A non-theist version of “One Man, One Woman”

This is a direct sequel to Jehovah, the Homophobe.

For reference, here is the video again:


What if the mother and daughter in that video had been atheists and not Jehovah’s Witnesses? Let’s rename the children and retell the story.

Debbie: “Look, Mom! I drew our family in school today!”

Mom: “Oh, wow!”

Debbie: “I didn’t have time to finish James’ face.”   (Mom chuckles.)

Debbie: “Carrie drew two mommies. She said they are married to each other. My teacher rejected her picture, saying Carrie’s mommies are living in sin. That made Carrie cry. What does that mean?”

Mom: “Your and Carrie’s teacher has a common view of gays and lesbians as sinners or even diseased because of their sexuality, but that is based mainly on religious bigotry. Thousands of years ago, when most of the world’s religions were being founded and spread, most people lived in tribal groups. Marriages were usually not just relationships between individuals, but also alliances between families or even nations. So fathers would often arrange for their children to marry members of other families and then those children would be expected to produce the next generation as adults. But the problem was that gays and lesbians couldn’t have children with each other, so they were useless for procreation. Because the founders of the great religions and the writers of the scriptures of these religions mistakenly believed that people could choose their sexuality, harsh punishments were often called for in an effort to force young people to avoid being gay or lesbian and try to be straight instead. Today, we understand how foolish and ignorant those people were and that’s why prejudice against LGBT people is fading away.”

Debbie: “What can we do to help Carrie?”

Mom: “Her rights are being violated by the teacher. If they haven’t done so already, Carrie’s mothers need to consult a lawyer and try to take legal action against the school. Let me talk to Carrie and her mothers so they can know what to do.”


4 thoughts on “A non-theist version of “One Man, One Woman”

  1. The sheer hypocrisy of the Watchtower leadership is made clear with this magazine:

    {{{No. 3 2020 | Is There a Cure for Prejudice?

    Most of us recognize prejudice in others. But it may be difficult to see it in ourselves.
    Consider some practical advice that can help us to be more impartial.

    A man walking and casting an exaggerated and ominous shadow on a wall.
    Prejudice​—Are You Infected?
    What are some telltale signs that we might be prejudiced?

    A man interviewing a woman for a job at an automobile factory. She appears tense.
    Get the Facts
    Misinformation can cloud our view of others. See how the real-life example of a former soldier demonstrates this fact.

    A Caucasian man and a Sikh man sitting next to each other on a plane. They happily converse with each other.
    Show Empathy
    Of what could a lack of empathy be a symptom?

    A couple admire a blind woman who plays a cello at a concert.
    Recognize the Strengths of Others
    Egotism can lead to prejudice. What is the antidote?

    Four women of different racial backgrounds talking and laughing at a park.
    Expand Your Circle of Friends
    See the benefits of having friends who aren’t just like you.

    An Indian woman helping an older Caucasian woman up the stairs with her groceries.
    Show Love
    Showing love can remove prejudice. Consider some specific ways.

    A group of people of different ages and from different racial backgrounds smiling.
    A Lasting Cure
    What four things will God’s Kingdom do to cure prejudice?

    Rafika Morris.
    They Broke the Barrier of Prejudice
    Watch three videos that show how people overcame their prejudices.}}}

    There is not ONE reference to the LGBT community in this magazine. As the video displayed on the blog entry shows, they DO endorse prejudice……against LGBT people! You either fight all kinds of bigotry, or your efforts are worthless!

  2. More stupidity:


    {{{THE Australian gastric brooding frog, thought to be extinct since 2002, had a bizarre means of reproduction. The female swallowed her fertilized eggs and incubated her young in her stomach for about six weeks. Her babies later emerged from her mouth as fully developed frogs.

    To keep from digesting her eggs, it was necessary that the mother frog not only stop eating but also stop producing stomach acid. Evidently, chemicals released by the eggs and hatchlings inhibited the production of acid.

    The mother would brood about two dozen eggs. By the time she gave birth, her young could make up almost 40 percent of her total body weight. This would be like a woman who weighed 150 pounds (68 kg) before she became pregnant carrying 24 babies weighing four pounds (1.8 kg) each! The young frogs stretched the mother’s stomach to the point that it completely compressed her lungs, forcing her to breathe through her skin.

    The baby frogs would normally emerge over a period of days as they became ready. If the mother sensed danger, though, she would give birth by vomiting them out. Researchers once observed a female expel six young frogs together, shooting them about 40 inches (1 m) in the air.

    If, as some claim, its reproductive system evolved, the gastric brooding frog would have had to make vast changes to both its physical makeup and its behavior all at once. “It is inconceivable to contemplate a slow and progressive change in its reproductive biology,” wrote scientist and evolutionist Michael J. Tyler. “The habit is totally effective or it fails completely.” The only plausible explanation, Tyler says, is “a single, huge, quantum step.” Some would say that such a quantum step is called creation. *

    What do you think? Did the reproductive system of the gastric brooding frog come about by evolution? Or was it designed?}}}

    No it was NOT designed. If it had been, why aren’t ALL frogs brooding their young the same way? Why would God design one method for this type of frog and different methods for others? That’s what the largely random process of evolution does!

    The gastric brooding frog probably evolved its method of reproduction first by making its eggs indigestible to predators, forcing them to avoid eating the eggs after they were laid in water. Many species of frog and toad have poisons as adults, so it is logical that such poisons would be in some frog eggs. The next step was for the frogs (immune to their own poisons) to swallow the eggs for a short time after they were laid and then vomit them out right after hatching. Still later, the female frogs would adapt to stop producing digestive acids in their stomachs after swallowing the eggs, allowing them to keep the eggs longer. So the eggs would then hatch, quickly grow into froglets, and then the female would vomit them up. But this is still an inefficient means of reproduction, because the article admits:

    {{{The young frogs stretched the mother’s stomach to the point that it completely compressed her lungs, forcing her to breathe through her skin.}}}

    And the frogs still became extinct, because they could not adapt to the presence of humans. Their unusual means of reproduction was no help in that!

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