A stunning claim about the Iranian people in Instagram

Look at this post on Instagram, a social media outlet devoted to displaying photos.

The caption of the pic reads as follows:

A survey of over 50,000 Iranians has found that a majority of residents in the “Islamic Republic” are not Muslim. These results conflict with earlier results by the Pew Research Institute, which claimed that Iran was 99.4% Shi’ite Muslim.

The Dutch researchers who conducted the new study say that the older studies’ results were essentially worthless, as they were conducted over the telephone, and non-Shi’ite Iranians could not be honest about their religious beliefs due to fear of negative consequences. The newer study contacted people through social media and guaranteed participants the ability to answer anonymously.

Then in a comment, the poster of the pic added:

Other interesting facts from the study: Around 60% of participants reported that they do not pray, 40% differed in their reported frequency of praying and 27% reported praying five times a day.

68% of the population believes that religious prescriptions should be excluded from state legislation, even if believers hold a parliamentary majority.

71% believe religious institutions should be responsible for their own funding. 10% believe that all religious organizations irrespective of which religion should receive govt. support. 3% believe only Islamic institutions should have such benefits.

56% don’t want their children to receive religious education at school. 54% approve of their children having the opportunity to learn about diverse faiths at school.

58% do not believe in the hijab altogether. 72% opposed the compulsory hijab. 15% are for a compulsory hijab.

35% drink alcohol occasionally or regularly, despite legally enforced alcohol temperance. 56% don’t drink. 9% don’t drink due to inability to purchase alcoholic drinks, whether due to inaccessibility or high price.

Wow! Needless to say, some were not happy about this.

Why do you tell lies? Most of people in Iran are Muslim. I’ll report your page. Because you publish lies!!


Inaccurate first off it’s done on online which already makes it inaccurate online polls are always inaccurate a poll done by gullpoll in 2006 showed that The percentage of people who report that religion is important in their lives has climbed from 76 to 86 percent over the same period.
and secondly as a guy who is living in Iran I can ensure eveyone is pretty religous I lived here for quite sometime and i have to say iranans are one of the most faithful and religous people I ever met


I feel like using social media is obviously flawed, because it implies youth as well as a rebelliousness towards state censorship. Heck there’s probably many other reasons why using social media is flawed.


Hmm. Non-muslim? So what are they? Irreligious? Nearly 60%? I understand the caption, it makes sense that people would answer Muslim if they weren’t anonymous, but 57% of Iranians being non-Muslim seems a little unrealistic. If that were really the case I feel like there shouldn’t be so much stability with the theocratic regime.


They surveyed 50 thousand people but what about the other 82 million Iranians?


Why do you confuse information? A survey of an unreliable institution of 50,000 people, which is not known to provide accurate statistics, can never speak the words of 80 million people.


You are telling me that most people in Iran are atheist?? That is absurd

Others fought back at the deniers.

I’m sorry but if you don’t believe this, your naive. As someone from Iran, the percentage is probably much higher. Don’t forget Iran’s religion statistics are published only by the Iranian government, and of course they’re going to exaggerate that number.


ironic that the only people attempting to disprove this are either supporters of the islamic republic or aren’t even iranian.


Yea, I from Iran I am not Muslim I think around 39 m Muslim in Iran and all of people in Iran it’s 80m


I just heard about this a few hours ago and I was very sceptical but now after reading about the survey and getting confirmation from Iranians, I believe it. What wonderful news! I hope this means I get to see the collapse of the Islamic dictatorship and that Iran is free of this tyranny within my lifetime! Stay strong Iran, best wishes from Sweden 🇸🇪❤🇮🇷


I lived in Iran for 18 years. Born and bred. I can say that this sounds about right. If you ask the government, they’ll say 98+ percent are Muslims. But don’t you dare to have even the slightest inclination that you’re not Muslim, and the very least they won’t allow you to study, have insurance of any kind, can’t own property and … . So people like my parents were willing to put Muslim on all their forms to get government of their back. Then there are real cunts who never been to Iran, in the comment section saying that “this is not accurate” “source” well, you can go fuck yourself.


The same is true in Turkey. People are always known as 99% Muslim. But the people are not religious. The real Muslim rate is 80%. And it’s decreasing rapidly.


As an iranian i agree with this report… 99.4 of us are muslim by birth and it is said in official records that we are but in reality we dont consider ourselves religious or Muslim for that matter


As an Iranian i can pretty much confirm this..sure a lot are born muslim…doesnt mean they pray or follow anything from the islamic script.


I know lots of turkish tourists that have been to Iran. And they all said that they met non religious iranians more than religious iranians.



I am Iranian and this poll is correct. The religion of Islam is being destroyed among the people, especially the youth.



Love this! It’s true, as much as people want to push that Iran is a completely Muslim and homogeneous country, we have to realise that this country is so much more than that.

So what is the truth? Consider that thanks to the internet, people everywhere have access to the same information, including that which can discredit dogmatic religions, including Islam!

Speaking of which:



Uh, there is a link in the second one which leads to:


The process of thighing (مفاخذة, mufākhadhah or also transliterated as mufa’khathat) refers to rubbing between the legs as an alternative to sexual intercourse when that is not possible due to age or menstruation.

Ayatollah Khomeini, the founder of the Islamic republic of Iran, wrote of this practice regarding its practice with pre-pubescent children:

Ruling # 12: It is not permission to have intercourse before (her) being 9 years old, be it in nikah (permanent marriage) or temporary marriage. And as for all other pleasures such as lustful touch, embracing, and thighing (ﺍﻟﺘﻔﺨﻴﺬ), there is no problem in it even with a suckling infant.

This is more explicitly described here:


Intercrural sex, also known as coitus interfemoris,[2] thigh sex[3] and interfemoral sex,[4] is a type of non-penetrative sex, where the penis is placed between the receiving partner’s thighs and thrusted to create friction.

So the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran actually thought it OK for a grown man to stick his penis between the legs of a little girl?!

Reminds me of this:

Biblical Genocide and Pedophilia

Hey, idiot leftists in the west that think Islam should be defended, I dare you to defend THAT!

I will always defend the RIGHTS of Muslims to live their lives freely, without coercion from anti-Islamic forces, but as for Islam itself……..it must be opposed peacefully by people who know the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the ugly truth about it, the Prophet Muhammad, and what Islam has actually done to the Middle East! ANY religion that excuses child rape is EVIL! Let girls live like CHILDREN and NEVER force adult things on them!

Muslims, get a life!

OK, where was I? As much as I despise the Baha’i Faith I once followed, at least no Baha’i leader ever endorsed prepubescent marriage (the minimum age for Baha’is to marry is 15, while there is NO minimum age in Islam).

Abdu’l-Baha, son of Baha’u’llah, wrote a book while his father was still alive.

The Secret of Divine Civilization

Where he said this:

It has now by the above irrefutable proofs been fully established that the Faith of God must be propagated through human perfections, through qualities that are excellent and pleasing, and spiritual behavior. If a soul of his own accord advances toward God he will be accepted at the Threshold of Oneness, for such a one is free of personal considerations, of greed and selfish interests, and he has taken refuge within the sheltering protection of his Lord. He will become known among men as trustworthy and truthful, temperate and scrupulous, high-minded and loyal, incorruptible and God-fearing. In this way the primary purpose in revealing the divine law—which is to bring about happiness in the after life and civilization and the refinement of character in this—will be realized. As for the sword, it will only produce a man who is outwardly a believer, and inwardly a traitor and apostate.

An Islamic state run by hypocrites produces more hypocrites. That’s why I hate and want to see destroyed all such states!

Theocracies by nature are evil

But……we must not replace them with Baha’i states, because they will only repeat the cycle of hypocrisy.

FIVE Ways to Create a Religion of Hypocrites

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