The Damage to the iilluminaughtii’s Crediblity

Over the past few weeks, a controversy erupted over a legal dispute between Blair Zon, AKA the iilluminaughtii, and another YouTube personality known as Legal Eagle over content in the latter’s videos. Blair claimed in a public twitter post that the other user had committed copyright infringement. This caused others to attack her in turn, including former friends of hers!

There are at least a dozen other such videos on YouTube. Feel free to check them out.

Blair herself began the address the issue in reddit:

I did apologize to LE privately. Idk who the Big Joel person is but yeah. That’s why I deleted the tweets.
But that clearly was not enough. So she then made a whole video about it all. 

And I left this comment there.
We all make mistakes. I had to end an 18 year long friendship with someone I had loved like a sister because she accused me of not being supportive enough of her emotionally and then she started sending me very long and hurtful messages attacking me personally. After many days of enduring this and hoping she would just stop and move on, I finally had ENOUGH! I sent her one last message. “Do not send me any more long and hateful messages, they will be ignored.” Then I blocked her. I miss the beautiful person she used to be, but I totally reject what she became in the end!
Having been a target of a former friend turned sworn enemy, I know all too well how it can be when someone is well respected and even beloved for her public activism and then others seek to tear them down for…..reasons.
It should be noted that at no point was Blair ever accused of making false statements against the various MLMs or other corrupt entities she has criticized in the past. This was all about her engaging in unnecessary drama with people like Legal Eagle, who should have been seen as valuable allies, and getting burned for it.
Now, here is my advice to Blair on how to move forward in the future.
  1. NEVER attack someone publicly for a perceived offense unless and until it is clear the conflict cannot be resolved privately.
  2. Be willing to take a break from ALL social media for a few weeks or even several months. I KNEW that eventually with the massive output of content on your YouTube channels that eventually something would go wrong. I just didn’t think it would be something like what came out this month. You have FAILED!
  3. No, a private apology is not enough. Always be willing to make a public statement apologizing and clearing things up.
  4. STOP SPEWING SO MUCH NEGATIVITY ON YOUR CHANNELS AND OTHER SOCIAL MEDIA OUTLETS! You can always shift gears and talk about something positive in the past as a way of inspiring others to do better. What about a video about someone like Carl Sagan and his awesome works? When you are so negative for so long, it is inevitable that negativity will come back around and hurt you.

I look forward to seeing you recover from this, but I’m not going to be satisfied with you just moving on like nothing happened.


14 thoughts on “The Damage to the iilluminaughtii’s Crediblity

  1. This did NOT help her! Instead, it opened the door for the Click, Wonderstuck Guy and Oz Media to strike back at her with their own responses!

  2. Blair used to have an entire subreddit devoted to her and her interests (r/iilluminaughtii), but that was wiped out, probably because she was sick of being attacked on it. That wasn’t exactly an ethical thing to do! #disappointed.

    That, and she keeps pumping out more videos on her channels instead of taking time out to reflect on her mistakes. Yikes!

    • Thank you. I have already decided to end my subscription to iilluminaughtii’s YouTube channel and find sources that are not tainted by such personal drama. I can’t help but wonder if Blair has some serious mental issues that she needs counseling and therapy for. It’s sad that she did so much good in the past but now she is sinking like the Titanic. And I refuse to watch the downfall. 😦

  3. She is also part of the Leftist Mafia podcast. Episodes of which appear on the Rational National YouTube channel, as well as the Humanist Report and Blair’s side channel, iilluminaughtea. She collabs with the Humanist Report, Rational National, The Serfs/The Serfs Times, Matt Binder, and Olayemi Olurin. They all cover each other’s backs unconditionally as seen in Lance’s (Serfs) blind defense of Blair and David’s (Rational National) blind defense of Lance.

    Also relevant is Lance’s previous attacking of Xandethal (along with Thought Slime and Sophie From Mars).

    Shannon aka CreepShow Art was an drawbook storytime YouTuber who basically got into drama like she was the original Blair. She eventually deleted her social media very recently. If you replace Blair’s documentary style videos with art drawing videos you’d basically have Shannon. Just like Blair calling out Legal Eagle, Shannon’s downfall was from her calling out Emily Artful and Hopeless Peaches. Tipster was also involved in both situations due to being acquaintances of both.

    Xan’s videos on the situation

    The Drama is Beyond Pathetic

    Disappointing Response

    CreepShow Art 2.0

    Background on Lance (of the Serfs and Leftist Mafia podcast)

    Finally, Lance defending Blair blindly

  4. Look here:

    This comment below it is especially noteworthy.
    What’s most concerning to me is that she thought her response video would be sufficient, and that her ex-friends and others she burned wouldn’t come out and speak on it to clear the air. She gambled on the idea that most of her audience doesn’t read peripheral information about her AND that she had enough dirt on her ex-friends that they’d stay silent. A bizarre game to play. She should have just apologized for the Legal Eagle crap and moved along. But Blair believed she was untouchable and went for the jugular. Dummy.}}}

  5. Lance took down his video defending iiluminaughtii. (He privated it to be exact.) Now here’s two more relevant videos.

    Lance attacking Xan

    Xan’s response

  6. iilluminaughtii’s reputation is already in the toilet, but what’s really interesting is how the popularity of her recent videos has plummeted over the past month.
    If you compare the number of views on her videos before her “iilluminaughtii exposed” one, you will indeed see a sharp decline. She is also losing many thousands of subscribers, including me, of course.

    And note the irony of this video:

    Yeah, Blair…..and you were way worse than I thought you were! Talk about a pot insulting a kettle!

  7. Another video by me about the topic:

    And here’s another video that gives more details about Blair’s early history:

  8. Update: Blair is off the Leftist Mafia.

    AugieRFC summary video

    Tipster reaction video

    Leftist Mafia stream (from Humanist Report channel)

    The Serfs Times aka Lance’s videos

    I should also note this wasn’t a regularly scheduled stream of the Leftist Mafia, but appeared early to address the Blair situation.

  9. She made a response that…..really says nothing!

    {{{Hey everyone,

    I am fully aware of the recent false allegations that have surfaced. I want to take a moment to publicly state that I am taking these allegations seriously and am committed to rectifying this situation promptly and appropriately.

    I understand the concerns and potential impact that these false allegations have caused. My team and I are actively working behind the scenes to gather all relevant facts. I am committed to transparency and accountability throughout this process.

    Rest assured that I am taking decisive action to address this situation. I will provide updates and communicate any necessary actions as soon as possible.

    Thank you to those who are standing by me during this challenging time. I will not allow these false allegations to be weaponized as a way to silence my voice.

    I appreciate your patience and understanding during this challenging time. I am dedicated to upholding my channel’s values and delivering on our commitments.

    I am confident that the truth will prevail.


    Blair Zon}}}

    My reply:

    [[[No, it is too late for you. I was one of your biggest fans, even buying both of the plushies made like your avatar and even I don’t like you anymore! That message above is insulting to my intelligence!]]]

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