Different Strokes for Different Folks

This is a direct sequel to Two Reasons for Public Ignorance

Read this article, of which I will provide summaries:


6 Big Differences That Turn City Dwellers Into Liberals

6 Traffic Is A Nightmare
In the country …The low population density of rural areas makes public transportation impractical, so the only public transportation rural dwellers are familiar with is a school bus.
But in the city …Drive a car in a city and you’ll spend every moment on the the road imagining yourself killing each family member represented by the stickers on the back of every SUV.  But then, the light bulb over your head flickers to life: What if there were some sort of mass public transportation many could use at once?
5 Sick, Desperate People Ask You For Help Every Day

In the country …There are sick, desperate people in the country too, but they don’t sleep on your front lawn — although they might sleep on your couch.

But in the city …Homeless people exist in population sizes bigger than most rural towns — Los Angeles has an estimated 47,000 people with no place to go. New York City has over 60,000, and that’s lowballing it.

4 Around A Quarter Of Your Neighbors, Co-Workers, And Friends Are Probably Immigrants

In the country …Chances are pretty good that all your friends and neighbors look and sound just like you. That’s because people who live in small towns are mostly born there, and it’s pretty rare that anyone new moves in.

But in the city …Suddenly multiculturalism isn’t some failed, politically correct agenda, it’s just your neighborhood. Cities are diverse because this is where people come to find jobs, and the vast majority of immigrants, both legal and illegal, live in them.

3 Minimum Wage Is A Ticket To Homelessness

In the country …Cost of living is hard everywhere when you’re poor. Even out in the country where space is plentiful, about a quarter of renters spend more than half their income just on rent. But okay, that means the majority of people are still mostly getting by.

But in the city …If you earn $7.25 an hour, you either sleep in your mom’s house or on the street. In December of 2016 the average rent on a one-bedroom apartment in San Francisco was $3,357 a month. With a federal minimum wage job, you would have to work 17 hours a day, seven days a week just to cover rent.

2 The Impact Of Good Government Is Easier To See

In the country …We’ve all heard how mostly rural red states eat up more federal tax money than those liberal-elite blue states, and it’s true. But while you might get a government check every month, when you live out in the country local government services are so far away they’re not practical to access.

But in the city …Local government maintains your water supply and sewers, removes your trash, cleans your sidewalks, maintains the roads that an armada of cars will drive on everyday — basically, stuff an individual can’t take care of themselves.

1 People Get Shot. Like A Lot.

In the country …Around two thirds of rural households have at least one gun in the house, and usually for practical reasons, and blowing someone’s head off is pretty low on the list.

But in the city …Guns are totally for blowing someone’s head off. The first time you hear gunshots you’ll think it’s firecrackers until you realize, hey, I don’t think those drug dealers are celebrating a successful sale with a fireworks display.

So it is clear that forcing the values of one culture on another people is impractical. So why not let large cities be ruled by liberals and country or rural areas be ruled by conservatives? Because too many people on the right have been brainwashed into thinking in terms of moral, religious and political absolutes (“If it is good for us, why not for everyone?”), which are debunked by reality in places like where I live (Fort Worth, Texas). Yes, Texas is a hard-core Republican state……but the cities are still more liberal than the rural areas, including Austin, which is VERY liberal! And that is why we need to fight back against the concept of “states’ rights” in this country; it is code for letting state governments that happen to be dominated by rural based values violate the rights of individuals, including those in the large cities, by passing idiotic laws that discriminate against blacks, hispanics, women, gays, non-Christians and others that are not white, male, Christian, and well-to-do.

Ironically, the Quran actually has something relevant to this issue.


109: The Disbelievers

Say: O disbelievers!

I worship not that which ye worship;     
Nor worship ye that which I worship.
 And I shall not worship that which ye worship.
 Nor will ye worship that which I worship.
 Unto you your religion, and unto me my religion

Likewise, I would say to conservatives in the rural areas, “Unto you your politics and unto me my politics. Stop trying to impose your ideas on us!”

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