No more responses to the State of the Union Addresses, please!

Every time the President of the United States gives his State of the Union Address, a representative of the other dominant political party gives a response to it that is broadcast immediatly afterwards. If the President is a Democrat, the one responding will be a Republican, and vice versa.

I beleive this tradition must be brought to an end. While the President is required by the federal Constitution to give such an address, there is NO requirement that any member of an opposing party give any rebuttal that is given equal standing before the media or the American people. For this reason, this practice should be abolished. It perpetrates the two-party system that I consider to be the root of America’s excessive conservatism. Also, it encourages disrespect for the office of the Presidency.

Seriously, if the Democrats get to respond to a Republican President, and vice versa, why not allow responses from the Libertarians or the Greens as well? Why should only one opposing party have such an unfair advantage?