The Damage to the iilluminaughtii’s Crediblity

Over the past few weeks, a controversy erupted over a legal dispute between Blair Zon, AKA the iilluminaughtii, and another YouTube personality known as Legal Eagle over content in the latter’s videos. Blair claimed in a public twitter post that the other user had committed copyright infringement. This caused others to attack her in turn, including former friends of hers!

There are at least a dozen other such videos on YouTube. Feel free to check them out.

Blair herself began the address the issue in reddit:

I did apologize to LE privately. Idk who the Big Joel person is but yeah. That’s why I deleted the tweets.
But that clearly was not enough. So she then made a whole video about it all. 

And I left this comment there.
We all make mistakes. I had to end an 18 year long friendship with someone I had loved like a sister because she accused me of not being supportive enough of her emotionally and then she started sending me very long and hurtful messages attacking me personally. After many days of enduring this and hoping she would just stop and move on, I finally had ENOUGH! I sent her one last message. “Do not send me any more long and hateful messages, they will be ignored.” Then I blocked her. I miss the beautiful person she used to be, but I totally reject what she became in the end!
Having been a target of a former friend turned sworn enemy, I know all too well how it can be when someone is well respected and even beloved for her public activism and then others seek to tear them down for…..reasons.
It should be noted that at no point was Blair ever accused of making false statements against the various MLMs or other corrupt entities she has criticized in the past. This was all about her engaging in unnecessary drama with people like Legal Eagle, who should have been seen as valuable allies, and getting burned for it.
Now, here is my advice to Blair on how to move forward in the future.
  1. NEVER attack someone publicly for a perceived offense unless and until it is clear the conflict cannot be resolved privately.
  2. Be willing to take a break from ALL social media for a few weeks or even several months. I KNEW that eventually with the massive output of content on your YouTube channels that eventually something would go wrong. I just didn’t think it would be something like what came out this month. You have FAILED!
  3. No, a private apology is not enough. Always be willing to make a public statement apologizing and clearing things up.
  4. STOP SPEWING SO MUCH NEGATIVITY ON YOUR CHANNELS AND OTHER SOCIAL MEDIA OUTLETS! You can always shift gears and talk about something positive in the past as a way of inspiring others to do better. What about a video about someone like Carl Sagan and his awesome works? When you are so negative for so long, it is inevitable that negativity will come back around and hurt you.

I look forward to seeing you recover from this, but I’m not going to be satisfied with you just moving on like nothing happened.


A discussion about the Baha’i Faith in r/exchristian

As both an ex-Christian and an ex-Baha’i, I have been active in subreddits that reflect my background and interests.

Here’s a discussion in one subreddit I took part in:

Humanist, UU, Ex-Baptist & Ex-Baha’i
The ONLY reason I was ever homophobic was because of my being raised Baptist and later being a Baha’i. Once I stopped believing in the idea of infallible God-centered religions, I dropped my bigotry against LGBT people. I accepted that the founders and writers of most great religions knew nothing about sexual matters.
Oh how interesting! May I ask what enticed you to become Baha’i?
So here I was making a casual reference to one of my past religions and apparently this other person had never heard of it, so I had to explain to them what it was about.
Humanist, UU, Ex-Baptist & Ex-Baha’i
My assumption that if there was a God, then logically I needed to find the most recent religion founded in his name instead of following an older one. One should know the will of God for this age, right? 
Once I realized that the Baha’i Faith was no better than Christianity, I gave up on belief in God completely. I am atheist now.


That’s so interesting to me because I often hear the opposite claim. That we should go to the oldest religion as its the most true. I’ve met Christians who legitimately believed Christianity was the first religion. Then there’s Islam that claims all the prophets of other religions were actually Muslims whose words got corrupted over time + we are all born Muslims. I’ve never seen someone contemplate the opposite before.
I thought, “In what universe does that make even a little bit of sense???”
Humanist, UU, Ex-Baptist & Ex-Baha’i
False dogmas and mistaken assumptions are common among older faiths. That’s how they sell themselves.
Following an older religion is like trying to work as a mechanic on a 2015 Ford car using a guide of a 1956 Ford car.

For the record, I drive a 2015 Ford Fiesta. And I do believe that as humans evolve, so should their religions.