Defeating Wahid Azal again!

See this:

Before that, I got these e-mails:

Dear Dale Husband,

In accordance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, we’ve completed processing your counter notification.

The following videos have been restored unless you have deleted them:

Dear Dale Husband,

In accordance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, we’ve completed processing your counter notification.

The following videos have been restored unless you have deleted them:

I was certain that “Nawir Abu Yasser”, who filed the copyright claims against those two videos, was a pseudonym being used by Wahid Azal. My investigation of the blog used against me led to these screenshots:







Fake person, fake blog, fake copyright claims. A clear case of FRAUD!

But I wasn’t done. As soon as my YouTube account was restored, I was so determined to face Wahid Azal in a legal battle directly that I filed another counter notification against the one remaining video he had flagged with his OWN NAME to suppress!

Dear Dale Husband,

Thank you for your counter notification. It has been forwarded to the party that sent the takedown notification.

Keep in mind that by submitting this counter notification, you’ve initiated a formal legal dispute process. As such, YouTube will handle this process in accordance with the law. This process takes some time, so we kindly ask for your patience.

Upon forwarding your counter notification to the claimant, we will allow them 10–14 business days from this date to respond with evidence that they have taken court action against you to prevent the reinstatement of the video(s) in question.

If we receive no response, after that time period your videos will be restored and the associated penalties on your account will be resolved.

You will receive updates in this email thread about your counter notification’s status. You can also check its status within your Video Manager. Though no response is required of you, please respond directly to this message should you choose to provide us with any further information.

– The YouTube Team

Counter Notification as follows:

Videos included in counter notification:

Display name of uploader: Dale Husband

The video was a direct collaboration between me and Wahid Azal back when he and I were on friendly terms, before he backstabbed me and the rest of the exBaha’i community in reddit, which he was later expelled from for disruptive conduct. I wrote the questions and he answered them as part of an interview process. By definition, a video that is a product of two or more YouTube users belongs to ALL of them and for one to claim exclusive copyright over the content is an act of FRAUD against the other(s) and against YouTube. Wahid Azal wants to erase any evidence that he and I were friends because his betrayal of me (which I documented in other videos and blog entries) destroys his credibility as a religious leader. He has sent threats, both personal, and legal, against me in an effort to frighten me. Do NOT enable his abuse!

I swear, under penalty of perjury, that I have a good faith belief the material was removed due to a mistake or misidentification of the material to be removed or disabled.

I consent to the jurisdiction of the Federal District Court for the district in which my address is located, or if my address is outside of the United States, the judicial district in which YouTube is located, and will accept service of process from the claimant.

Dale Husband

Then I took the copy of the video stored on my computer and uploaded it to my account on Vimeo:

Keep in mind that for over two years, Azal has been demonizing me first as a racist, then as a pedophile and finally as suicidal.

  1. I’ve been anti-racist since I was a child, despite being a white person brought up in a southern state (Texas) and even being originally a Southern Baptist. I was smart and ethical enough to see that racism (and other forms of bigotry) was just bullshit that could never be excused! And I have made many, MANY, MANY statements damning racism.
  2. As for pedophilia, several years ago I knew a little girl who was molested by someone that she and I both knew and that, plus knowing a right-wing extremist politician (Roy Moore) was a pervert sexually assaulting underaged girls when he was younger drove me to denounce him and others like him in a blog entry……which Wahid Azal then used to try to “prove” I was myself a pedophile!  That’s as absurd as using Adolph Hitler’s book Main Kamph to prove he was a Zionist.
  3. His claim I was suicidal was another attempt to depict me as weak after the pedophile angle was debunked. My cousin Jim Williams did die by suicide over a decade ago. And it was in his memory that I made this video:

So insulting actual victims of racism, pedophilia, and suicide by calling ME a racist, a pedophile and suicidal is something only a profoundly immature, amoral and TOXIC person would ever do!


Azal has denied that he and I were ever truly friends, since if I was indeed as horrible as he has claimed, how could he and I have been involved with each other? That podcast featuring both of us proves him to be a liar, full stop!

Azal has painted himself into a corner he cannot get out of and the only way he can retain any credibility he might have had (not that he ever had much, really) is to completely suppress all the evidence of his dealings with me in a friendly manner. But as long as I live and have access to my computer files and the internet anywhere, he cannot succeed!

My guess is that as both himself and “Nawir Abu Yasser” he tried to get me banned quickly from YouTube by flagging three of my videos for copyright infringement. YouTube must have been suspicious of what was happening from the start, because those initial attempts only got me two copyright strikes, not three that was needed to shut down my account. As a result, I had time to issue counter notifications on two of the three videos attacked and also took YouTube’s “Copyright School” that would allow the copyright strikes against me to be removed in a few months. So in desperation, Azal flagged one more video, my podcast interview with him! But since that video clearly belongs to me too, Azal has legally sealed his fate!

My ultimate goal is at least one of two things:

  1. Sue him directly in court for harassment, defamation, theft of intellectual property, and fraud and collect damages in a large enough amount to bankrupt him.
  2. Get him banned from YouTube, permanently!

Wish me luck! 😀

Update:  Wahid Azal issued another phony copyright claim against the copy of the podcast he and I made together that I uploaded on Vimeo, also getting it taken down. He also made some interesting assertions in comments he tried to place on my blog.


But the reality, as revealed by screenshots of a conversation between him and me via Facebook Messenger in 2019, destroy completely his claims against me once and for all!









We Americans have a term for people like Wahid Azal who pull two-faced shit like this!

19 thoughts on “Defeating Wahid Azal again!

    • As always, you are a liar. The video clearly belongs to BOTH of us. And YouTube’s terms of service prohibits fraud like you committed, so your goose is not only cooked, but burnt to a crisp. See you in court!

      • Not how copyright works, dickhead. You were never given any rights by Wahid Azal to the content. The content was made by Wahid Azal from his computer. You have asserted for the record yourself that the “original version” is his. You are toast, and no lawyer or court worth their salt will tell you differently. Kill yourself now, and this time succeed where you failed last time. It is the easier option for you because if Wahid Azal takes you to court, you are dead.

      • No, I never needed Wahid Azal’s permission to download and display on my YouTube channel a video containing MY content (voice, questions, my COPYRIGHTED logo) and repeatedly asserting the outright lie that he owns that video exclusively will never make it so! And he clearly DID give me permission anyway! I proved that!

        • Yes, you do need permission. No legal transfer of copyright was ever made over to you. You have violated intellectual property and you have committed fraud. None of the screenshots you have posted remotely demonstrate any transfer of rights of intellectual property. Go talk to a lawyer.

          • You still have to explain, in court, no less, how something which had my own intellectual property on it could not belong to me. That’s not logical and you know it.

          • Because, dumbass, your logo is not the content. The content is the podcast which was made on Wahid Azal’s device. He has sole propriety and copyright over it. Not you. You can keep your stupid logo. But the content belongs to Azal – and the content is independent of any logo by you – and this is EXACTLY what any court will tell you. You aren’t a lawyer. Don’t know the first thing about the subject. But you are going to be taught a lesson now you will not soon forget.

            (Dale Husband: How many times must you be told that asserting lies repeatedly will never make them true? My logo IS content and so were MY words on the podcast. Azal used MY words to produce the podcast, not just his own! So THE PODCAST IS MINE!)

  1. Imagine if Paul McCartney and Yoko Ono wrote a song together while McCartney was still a Beatle and then Ono as a solo artist recorded her own version of the song a decade after the Beatles broke up. Would McCartney have a copyright claim against her for that? Obviously NOT! Especially if Ono produced a letter proving that McCartney affirmed the song could be used as she wished. So his suing her over the song would be fraud. That is what Wahid Azal did to me. Twice! And I will beat him both times because he has NO case against me. And he never will. If he did, NO collaboration between YouTube users, or internet users in general, would be safe.

    • And from a legal perspective…..

      {{{The Legal Implications of Collaboration and Copyright Issues

      November 22, 2015 by Lily O’Brien

      BAIPA Board member Ruth Schwartz found this interesting and informative article on LinkedIn.
      Collaboration—Joint Copyright Owners

      Authors of copyrightable work BEWARE. Before you think about combining forces with another author, musician, or any collaborator—READ THIS!

      For years I have been telling clients that collaborative relationships can create more problems than a few. And if you choose to enter into such relationships, you should have a lawyer on your team. Here is why: The average person who collaborates on an artistic project doesn’t stop to think about the legal issues involved. Without knowing it, you can inadvertently give up (or limit) your rights. And it’s only after the relationship falls apart that you realize what you could have done differently.

      Recently, a federal court in Tennessee (Severe Records LLC v. Rich, 6th Cir., No. 09-6175, 9/23/11) reaffirmed what most courts have held and what all competent copyright lawyers know all too well—joint copyright owners, each, have the same rights. They have the right to sell, display, assign, transfer, or create derivative works based on the work of art or authorship, and there will be no claim of copyright infringement if they do. In essence, the court said, joint copyright holders have the right to fully exploit their copyrighted work without the permission of the other copyright owner. While they may need to account to one another for profits, they do not need permission to do anything.

      Briefly, in this case, a music producer/songwriter wrote a song, and then he and the singer recorded the song together. They were so happy with the results of their first venture that they decided to co-author and record a second song. They were joint copyright owners. Then, their relationship fell apart. The singer then signed on with another management and recoding company, and transferred all of her rights in both the music and the sound recordings to the new company. One of the joint copyright owners claimed that the other was committing copyright infringement because they were selling the recordings without the consent of the other.

      While the court did not specifically address the issue of ownership, in a round-about manner, the court said that both joint copyright owners have the right to do anything they want with her work, and that the other party cannot be charged with copyright infringement if they do something the other author does not like.

      Takeaway for collaborators:

      1.When you decide to enter into a joint collaborative relation talk to a lawyer first.
      2. Have a written agreement that clearly defines who owns what.
      3. Understand that each joint copyright owner has the right to do anything they want with the work.

      Francine D. Ward, Esq.
      Intellectual Property Law, Trademarks, Book Lawyer, Business Lawyer, Author, Motivational Speaker, Keynote Speaker }}}

      For the record, none of my videos have ever been monetized. And there was NO written agreement that Wahid Azal exclusively owns a copyright on a video he and I made TOGETHER (regarding the matter of what device it was made from, both our computers were involved in the recording process). The podcast was my idea, as the screenshots from Facebook Messenger prove, and Wahid Azal explicitly gave me permission to make a copy of the podcast for my own use, again proven with screenshots from the same source.

      To repeat:

      {{{joint copyright owners, each, have the same rights. They have the right to sell, display, assign, transfer, or create derivative works based on the work of art or authorship, and there will be no claim of copyright infringement if they do. In essence, the court said, joint copyright holders have the right to fully exploit their copyrighted work without the permission of the other copyright owner. While they may need to account to one another for profits, they do not need permission to do anything.}}}

  2. No further comments from Wahid Azal will be accepted here. If he wants to speak to me again, he must do it through a lawyer. I await his legal summons to appear in court!

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  4. He makes another video slandering me:

    Dale Husband calls me an “Indian-Giver” thus proving himself a racist

    Clearly, he doesn’t know ANYTHING about what racism is and how it damages people as individuals and how it retards the progress of society in general. I accurately described with a common American expression his treacherous, hypocritical behavior (which people of ANY race may commit, of course) and this is his only response? It’s just STUPID! The word “racist” is merely a childish insult to him, just like I imagine his calling me a pedophile was too.

    And yes, I make no apologies for using that term against him, since he is not an “Indian”. And I don’t think actual Native Americans should feel insulted by it, if they are not backstabbers like Wahid Azal is. It’s a description of one’s BEHAVIOR, not one’s skin color. ethnic background, gender, sexual orientation or DNA makeup.

    Note too that, like all his other videos on YouTube, he allows no comments, so no one who knows the truth about the issue of racism can confront him directly over his verbal abuse of me. Even more damning, he doesn’t link to the blog entry in the description below the video, nor does he show any other part of the blog entry…….because clearly doing so would discredit him!

    • Here’s a more mature and informative discussion about racism that does not reduce the charge of racism to a childish insult, but tells what racism actually means:

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