Damning proof that Wahid Azal lied outright about Naser Emtesali and “u/MirzaJan”

Take a look at this post in reddit:

I and others made many comments in it, but I want to focus on ones by a reddit user known as MirzaJan.

Yes, that fact is known to many. In fact, it was once a highly prominent anti-Baha’i blog that received regular updates. Wahid Azal believes that I am Nasser Emtesali, and he thinks you are investigator919!

This blog appears to be quite old, and I don’t have any reasons to believe that it is sponsored by the government. I have shared some of its content here, and perhaps that is why Wahid assumes that I am Nasser.


[[[Wahid Azal believes that I am Nasser Emtesali]]]

DBO also believes this. Because both of them are liars who use various reddit accounts to get around being blocked and banned, of course they will assume we are no better than them!

News flash: Using sockpuppets to infiltrate this subreddit, or any other, is a VIOLATION of reddit rules! And we know both those assholes have done this!


And as if on cue…..

Oh, for fuck’s sake! It has been an open secret for years that that is one of MirzaJan’s sites. Naser Emtesali is MirzaJan who also posts on Quora as Prithvi Singh (and once upon a time with the alias Covenant Breaker on Iranian.com). All three names are fictitious and not real names. But all lead to the same person who is, without a shadow of a doubt and to a moral certainty, a cyber-basiji in the employ of the IRGC and living in India like MirzaJan.


Really?  That would be like someone saying that Adolph Hitler was without a shadow of a doubt and to a moral certainty, of JEWISH descent! The irony would be hilarious, but that doesn’t make it true. Evidence is what matters, not what one would like to believe.

BTW, I deleted the comment from Creepy_Cricket, who by his own admission was indeed a new account of Wahid Azal, but as a mod of r/exbahai, I can still see it….and thus use it against that idiot. I quickly got that new account of his banned from the subreddit too.

Soon afterwards, he made this:

I’ll just copy and paste the relevant portion:

From: Naser Emtesali
Date: Wed, Jan 4, 2017 at 3:00 AM
Subject: Re: A marriage made in hell: Baha’is, Russia, the Duginists and the Alt-Right

Dear Wahid,


Thank you for this. I have read it twice to understand it. :)Your writings are really powerful.May I upload this on my blog?

Thanks & Regards



Looks like credible evidence, doesn’t it? Then again, we must remember when Azal tried to take down my YouTube channel using false copyright claims, even using a faked blog to do it.

Wahid Azal is trying to get me banned from YouTube

Update on my Current Battle on YouTube

Defeating Wahid Azal again!

MORE evidence of Wahid Azal’s blatant hypocrisy!

I fought back at him and won, since my YouTube account was completely restored after a few weeks. I proved the acts of fraud in this case with damning screenshots.

Just as blog entries can be created and then altered for purposes of misrepresentation, defamation and fraud, so can e-mails.

Small wonder MirzaJan was unfazed and went after Azal over this “revelation”.

Your writings are really powerful.
Lol. He must be a joker to say that.
That’s you. Even signed with the alias, including all electronic headers and footers proving it an authentic email. And you are a joker. In fact you are one of the worst pathological liars I have ever run into online. Or shall I call you Prithvi. Or how about MirzaMaaderChodJanPrithviEmtesaliIRISingh…
Do you honestly think your denials are actually believed, eh MirzaMaaderChodJanPrithviEmtesaliIRISingh?

Perhaps the e-mail in question was real; there is no need to dispute that. Indeed, the blog entry referring to the information Wahid gave Naser Emtesali is here:


And whether or not the information is accurate is also not an issue in this case. We are looking at the specific claim that MirzaJan = Naser Emtesali.

The specific date on the email is:

Jan 4, 2017

But…..when we look at MirzaJan’s actual reddit account:


Cake day

December 23, 2017

In reddit, the “Cake day” is when the account was created. NOT before January 4, 2017.

Does Wahid Azal really expect anyone to believe that MirzaJan signed an e-mail to him with that screen name almost ONE YEAR before creating the account with that screen name?

Because I sure don’t! His desperation to defame MirzaJan actually destroyed HIS credibility. LOL!

Granted, it is indeed twice as hard to debunk a half-truth as an outright lie. But not impossible! As long as you can look at the actual evidence, the truth always comes out!