The Downfall of Sears

Sears as a corporation has been dying for many years. This past week it finally filed for bankruptcy, even though it was once one of the largest companies in the entire world. Just as the Roman Empire was once a superpower but fell into ruin in 476 AD.

Here’s a video from two years ago showing how bad things were even then:

Here are updates this year from that same video maker:

And here another video criticism from a different source:

FOX News also looked at Sears’ decline and fall:

And here’s another view about Sears’ history and decline:

Sometimes competition just destroys older companies because they refuse to innovate enough to keep up with others that come along later. Other times it is because there is just not enough room in the marketplace for everyone that wants a piece of it.

That includes the video game industry.

Sears was brought down by a combination of store chains like War-Mart that were willing to offer merchandise (and even groceries) at lower prices, and the easy availability of online mail order companies like Amazon. Sears refused to either lower their prices, upgrade their stores make them look better or go into online sales. It’s just like what Darwin would have predicted in his theory of evolution: if you fail to adapt, you will perish.

Here are some more examples of how the mighty have fallen:

It took centuries for the Roman Empire to die out. I sometimes wonder if America will suffer the same fate.

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