Activists Against Bigotry Must Oppose ALL Bigotry!

Look at this:

Barbara May Cameron (Standing Rock Lakota, May 22, 1954 – February 12, 2002) was a Native American photographer, poet, writer, and human rights activist in the fields of lesbian/gay rights, women’s rights and Native American rights.[1][2][3][4]

Cameron co-founded the Gay American Indians (GAI), in 1975 with Randy Burns, an Alaska Native. GAI was the first gay American Indian liberation organization.[6][7] The reason for founding GAI, according to Cameron, was that Native American gay people had different needs and struggles than the gay white community. Moreover, there was in general a lack of support for people of color within the lesbian and gay community.[2][8][9][10][7]

It is because of people like her that the concept of intersectionality was invented.

what is intersectionality

The concept of intersectionality describes the ways in which systems of inequality based on gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, class and other forms of discrimination “intersect” to create unique dynamics and effects. For example, when a Muslim woman wearing the Hijab is being discriminated, it would be impossible to dissociate her female* from her Muslim identity and to isolate the dimension(s) causing her discrimination.

All forms of inequality are mutually reinforcing and must therefore be analysed and addressed simultaneously to prevent one form of inequality from reinforcing another. For example, tackling the gender pay gap alone – without including other dimensions such as race, socio-economic status and immigration status – will likely reinforce inequalities among women.

This makes perfect sense. Homophobes tend to be racists as well, because the atttitude is the same, judging people by their group membership and not as individuals.

This video I made talks about different forms of bigotry:

And that’s why I can condemn Milo Yiannopoulos, despite his being a gay man, for also being racist and anti-feminist. He actually enables homophobia too, because most other conservatives/right-wingers/regressives would see him as an useful idiot, and the moment they don’t see him as useful anymore, they will dispose of him.

Oh, they already did that!

The Downfall of Milo

And so his being gay is irrelevant.

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