Fear of being shamed publicly

A friend of mine is being repeatedly attacked by certain people because of her posting names and pics of members blocked from her group on Human Rights, along with specific reasons for the blocking. They claim that this act itself violates human rights, as well as rules of proper behavior. But does it?

When challenged to specify what rights are being violated, they refuse to do so.

When they are issued a judgement, they refuse to accept it.

Instead of moving on after they state their case, they keep repeating it, as if saying it 1000 times will make a difference after failing to make their case the first time.

That’s trolling, people.

What’s really going on, with at least some of the critics, is fear of appearing on the list they are protesting about. Well, here’s an idea: Don’t violate the rules of the group and you won’t ever appear on that list!