A really stupid way to honor Darwin


The HMS Beagle Project

In 2009, the bicentenary of Charles Darwin’s birth we will build a sailing replica of HMS Beagle. An icon of scientific progress, she will circumnavigate the globe in Darwin’s wake, crewed by aspiring scientists and researchers. They will carry out original research both at sea and on land, updating Darwin’s observations, breaking new scientific ground and relating the adventure of science to enthuse a new generation of young students. If you support our vision, contact us, donate to the build fund, request a sponsorship pack, or visit the Beagle Project Shop USA or Europe/Japan, buy the t-shirt and show ’em you want a Beagle sailing the world in 2009.

Why is this idea stupid? Because you can accomplish a lot more scientific research with a modern ship dealing with present day biological issues rather than merely reenacting Darwin’s voyage. Science is not about taking the road already traveled, but going down a previously untraveled path to see what might be found.  I will not contribute a dime to such a dubious project. Indeed, I think it is a SCAM!

Statutory rape, a legal absurdity

In many states in the United States, is it considered a crime, specifically statutory rape, for an adult of either sex to engage in sexual intercourse with a minor of either sex, even if the minor gives consent to the act. Legally, the minor is considered incapable of giving consent just because he has not reached a certain chronological age, even if he or she has already passed puberty and would otherwise be sexually mature.

I find this legal standard to be insulting to all parties involved and want it abolished, IMMEDIATLY!

I beleive that once a minor has shown physical evidence of puberty, he or she should be held responsible for any sex acts that the minor chooses to participate in, regardless of the gender of the minor, gender of the other partner, the nature of the act, or even the age of the other partner.

Minors are not “protected” by statutory rape laws, they are insulted, treated the same as children who have NOT reached puberty. Most teenagers themselves know how wrong that is and that in turn results in lack of respect for the law in general from teenagers as well as others in different age groups.

There is no question that sexual relations between a pre-pubescent child and an adult is totally inappropriate and the adult should be punished by imprisonment, since such children are indeed not capable of giving consent to sexual acts, lacking a sex drive and fully developed genitals.

There is also no question that sexual relations between a teacher and one of his or her own adolescent students, regardless of their genders, is immoral, being disruptive to the educational process. In such a case, the teacher should be fired and blacklisted from teaching in any school, and the student who took part in the sex acts should also be expelled permenantly from the school.

What I’m writing about is an adult being charged with a sex crime merely for having sex with someone, regardless of physical development, JUST BECAUSE THE MINOR HAD NOT REACHED AN AGE LEGALLY DEFINED AS “ADULT”! In most states, that age is 18. But is it common knowledge that some 15 or 16 year olds are mature enough to handle sex with either members of their own age group, or older partners, while some 18 year olds are not. There is nothing magical about the age of 18.

So abolish the statutory rape laws! They are not based on reality. Only prejudice.

Leaving Care2, and returning

Last week, as a result of my earlier battle with my former friend Sally H, I became so disgusted with Care2 as a web community that I decided to completely leave it. I transferred ownership of my Evolution Education group to my most trusted and beloved friend Mari Enchanted Basque and deleted my original account.

Immediately there was an outcry from my wife and some of my closest and oldest Care2 friends, who then pleaded with me to return. After a day or so, I relented and formed a new Care2 account to start all over. Mari then appointed me a host and owner of Evolution Education again

Like Silly Old Bear, I am sick unto death of all the conspiracies, backstabbing, and attempts at personal destruction among the current Care2 membership. It is time for the Care2 admin to DRASTICALLY change its policies and work hard to stamp out such behavior if their community is to be a truly safe place in the future for social and political activism. The current policies do not work!

I am a Warrior

I am a warrior

I fight for my causes

I fight for my rights

I fight for my honor

I am a warrior

I fight for my friends

I fight for my family

I fight for my country

I am a warrior

I fight for my dignity

I fight for my health

I fight for my reputation

I am a warrior

I fight for the truth

I fight for the environment

I fight for science

I am a warrior

I fight for tolerance

I fight for enlightenment

I fight for unity

I am wounded.

I am broken

I shed no blood yet

I feel such pain

I fall to the ground

I go into hiding

I shed tears

I can barely breath

I am disappointed

I am dying

I am a warrior

No more.