Slandering the Skepchick bloggers

First, read this entry from another fine blog:

Some @$$hole made this libelous comment there:

{{{It’s not that skepchicks are too sexy.

Is that they purport to be a woman-friendly skeptic organization, but insist on only being inclusive with conventionally sexy women (read: skinny and white).

In other words, hypocrites, furthering the misogyny in the skeptic movement despite the occasional blogpost that almost talks about misogyny directly.

Posted by: Aerik | January 22, 2010 9:50 PM}}}

And then he said:

{{{Let me put it one more way, before I get past moderator queue.

A litmus test for sexism in a movement is if an alleged pro-woman clique is allowed to succeed or fail based on their merits or their sexuality.

Clearly the skeptic movement cares more about the sexuality of the skepchicks than what they bring to the table, or else their sexuality wouldn’t dominate their publicity, and maybe they wouldn’t be so hell bent on displaying sexuality before intellect, and more prominently as well.

It’s not that “hawtness” is a part of their image.

It’s that you reject them when it’s not.

Posted by: Aerik | January 22, 2010 10:22 PM}}}

Both comments are outright lies and absurdities.  First, there is nothing wrong with women, or men, making an issue of their sexuality if it makes them feel good about themselves to do so. To say otherwise is to insult their dignity. Sexuality is a basic part of our character, period.

And second, I do not appreciate anyone stating such bull$#it about anyone else, especially in a public forum like that. To refute this despicable falsehood, I need only show this:

Maria Walters (a.k.a. Masala Skeptic) has spent a lot of time in ‘furrin parts,’ including Hong Kong, Trinidad, and Pittsburgh. Although her passport is from India, she’s spent most of her adult life in the United States. Her current obsession is trying to find skepticism in the Indian community — there are a billion Indians, so you’d think it wouldn’t be hard. She’s also a pop culture fanatic and often uses books, movies and comics as her reference material. She has an unhealthy affection for all things Muppets and Neil Gaiman and lives in Atlanta with two smelly but afffectionate dogs and a husband, who is often less smelly. Maria also blogs at}}}


And here’s a pic of Elyse Anders, another Skepchick:


I rest my case!!!!

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