Israel is a nation of BIGOTRY!

When I was a youth (and a Christian), I shared the common American perception of Israel as a state created to be a homeland for Jews in general and thus worth defending at all costs, since Jews throughout history have been subjected to discrimination and even atrocities, including the Holocaust of World War II. When Israel was first founded in 1948, it was immediately attacked by its Arab neighbors, something I still consider to be one of the dumbest things the Arabs could have done since it made them look no better than the Nazis. Israel not only won that war, but then fought three more wars against its Arab neighbors in the 20th Century, until finally two of these countries, Egypt and Jordan, gave up and signed peace treaties with Israel. That should have ended all Israel’s problems and led to peace for good. But it didn’t!

Fast forward to the early 21st Century. Israel has not been under any serious threat since the 1980s. But it is becoming increasingly obvious to objective observers that not only is Israel discriminating against and even persecuting the Arabs remaining in the land known as Palestine, with absolutely no intention of ever allowing the Palestinian Arabs to establish their own state equal in legal status to Israel itself (something the United Nations specifically called for in 1947) but it is also discriminating against Jews as well that are not of the Orthodox strain that has come to dominate Israel. It’s almost as if Israel is becoming the Jewish version of Saudi Arabia or even…….the “Islamic State” created by ISIS!

American Jews Warn Israeli Leader of Possible ‘Rupture’

The only way this sort of nonsense will end is if the United States, with the backing of Reform and other more liberal branches of the Jewish communities around the world, ends its support for Israel and seeks the overthrow of the Orthodox dominated government that runs it now. And for that to happen, Reform Jews in the United States need to wake up and realize how Israel’s anti-Arab policies actually INCREASE anti-Semitism around the world. Israel has literally become the worldwide Jewish communities’ own worst enemy!

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