally repeating an accusation which this Sunni troll, who was brown-nosing to the Baha’is, made a while back, namely that Wahid is somehow an ‘Islamophobe’.

Whenever he is confronted with the violent nature of the Bab, his response has always been to claim Islam is even more violent and interpret verses in the same way that only Salafi’s or hardcore Islamophobes do.

That’s not what Wahid says at all. This is his main point:

While such passages in the works of the Point make contemporary Western liberals and their fellow travelers squeamish, there is nothing here (as far as scripture goes) that wasn’t present in far more explicit form in earlier scriptures.

Moreover, are Salafis also Islamophobes in your mind, samanwilson? Would you consider Denis MacEoin, who is the main author of this myth of the Bab as a fanatical terrorist, an Islamophobe as well? For his methodology in interpreting the violent verses of the Qur’an and the violent verses in the Bayan is exactly the same, and he comes to the same kind of violent conclusions with his analysis of jihad in the Bayan as in his analysis of jihad in Islam:

In general, there would appear to have been a gradual movement from injunctions to fight on a defensive basis to more explicitly aggressive ordinances in the later years of the Prophet’s life. The early period seems to have been characterized by a certain distinction between the military role of jihād on the one hand and religious conversion by peaceful means on the other: ‘there is no compulsion in religion’ [Qur’an 2:256] […] Following the capture of Mecca, an unremitting war against all idolaters was enjoined on the Muslim community: ‘When the sacred months are past, slay the idolaters wherever you may come upon them, and seize them, and lay siege to them, and prepare ambushes for them; but if they are converted and perform the obligatory prayer and pay the alms-tax, then leave their way open’ [Qur’an 9:5]. Jews and Christians, who had previously been looked on with some favour, were regarded now as, for the most part, unbelievers (kuffār) and enemies of Islam, and war against them was prescribed, until they would pay a submission tax or impost known as jizya. Islam was to be the universal religion, before which all others were to give way: ‘He (God) it is Who has sent His messenger with guidance and with the true religion, that He may make it supreme over all religions, even though the unbelievers may be averse to it’ [Qur’an 9:33, 48:29]; ‘fight then until mischief is at an end and all religion may belong to God’ [Qur’an 8:39] […] [T]his duty cannot be relaxed until the faith of Islam holds universal sway or ‘until the Day of Resurrection’ […] [T]heoretically, therefore, a state of perpetual war exists between the Islamic world and the rest of mankind.

  • MacEoin, The Messiah of Shiraz, pp. 456-458.

The reality is that you can only hold the Bayan accountable for the same kind of material that is present in the Qur’an if you are already prejudiced against Islam in some way, or you’re obsessed with making an ancient tradition compatible with 21st Century ethics of warfare. This approach begins with the proposition, ‘modernity = good,’ and so if religion is to be good, then it must be compatible with modernity, which is utterly ridiculous.

The Bab was a false Prophet, the Bayan is a false book. The Bab is the person most responsible for the blight on the world called the Baha’i faith. You can reach this conclusion from a traditionalist approach or a modern one.

As I said, the only way Babis can advance their claims us by trying to drag everyone else into the mud that is their religion. The dichotomy between either a misguided liberal sanitizer or Salafi takfiri shows how little you and Wahid understand about Islam.

The Bab is not responsible for the existence of the Baha’i Faith— that’s not a logical conclusion—and nowhere did I say that those are the only possible approaches to Islam. My point is that if you read the Qur’an in the same way you read the Bayan, you’ll come to the conclusion that Islam is a violent, evil religion as well. There is a double standard at work here.

Yes, the same double standard that fuels Christian fundamentalism and Jewish Orthodoxy; the Bible also has violent, intolerant passages, just as the Quran does. You can simply dismiss those passages as products of their time and STOP TRYING TO APPLY THEM TO ISSUES OF TODAY. What happened in the past should no longer be repeated.

I really do not understand, what religion does Wahid Azal subscribe to?

He is a Babi or Bayani, the religion founded by the Bab. Baha’is began as a split from the Babis.

thank you.

Just before my suspension, I confronted another of Wahid Azal’s sycophants here:

Which in turn led me to this:

Recently Naser Emtesali, who writes under the alias MirzaJan on reddit, produced a very silly anti-Babi screed on Youtube…..

And…..he doesn’t prove that identity at all.

However, what is interesting is that right after Stephan Beyer posted on Reddit claiming the piece regurgitates Baha’i lies on the subject, UU exbahai gatekeeper DaleHusband made an underhanded comment tacitly supporting the video which reveals what I have said about that place such that white liberal American exbahais are in an open alliance with fundamentalist anti-Babi Muslims connected to the regime in Iran in pushing an anti-Babi narrative. As I have also maintained, this tactic seeks to help none other than the Baha’is themselves maintain their false narrative over the entire subject. So it was quite revealing for Dale Husband to immediately jump on Stephan Beyer’s poignant criticism, as this reveals the disingenuous nature of that place which, despite pretensions to the contrary, is openly serving none other than the agendas of the Haifan Baha’i cult itself.

My response to that bullshyt as posted in reddit:

What is so underhanded about asking someone to support a claim that is made?

What the hell is a “gatekeeper”?

How was I supporting the video?

The rest of that is such convoluted word salad that I literally can’t make sense of it.

Wahid Azal was expelled from this subreddit for a damn good reason: His repeated attacks on people who should have been his best allies made ALL OF US look crazy and ridiculous. It gives support to the claim by Baha’is that this subreddit is full of hateful scumbags that have no genuine principles.

If I were as paranoid as Wahid himself, I’d be accusing “StephanBeyer” of being a sockpuppet of Wahid himself. But I assume no such thing. Their writing styles look different to me.

Wahid went from being one of my best allies to being an enemy in only ONE MONTH, a clear sign of insanity that may one day get him completely destroyed if he picks a fight with someone in power that can really take him down.

{{{Be that as it may, I suggest in the future you criticize from a place where you actually correctly source such canards rather than come out half-cocked and be revealed for an intellectual fraud just like your racist southern Baptist friend Dale Husband.}}}

Wahid, look in a goddamn mirror, you wretched @$$hole! You are even less credible than most of us and always have been so!

When I return to reddit, I will want revenge. Wahid Azal is clearly a threat to the ex-Baha’i community there, as much as any Baha’i has ever been and we must find a way to stop that threat.

Alert: Stephan Beyer attacked me on my own Facebook timeline (I deleted his most offensive comment) after I friended him, causing me to unfriend him. He then tried to bring the fight he started into a group I moderate, causing me to expel him from it and then block him completely after he sent me messages rather than take the hint that he was being as much of a hateful @$$hole as Wahid Azal!

{{{ Stephan Beyer: how was I bashing all Americans? how did I insult you?}}}

{{{ Dale Husband: Seriously??? You attacked both my nationality and my religion by calling both agents of imperialism (I do agree that America HAS acted as am empire at times but UUism has nothing to do with that) and you think that not insulting? It’s not just insulting, it’s BIGOTRY on your part and I won’t tolerate that. Then you made things worse by dragging our fallling out into the Political Junkies group to get other people involved. That’s outrageous!}}}

{{{ Stephan Beyer: wow. you have a group called pollical junkies and find what I did outrageous. mabey it should be called political conformists. but thank you for the response.}}}

Such immature arrogance! Like Azal, he clearly thinks nearly all white Americans should be punished for the crimes of their ancestors. And I’m calling him out on that bigotry!

I think that was the REAL reason I was targeted for suspension from reddit: for calling Stephan Beyer out on his treachery and warning the admins of the exbahai subreddit about it. The post I made two months earlier was merely the excuse Wahid gave to the reddit operators to get rid of me.

UPDATE:  As I planned, right after my suspension from reddit ended (Monday, November 25, 2019), I stormed back into the exbahai subreddit and confronted head-on the Azali cultists that still infest that place, despite their ringleader being banned from it months ago. I recorded the battle with those bastards in several screenshots.










I bided my time until they had made plenty of absurd attacks on me and then I blew them completely away with one last comment:


Finally, here are screenshots from Wahid’s blog showing his hypocrisy, in case he deletes it later:

Wahid vs MirzaJan1

Wahid vs MirzaJan2

I, Dale Husband, the Honorable Skeptic, do hereby rest my case!

8 thoughts on “Suspended from reddit!

  1. You used personal information. My real name. You get what you deserve. Fuck you and suffer!

    (Dale Husband: You have lied again; your real name was nowhere in that post I made two months ago. I know your real name and that is irrelevant; it is your despicable character that is the issue. You will regret crossing me and the rest of us exBaha’is, you traitor!)

  2. Here’s a bit of testimony by a friend of mine on Facebook:

    {{{I was a top reviewer on Amazon, was fair and sometimes gave bad reviews. One company I gave a 1 star review to reported me saying I asked them for a bribe, which was untrue. Amazon erased all of my reviews and suspended my reviewing ability. I told them it was wrong and they investigated. The company could not provide evidence that I had asked for a bribe. They were booted from Amazon and my reviewing ability was restored, but Amazon could not bring back all of my previous reviews so I had to start over from scratch.
    I had started reviewing in 1999 and there is no way for me to place anywhere near where I was so I hardly review stuff anymore. The whole thing was really frustrating.
    I blame people like this Jessica for screwing it up for me. I never once did a review for a bribe, but got totally punished for it.}}}

    So it’s not just corrupt racist cops that shoot first and ask questions later. It’s also websites. That is not justice! What happened to my friend on must also have happened to me in reddit!

  3. I was contacted by another person who gave me more testimony about this matter:

    {{{Greetings Dale. So I see you’ve finally seen the shadow side of “Wahid Azal”?

    Never a pleasant experience for those initiated into it. The man is a predator. His true religion is self worship. Not the lofty Self of a benevolent and transcendent principle like Atman in the Upanishads or the Sufic traditions he so often pretentiously invokes. His self is the lowest construal of his own ego, fraught with unaddressed mental illness, projection of internal demons onto others, and narcissistic self flattery.

    At any rate if you want my advice you have two options:

    1) ignore him. Don’t fight back. He will go away. After a year or two you may even get some of his libels against you removed quietly. He will have moved on to a new victim in the meantime or kept busy by an old one like myself.

    2) Do as I did. Let go of your anger as just as it is and channel it into loud mockery, memes that satirize his antics, and archiving screenshots of his manic shifts in ideology, opinion, and his abusive behavior. I am creating an archive of such material in the hopes of starting a site to expose him on the web quite publicly.

    In a sane world no one would have to have to put up with being smeared by a spoiled trust fund brat role playing as a failed cult leader but here we are…….I am sorry you got into this. The man is a real phenomenon. We share a lot of the same interests and some of his basic ideas I agree with. But his personality is so vile. I believe if it were simply mental illness it would be excusable. I have seen him control his persona if he thinks he will either get something out of it or if it will hurt him. So I know he is calculating and manipulative and I cannot excuse that…….Let him forget you. I myself am in too deep to just let it go and I want to warn other people off of him. He has been doing this since the 1990s and gets away with it due to coming from socioeconomic privilege……He does NOT have a huge following. He also doesn’t work a job. He has endless time funded by money he doesn’t earn and obsession, bitterness, and malevolent hate. He has countless sockpuppet accounts from which he libels and defames people as a hobby. It’s sick……. I don’t really buy into Azal’s conspiracy theories. I also don’t believe he has somehow been initiated into or resurrected the Babi tradition which is considered a viable path within Shi’a Islam. No Shi’a scholar I know believes that. That’s the Ayahuasca talking…….I cannot help but believe he will eventually face the consequences of his actions. For a man who has some good ideas he has proven that ego can poison everything.}}}

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