Humanitarian work by the U S Military

There are reports that the United States military is heavily involved in the relief efforts in Haiti. They are indeed true.

The U.S. Military in Haiti: A Compassionate Invasion

First U.S. military aid reaches quake-stricken Haiti

Since the United States is sending over 10,000 Military troops,0,4508316.story

The US Navy hospital ship the USS Comfort –

The US Air Force and the US Marines who are operating the airports –

US Troops providing security to Haiti –

And right-wingers boast about how important this is and thus how we must support the troops, no matter what. But they overlook three important issues that the leftists should remind them of:

  1. The only reason the American troops would be there at all is because they were ORDERED to go by the Obama Administration, the very people right-wingers have been bashing for a year!
  2. The soldiers and sailors taking part have no choice in the matter, just as they have no choice in going to Afghanistan, Iraq, or anywhere else to wage war. And charity that is the result of coercion is nothing to boast about. If I were forced by the city of Arlington, Texas under threat of going to jail to pick up litter off the city streets for several weeks, should I be praised for it?   Of course not! That’s why groups like the American Red Cross and Doctors Without Borders should get far more credit for what they do than the U S military.
  3. The military, regardless of what party rules the USA, is far more likely to take away our freedoms than to defend them. That’s because the military is itself an authoritarian system, not even remotely democratic. How can you fight for freedom if you are yourself not free, even if you “volunteer” for service, and thus get virtually enslaved over the next several years?  It’s a false claim and I won’t let it slide anymore. It is the PEOPLE themselves who defend our freedoms, by voting, running for office, going to court, and staying informed about the issues. We need to WATCH the military, not blindly support everything it does.