A racist blog on WordPress

Racism has always disturbed me, but I have discovered a blog that seems to take special delight in the suffering of white people, especially at the hands of black people.


This message celebrates the robbing and murder of a white girl by black men: http://ghettobraggingrights.wordpress.com/2008/01/14/families-savage-slave-history-avenged-in-pursejacking-slaying-of-privileged-daughter-by-slave-ancestor/

This message says that white girls are fit to be raped and murdered by black men: http://ghettobraggingrights.wordpress.com/2008/01/18/special-feature-its-the-new-in-thing-white-girls-the-black-death-by-sexual-torture-death-wish-was-channon-christian-emily-haddock-asking-for-it/

This message blames Jews for Micheal Jackson losing Neverland: http://ghettobraggingrights.wordpress.com/2008/01/17/michael-jackson-lashes-out-jews-stole-neverland/

This message pokes fun at white people’s skin:  http://ghettobraggingrights.wordpress.com/2008/01/16/white-peoples-skin-looking-worse-worse/

This message attacks communication expert Dr Lillian Glass, calling her racist for no reason: http://ghettobraggingrights.wordpress.com/2008/01/14/dr-lillian-glass-thinks-all-blacks-look-alike-worse/

And I thought the Ku Klux Klan was hateful! This blog actually makes the Klan look respectable! And maybe that’s the actual point.

No one deserves “ghetto bragging rights”, whatever that means. The very idea is ridiculous. As human beings, we need to do all we can to lift each other up, not tear each other down. Indeed, I seriously doubt that blog was made by a person of African descent. It looks instead like the sort of thing a white racist would make to depict black people in the worst possible light. How sad.

15 thoughts on “A racist blog on WordPress

  1. confusing your emotions with racism? hyper racially sensitive. signed in as dale husband. maybe your name’s al sharpton.

    No one deserves “ghetto bragging rights”, whatever that means. The very idea is ridiculous. As human beings, we need to do all we can to lift each other up, not tear each other down. Indeed, I seriously doubt that blog was made by a person of African descent. It looks instead like the sort of thing a white racist would make to depict black people in the worst possible light. How sad.

    Ghetto Bragging Rights makes no sense to you? That’s white racism. Mankind has proven his inability to make positive contributions to the planet. Your authenticity doubts are in error. The mirror reflecting the space in you where your soul should be reflects nothing. It is not because the soul can’t be seen. Heaven’s mirrors see all. Rather, it is because nothing is there.

    Ghetto Bragging Rights recognizes brothers whose acts reflect social protest actions institutionalized poverty more than the criminal act itself. Racists can’t understand that … but doesn’t have a soul anyway.

    We’ll be back.

  2. ghettobraggingrights,

    Didn’t take long to react, did you?

    If you are not part of the solution to fighting racism, you are part of the problem. How does it feel being exposed as a hatemonger? Hate is hate, no matter what the excuse. Your slander of people that happen to be white is EXACTLY as absurd as the anti-black and anti-Jew hate of the Ku Klux Klan. That was my point. Oh, you are anti-Semetic too, right? Basically, no white person can be good in your eyes. Their skin burns, so they are inferior. You even claim that the ozone layer was depleted by God to burn whites. I consider that claim to be both unscientific and blasphemous.

    Get a life! Dr. Martin Luther King was better than that! I will follow his example, not yours.

  3. The site is despicable. It is just as bad as any neo-Nazi, white supremacist site that I have ever been to – and, in some ways, worse.

    The contributors to such a site demonstrate extreme amorality and have the audacity to question the presence of a soul in others? Gentlemen – or ladies, whoever is responsible for this, you make the jobs of those who truly are fighting racism and bigotry in this county much more difficult.

    Tomorrow is Martin Luther King Jr’s holiday. Please look into that mirror of which you speak and ask yourself if you would be worthy of his praise.

  4. According to sources claiming access to MLK’s intentionally unpublished catalog, King used the term ‘dream’ in that speech because he never wanted blacks to believe in the concepts while at the same time convincing whites of sincerity. These sources and writings note King only wanted blacks to successfully integrate with whites so in this day, when the ozone layer has opened allowing the increased levels of ultraviolet light to come through, blacks could use their unique abilities with ultraviolet light against whites.

    Turning the Rod into a Snake

  5. “Ghetto Bragging Rights recognizes brothers whose acts reflect social protest actions institutionalized poverty more than the criminal act itself. Racists can’t understand that … but doesn’t have a soul anyway.”

    Sincere New Age Blacks aren’t interested in your white racist concept of racial equality.

    the white racist concept of racial equality, imagine that …. we don’t have to imagine it, we live it by way of perverted hypocrisy.

    yes, it is true that Light has turned away from you, not allowing you in His presence without chastisement.

    imagine having to wear long sleeve shirts and big hats in the summertime because sunlight burns your skin. it is the indictment of God, nature, Divinity and nothing.

    not even fairskinned Atheists are exempt from the wrath of … well … the Sun of God.

  6. ghettobraggingrights,

    I approved your comments because they only prove the validity of my opposition to what you do. Your own words show you cannot reason like a normal human being. Please check yourself into a mental health ward and stay there for a few decades, while the rest of us, both black and white, work together to heal the world of your racist hate.

    BTW, hurricanes, earthquakes, and other natural disasters kill and make homeless people of all colors.

  7. I had intended to write scathing comments regarding Ghettobragginrights.wordpress.com. I then realized it would be a waste of time, because proponents of such a site are, obviously, too stupid to understand what I would have to say. Thankfully, such malignant ideology is invariably self-emolating*.

    *For the proponents and supporters of Ghettobragginrights.wordpress.com, this means it burns itself out.

  8. To everyone,
    Don’t bother submitting any more false and hateful comments here, for they will be deleted.

    The only blacks that should be eliminated are evil people like ghettobraggingrights.

    The only whites that should be eliminated are evil people like Ku Klux Klansmen and neo-Nazis.

    End of story!

  9. Damn i just seen that website Ghetto braggin rights. WOW that site’s stupid.. You make us look bad !! you need GOD !! I wish i knew where you lived.. Real talk pimppin !! or you can come holla at ya boy let me know dawg what you wanna do? I’m over here on 16th n morgan over north minneapolis Minnesota!! I’m on tha blacc all day holla at a real thugg and stop talkin for us you a punk in our eyes the streets don’t respect you none playa!!

  10. Hello Durag23

    Most of those who have also seen that ghettobraggingrights blog have told me that it looks like what I suspected from the start, a white supremacist trying to incite a war against blacks. Recognizing stupidity is the first step to freeing ourselves from its influence.

  11. My question is, why doesn’t anybody ever link to blogs or posts concerning black/white/American love, reconciliation, and peace?

    Is hate the only thing we can think about?

    Can we not post examples of where we as individuals have promoted peace and love? Or are we too interested in seeing the worst in ourselves?

    [Dale Husband: Good question. Maybe your yourself can post some links of such things here.]

  12. From DailyKos; the whole article is here: http://www.dailykos.com/storyonly/2008/9/30/11932/8079/823/615481

    I Convinced a Racist to Vote for Obama | by Underground in Ohio

    For those of actively phonebanking in places like Ohio, Kentucky, and southern region of Indiana, it is important to know that even people who are not that fond of people of color can be convinced to vote for Obama.

    This wouldn’t have even occurred to me if what I am about to relate to you didn’t happen to me this morning…

    This morning I was on my usual AM run after dropping my daughter off at school. I was walking in a state park which has a mix of different types of people. I was taking a break on a bench when a woman, about 55?, white sat down next to me. She saw my Obama shirt and instigated a political conversation.

    “You voting for Obama?” she asked me.

    “Yes,” I said. “I’m wearing this shirt for that reason!” (I said this brightly though I realize it reads a little bitchy here.)

    “What about you?” I asked her. “Are you registered to vote?”

    “Oh yes,” she told. I knew she was, but I didn’t want to pointedly ask her if she was voting for Obama just yet. “I’ve voted in every election since 1976.”

    “So, do you know who you’ll be voting for?” I asked her.

    “I don’t know if I will vote this year,” she said.

    I asked her why. She explained (in some detail) that she was a Democrat and didn’t want to vote for John McCain but that she wasn’t “comfortable” with Obama.

    “It’s nothing against you,” she said (I am black), “but I think we’re not ready for a black President.”

    I kept it light. “I’m ready!” I joked. Then I said, “Barack Obama is so much more than ‘just our first black President.'” Then I went on to talk to her about Obama’s policies in general terms and to generally try to get her to think of him as something other than “a black president.”

    She kind of hemmed and hawed. Finally I said, “If you were to suddenly fall into this lake (the running/walking trail is around a lake) and need mouth-to-mouth, and there was me, who knows CPR, and a white person who didn’t, would you rather me not give you mouth-to-mouth because I am black?”

    She thought about it for a really long minutes! Yes, folks, she thought about it! Let me pause to say this woman must be REALLY racist if she could tell me, an African American Obama supporter she wasn’t comfortable with a black man being President.

    Finally she said, “I’d want you to save me. No doubt about it.”

    So then I said, “Well, our country is just like you would be if you’d fallen into the lake. It is in dire straights. And the only person who can save it, happens to be the black guy. Do we really want to watch our entire future be jeopardized because of something like this?”

    “I never thought about it like that,” she said. “That puts a new spin on it.”

    …click on the link above to get the full story.

  13. Is that blog password protected? I’m not able to view any of the entries.

    Dale Husband: Ah, so it is! I guess the authors of that horrible rag are hiding their evil filth from the general public. Naturally, I am quite pleased about this. If I was responsible for this, I take full credit.

  14. They just moved to the ultra liberal baywords WHICH WILL NOT address complaints or take ANY actions against these type of sites.

    (Dale Husband: I’ve never heard of this baywords, and I couldn’t care less. And freedom of speech is worthless when those who are speaking celebrate the denial of another’s freedom, the freedom to LIVE!)

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