Sarah Copus, NOT a typical teen star!

In the past, I have been harshly critical of popular music trends and their being so centered on teens and their shallow interests.

Not to mention the fact that so many young performers have no real talent and are just manufactured and marketed by record producers and labels to make money.

But then I found an incredible exception! Remember these people?

Their daughter, Sarah Copus, is now 13 and has put out a solo album. In addition to singing so beautifully that her voice nearly rips my heart out (Listen to her on a 2002 song here on a YouTube video I made), she can play various instruments, though she seems to prefer the harp the most.


Here is her website:

And her new Facebook page:

And this is her solo album:


Samples from her works are here:

And yet….there was one brief time when Sarah’s very life hung in the balance and she and her vast potential could have been lost forever!

Starting on page 44 of this magazine issue, we can read a short biography of Sarah. Including an account of how she almost died from a deadly form of pneumonia at age two. It was so bad that she needed surgery to drain one of her lungs of fluid and her immune system was ruined, requiring her to avoid contact with other children for at least two years. But despite, or perhaps because of, that isolation, she became totally focused on music and later started assisting her parents in the recording studio for 2002 songs.

This raises an interesting question. Sarah no doubt survived because her parents could afford the best health care she could get, perhaps due to their having adequate health insurance. But what if Sarah had been born to a poor family that could not have afforded health care, or even health insurance, before the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) lowered health insurance rates for people who could not have previously afforded it? Even worse, what if she had been born in Africa, which is not only extremely disease ridden, but has very few health professionals to deal with all the illnesses? She would have had just as much beauty  and potential talent, but she also would have most likely passed away and the world would have been deprived of what she could have given us.

And that is exactly why the repeated attempts of Republicans in the U S Congress to repeal Obamacare angers me so deeply. Basically, they consider those who are in poverty to be worthless. But what is worthless is the idea that some people are fit to live and others are not for ANY reason other than issues of character! There is no way of knowing how many loving and brilliant children have been sacrificed over the years and around the world because of this willingness of conservative hypocrites (in America and elsewhere) to leave some of them behind to die. Indeed, Obamacare itself is really not enough.

We really should have SOCIALIZED MEDICINE for everyone!

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