SOLanding, a Possible Cryptocurrency Scam Site?

In a previous blog entry, I detailed how I was scammed out of thousands of dollars over several months by a woman in the Chicago area named Madaline Wampler. 

John Wiley and Madaline Wampler

Apparently I was not the only victim of hers. I thought after that I’d never fall for another scam. But the thing about scammers is that once they are exposed, they change their tactics to stay in business. And it seems I am among the first to fall for a new scam involving cryptocurrency trading and a fake website.

My story begins in Facebook.

Right after I posted that, a complete stranger posted a comment saying she agreed with me. Her name, at least that I saw, was Ahn Lee.

I looked up her profile and saw pics of the most beautiful lady….and she was a DOCTOR, a specialist in anesthesiology. In case you are wondering what that is:

A common misconception is that an anesthesiologist is the doctor who “puts patients to sleep” before surgery. It’s true that this is part of their job, but it’s only a small part! An anesthesiologist is actually a perioperative physician, where “peri” means all-around. So, an anesthesiologist is responsible for patient care throughout the surgical experience: before, during, and after the surgery itself. An anesthesiologist also has many responsibilities outside of the surgical suite (operating room).

So her job was extremely vital! Anyway, here are some pics of her:






So tiny and sweet looking! So I friended her on Facebook and soon found her in other places:

She then started chatting with me in WhatsApp, with her number there being 347-343-3474, which is indeed in New York City, where Ahn said she lives. She told me she was of Vietnamese and Chinese descent, had a home in Florida, occasionally visited Texas, was 35 years old, her birthday was on October 9 and what really got my attention…..she was looking for a man to start a family with.  She also told me she was close to her uncle who was a university professor and an entrepreneur. And like her uncle, she made lots of money via investments.

A couple of weeks after we had started chatting, she told me I could make lots of money via trading in cryptocurrency, just as she had. And so she introduced me to Coinbase.



She directed me to wire money to Coinbase, so I sent it $1000. Then she directed me to send that money on to another site:  SOLanding.


And she began teaching me how to invest with this site:

Work 5

And because of my investments, I made a small profit and then I withdrew all my money back.

That was in early September. Then she said I should invest more to get a bigger return. Over the course of the rest of September and early October, I wired more money to Coinbase and then transferred that money in turn to SOLanding, a total of $15070 dollars. And again through trading I made a profit, a HUGE one! And this was the result:


So now I had 30267 dollars to my name! I then requested that I withdraw all that money. And you know what they told me? That I needed to send an additional $4540 as taxes before I would be allowed to withdraw the 30 K in my assets. I was also told my account in SOLanding would be frozen if I did not pay within 72 hours. 

In a panic, I contacted Ahn and she told me she would help pay the rest if I could send most of it. I believed her, so I wired to Coinbase an additional $3200, thus nearly draining my checking account. Ahn asked me to tell her how much I sent so she could send the rest.

Apparently she kept her word, since when I later contacted the customer service department of SOLanding, they told me my taxes had been paid. So again I asked to withdraw my assets. They requested my bank account numbers so they could wire me all the money I requested. And then I waited……..and am still waiting. But meanwhile, Ahn Lee disappeared from Facebook, claiming that her account there had been hacked and then she also disappeared from WhatsApp. I have no more contact with her and likewise SOLanding no longer responds to my questions or demands. I have been totally cut off!

Acting on advice from an employee at Chase Bank, I contacted Coinbase and asked for help. I asked if they had ever heard of SOLanding and they said they had not. As soon as I saw that, my heart sank like the Titanic.

I now believe the following.

  1. The person who contacted me in both Facebook and WhatsApp wasn’t the real Dr. Ahn Lee, but an imposter using me to get money for SOLanding, their actual employer. 
  2. SOLanding is a FAKE website that takes the funds from unsuspecting investors and practically steals them after allowing for “investments” that seem to be successful.
  3. Coinbase is a legitimate trading site and is not to blame for all this. I could have done all my trading with that and not taken the impostor’s advice to send so much money on to SOLanding.

So now with this blog entry, I have exposed SOLanding as a scam operation and I hope an investigation can be done by law enforcement to shut that site down! Even as a victim of it, I am determined to prevent others from being duped as I was! And of course…..I WANT MY $15000 BACK!!!

28 thoughts on “SOLanding, a Possible Cryptocurrency Scam Site?

  1. I have fallen victim to this same scam. I would appreciate any information you can give me that might help me either get my funds back or to at least help other not fall victim as we did. I’m sorry this happened to you.

    • I haven’t yet figured out how to get my money back. For now, just make links to this blog entry and post them all over the internet to make this warning go viral!

      • Wish I had seen these posts sooner! The same thing just happened to me! I met a woman named Ivy Mae on Facebook. She told me to get a WhatsApp and I did. We began to talk about trading and she said I could make serious money of i followed her lead because she had an “uncle” who was a professional trader from China. I wired $1,000 to Binance and then to SOLanding. We began to trade on a small scale and I made some profit. THEN she tells that I could make more money if I invested more, so I wired another 16 grand. Again, I started to make bigger profits and was quite impressed. Of course, she wanted me to move to a higher “node”, so I wired 25 more grand to Binance and then to SOLanding. I started to make more money through her fake trades and became more excited and involved. Then she started pressuring me to take out personal loans and to ask my friends to loan me 6 figure money, claiming that I could pay everything back within a month! I wasn’t THAT stupid! Anyway, I had built my SOLanding account up to 113k. I tried to withdraw 13k to help out my family financially and they said that my account was “frozen” and needed to be “recharged” to “recharge” my account, I needed to wire them ANOTHER 56 grand! Then I knew it was a scam! Ivy disappeared and I’m out over 40 grand! Wish there was a way to stop these criminals from doing this!

      • Hi, I fall also in this scam. They are asking me to pay around 6K due to “taxes” and supposedly I will get my funds released after that. Has anyone got any money back from solanding?

    • That’s true! I was only fooled this time because I’d never heard of a scam like this before. I will avoid cryptocurrency from now on!

  2. Just had the same scam being tried on me. Luckily for me I found this post. I had put $100 in SOLanding. and gained a few dollars. She then convinced me to try put more money do I put in 4k and made a little over $300. She then was trying to get me to take out a loan for 50K. This was even after I told her to stop pressuring me into doing the investment. She kept saying she was the teacher and that I should trust the teacher. I mentioned that since I had not heard of SOLanding that I could do the same on another site that had reviews. She then mentioned to try using instead. This site had no footprint either. The customer support on SOLanding is very suspicious. When I asked how to take out them money it took them a while to answer in very broken English. I did finally get the money transferred back to coinbase with the little gain. The scam artist are really good at trying to get you to believe they are real. There were just to many shuttle details that were wrong. Like she flashed an ID of herself and then deleted (which I know is fake- did background check). she told me a different birth date . The address never had her living there. She sent me a picture of herself in a elegant dress (I asked why she was wearing it and was told that is how she always dressed) but she had long nails. The picture of her the day before did not and the picture of the day after (which I requested her to send) she did not have the nails. She used pictures of her family and past. After her asking me to get a loan. I told her I would need to meet her first before I could take out that kind of risk. She would always turn the conversation around and mention that I did not trust her. Which is good thing I did not. I kept telling her I needed to think about it and at the same time I was telling her this I was withdrawing the money. She was still trying to talk to me this morning, but I noticed her facebook page was already down. I thank you for posting this. I am sorry for anyone that had lost money. I hope others find this site before they are scammed. They are going for the long con to get the maximum out of you. She spent about 1.5 weeks talking on line for hours. Getting me to invest a little and then little more and then pushing for a lot more. Don’t get caught or at least be as lucky as I was and get a couple hundred bucks out of it.

  3. ws wndrng bt th thntct f ths pst s ls nvstd n Slndng nd hv nvstd fr bt 6 mnths wtht prblm

    (Dale Husband: I took a look at your twitter feed [] and it is obvious that you are a fraud…..a fake person to promote a fake website made to steal money from investors. GO FUCK OFF!)

  4. I invested $100 to test SOLanding. I made a few dollars profit and was able to withdraw the profit without a problem. The next day I tried to withdraw the $100. They froze my account and they took down the customer service tab so I could not contact them. Fortunately I did not lose much and I think all of these crypto platforms are scams.

    • Same thing has happened to me as well. Luckily I just put in $100…however the person I was talking with wanted much much more than that. I have money sitting there frozen and no way to actually communicate with them. I guess I am lucky it was only a small amount.

      • What was you scammers name? Mine was “Sophia Annie” originally contacted me on Instagram. My daughter found in the phone where they remote into your device. If you downloaded the fake app you gave them permission to do this without knowing. You can check on iPhones if they still have access and can remove them

  5. Most victims of scams are too embarrassed to come forward and confess to having been duped. But there is no shame in being fooled ONCE! It’s not admitting it and then not seeking to stop others from being fooled the same way that is really shameful!

  6. I wish my husband had seen this before he gave $292,000. to SOLanding. Same story. His
    Scammer was a nice looking oriental woman named Ying Chen. She commented on one of his Facebook posts and they started texting through some site. She said she had an uncle who knew when to make trades and make money. My husband started with a small amount of money. Then he withdrew $ from his IRA to invest. She showed him her profits. She was allegedly making money and my husband could make a lot of money too. He was able to withdraw $1000. He was also able to withdraw $100,000. Then we had to give it back to unfreeze the SOLanding account. They said we were suspected of money laundering(ha) and we would have to give them more $ to unfreeze which we did not have. So the account is frozen and we can’t withdraw any money at all! We are out $292000. I finally convinced him to report her to FBI on Haven’t heard anything. She is gone from FB. She says my husband owes her money because she allegedly gave SOLanding some of the money to unfreeze the account but that made it worse because the $ didn’t come from our bank we were suspected of laundering. I want and need our money back!

    • I had this happen to me and it was Ying as well. I was wondering if you have had any luck with getting your money back yet.

  7. I am also fighting to get my money back. I invested 145,000 and now have almost 600,000 in the Solanding account that I cannot access unless I pay an 80,000 deposit to unlock the account because of a bogus security risk they attached to my account. Everything else is the same as all the other stories-Chinese woman commenting on another site, then chatting and introducing the crypto trading. The trades were all successful so I kept adding. Then, as others, pay taxes of 40,000 because I made over 400,000. The Chinese girl I spoke to didn’t disappear, I blocked her from every connection I had. I have been in contact with their sketchy customer service to make sure I have everything in writing from them when I find an attorney to sue them. Has anyone been successful at withdrawing their funds? This has put me in a serious financial bind.

    • I have not been able to get my money back either. Ive looked for laywers but have found that some of those are even scams so Ive wrote this off to a bad decision in life. I dont know how to take her to court to get the funds back. I stopped at 60K and she sent in money to help release the funds and when I tried to withdraw the money they froze the funds again. Ying tried to get me to pay her back the money and I didnt because i think she controls the website and is stealing the money. I can go to Solanding and it looks like the funds are still there but they are not she has stole them Im sure of it. Please reach out to me if anyone has any Ideas on how to go after this woman.

  8. I was involved in an almost identical story. I’m out about $8,000.00. I had about 11k . When I wanted to withdraw. Customer service said I had insufficient transaction flow. They frooze my account. They now want a deposit equal to my balance, 11k, before my account will be unfrozen. Only then can I withdraw the 22k. Lina Chen is who tricked me. Beware!

    • Hi. Unfortunately, I have fallen victim of Solanding. After some initial trials with small amounts, it shown to be a high yield opportunity and I decided to put my savings into the platform. However, in December 2022, when I try to withdraw some of my funds, I was requested to start paying different fees to get my funds unlocked: 1. Paying fee to the broker: 20% of the total amount in my account 2. Pay to the platform “income taxes” 12% of the total amount in my account After those payments, I was supposed to get my funds unlocked, but based on their procedures (which I was not told before), they only attend 300 withdrawal per day and mine was around the position 56,000. So they asked me to pay again, this time $10,000 to get a vip green line to get my funds unlocked within 2 hours. But after paying them, now they said that my transfer request was wrong, and now I can only get paid by check, but I need to inject another $9,000 to get the minimum amount for check payments. And this must be done by Monday Feb 20th or they will give my money to their charity fund. Now I would get paid only in check, but then I need to get complete$50,000 that is the minimum amount they can submit a check for. All the money transfer to the site and the payments has been done in USDT from my coinbase account, except from the broker fees which were requested to be paid in bitcoins. I have requested to the site to have an alternative to get my funds released but there is no positive feedback; they even commented that, if I don’t pay soon, they will send my funds to charity. I haven’t been able to speak to any customer representative other that the broker I got assigned whose name supposed to be Wendy Lee and is located in California whose number is 213-564-9796. I have presented claims to different US Agencies looking for help without any success by now, but if all of you can also present your claims this could lead to a serious investigation to this site and, eventually, recover our money. The sites I presented claims are as follows: – FBI – Federal Trade Commission – econsumer – Consumer Financial Protection Bureau – Securities and Exchange Commision: The broker I got assigned supposed to be Wendy Lee from California. Her number is +1 213-564-9796 Let’s expose them wherever is needed to secure that nobody else fall in this scam and to have our authorities investigate and prosecute them.

      • I’ve spoken to a lawyer who specifically work in corporate fraud. SOLanding is not registered to do business in the US. There isn’t even someone to sue. It’s entirely a scam-all the fees, all the taxes, even the trades aren’t real. It’s not that we can access the money, there is no money to access.
        I’m looking for a hacker to hack them to try to follow the money and get it back! It has to be somewhere. If I succeed I’ll let you know.

  9. Hi. Unfortunately, I didn’t find this site earlier and I have fallen victim of this scam site as well. I have presented claims to different US Agencies looking for help without any success by now, but if all of you can also present your claims this could lead to a serious investigation to this site and, eventually, recover our money. The sites I presented claims are as follows:
    – FBI
    – Federal Trade Commission
    – econsumer
    – Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
    – Securities and Exchange Commision:

    The broker I got assigned supposed to be Wendy Lee from California. Her number is +1 213-564-9796

    Let’s expose them wherever is needed to secure that nobody else fall in this scam and to have our authorities investigate and prosecute them.

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