Wahid Azal strikes again!

Today (December 18, 2019) I got this message on reddit:

Your account has been permanently suspended for posting personal information.


This is an automated message; responses will not be received by Reddit admins.

And just like last time, it was not made clear what personal information was being referred to. How can I know not to break rules if it is never explained the exact nature of my violation? Even in the previous case, I had to guess what my wrongdoing was; I still do not really know because no one in reddit ever actually told me. This is why reddit as a web community has very little credibility in my eyes.

It is obvious to me that Wahid Azal won’t give up until I am totally gone from reddit forever and thus it is easier for him and his cultists to disrupt the exBaha’i community there.

A few days before my second suspension, there was this incident between me and another idiot follower of Azal.

Good observations. Persian Bahais have been put on a pedestal in many communities but that’s not what the Bahai teachings are about. In general, I believe pride is a stumbling block for most people, but especially for Bahais as their scriptures make them feel special… a way to keep people attached to the religion for fear of losing that special status.

Yes, and THAT was why Wahid Azal claimed later I was a “racist”. Not because I have used racial slurs or because I have advocated actual discrimination against any racial minorities. Quite the opposite.


He called you a racist because you exude racism and white privilege despite all your pretensions to the contrary, and upon being confronted with this, you resorted to accusations of “reverse racism,” which is a white nationalist dog-whistle. Believe it or not, but you don’t have to be running around shouting the N-word and making flagrantly racist statements to be expressing sentiments of white privilege.

Needless to say, that claim is absolute bullshit! So I promptly ripped it apart.

ALL white people in white majority countries have white privledge, that’s true, but I have NEVER expressed the kind of bigoted hatred towards any minorities that Wahid Azal started spitting at me once it was clear I would never be one of his blind followers. Being white, even in a southern state like Texas, does NOT make someone racist. Azal simply lied about that, period. He is a fraud and you are a fool to believe anything he says.

Imagine a prominent Muslim theologian who happens to live in a majority pagan country, who was even born in that country and belongs to that country’s dominant ethnic group, as well as being raised pagan and converting to Islam as an adult, being called a polytheist and thus guilty of shirk by an insanely jealous rival, which is something literally impossible for an actual Muslim to be. You can only justify such an outrageous claim if you produce pics of the “Muslim” bowing down to an idol of a god other than Allah. Otherwise, it is just an insulting lie, stemming from racism. That was the basis for my calling Wahid Azal a racist towards me. He attacked me for my Southern Baptist background (which is indeed bigoted), not anything I’ve done since leaving that corrupt form of Christianity.

you resorted to accusations of “reverse racism,” which is a white nationalist dog-whistle.

It can be such……but not actually in my case. It is indeed possible for a black man in an African country like Zimbabwe to express racism towards whites. To say this is fair is to deny that the playing field between races should ever be leveled, instead still favoring one race dominating another. You either believe in racial equality or you don’t. Wahid Azal’s recent attacks on me prove he is an anti-white extremist, not a credible activist for racial harmony and peacemaking like me.

Even the Southern Poverty Law Center, the most dedicated anti-racist organization in America, lists black separatist groups as “hate groups” along with the Ku Klux Klan, American Nazis, and others that favor whites.

No doubt, Wahid must have been embarrassed by my making one of his followers look stupid in public, and his getting me suspended AGAIN was his way of retaliating.

Meanwhile, the coward has fled Germany and moved to Australia.


Since this asshole has lied about me being “racist” and lied about the moderators of the exBahai subreddit being agents of the Haifan Baha’is, what else could he have been lying about? Is it possible that he murdered his wife? Or did he even have a wife and daughter at all? Were those two family members, and the later death of his wife, made up by Wahid to gain public sympathy? Perhaps we will never know. He is responsible for so much fakery on the internet (even while accusing others of having fake identities), that it is impossible to be sure of anything about him now.

8 thoughts on “Wahid Azal strikes again!

  1. I recently learned that “Wahid” still posts to the usenet newsgroup talk.religion.bahai (in fact, he’s almost the only person still posting there). That newsgroup can be browsed (and posted to) via groups.google.com. Myself and another person whom “Wahid” has libeled have recently posted there, and because it is unmoderated, “Wahid,” who is unable to have a sustained correspondence even on topics he himself brought up, has gone silent. Perhaps it might be said he fled (Proverbs 28:1).

    Side note, he has posted about you there once or twice.

    • Thanks for the tip. I will look in there and see what dirt from the past can be dug up there.

      I totally regret doing that podcast with him back in August, but while I knew he was controversial, I had no clue how absolutely treacherous he really is. Nothing he says or does can be trusted!

    • Wow!

      {{{NUR Dec 22

      How do you sleep at night, Giron, knowing that there is a law enforcement agency out there that holds you and several of your dubious comrades as persons of interest in the murder of a German citizen? That you keep harping on about how things are going should tell anyone that you have lost sleep — as you should. So why don’t you personally go to Germany and find out how things are going? The pro-Russian, not to mention Israeli, networks you are connected to can easily provide you with the funds.

      Be that as it may, let it be known that if I ever see you or your fascist friends face to face, that I will not hesitate for one second to put a bullet in your skull as well as that of your friends; and after the kind of public gloating you have done over the death of my wife, there is not a single court in existence that would hold me culpable for making this statement in public. So make sure that wherever you are stealing oxygen that you stay the hell away from me and my family, you Nazi-loving Zionist scum!}}}

      Well, perhaps I should be thankful I have not received death threats from Azal……yet.

      {{{adam.oz…@gmail.com Dec 22
      Oh my God.. Nima Sadra Hazini, you are absolutely pathetic.

      Your wife wasn’t murdered and she was you more than anyone would be the likely suspect. This is like the second person you’ve been in a relationship with who died a very premature death followed by you uprooting and high tailing it across the world. Correlation isn’t causation however. Just that this is logical given your documented history of imagining you are so important that you are a target, and the fact that you project your own one time interests and positions onto those you’ve decided are worthy of the endless abyss of malice that is your deformed hallucinogen intoxicated soul.

      So anyway when exactly can I or anyone else expect extradition to Germany, a country I have never been to but fully intend to vacation in in 2020? Were the German authorities relieved to find out their most delusional resident would no longer be a drain on the state’s coffers when Mr. Crazini Hazini turned prodigal and ran to Mama for renewed financial support? Like any good mother, goodfornothing son or not, she is doing a standup job. Alas no mother’s love will make you less crazy, toxic, malicious, or egotistically in love with your non-existent destiny and imagined spiritual station.

      I’ll make sure my selfie on Prenzlauer Allee is posted publicly.

      As for my vacation in 2021, I’ve always wanted to visit Australia.}}}

      {{{adam.oz…@gmail.com Dec 22

      Nima Sadra Hazini aka “Wahid Azal”:

      LARPing as an Azali Babi online and making up your own solitary religious order is so much easier than accountability in dialog and community. As we all know, there is no god in your psyche except your own highly fractured ego, led on by abuse (not use in set and setting or a traditional and responsible framework) of psychedelic substances.

      Nima, you are a fraud. You are not merely a failed academic, or a failure in the career world. You are a religious failure as well. A spiritual fraud. A failed cult leader who couldn’t even get a single recruit. You’re a living beacon of chaos. Chaos follows you wherever your addled brain goes.

      “One of the brethren.” LMFAO you have no brethren, shitlord. The “Fatimiya Sufi Order” is a projection of your frontal lobe that never had any substance except yourself. Paying an information lookup service for an address and then paying someone on a gig service to snap some photos on false pretenses isn’t scary or intimidating; it’s pathetic. You’re even a failed stalker, Nima Sadra Hazini. Failure and chaos should be the new motto you emblazon on your coat of arms, alongside a new totem animal: the jackass.

      Oh Nima, when I come to Australia we should meet for coffee and have a serious discussion of these behaviors of yours.}}}

      That’s HILARIOUS!!!! Thank you, Denis Giron, for helping me to see that. 🙂

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  3. Finding more damning statements about Wahid Azal, written by Baha’is.


    {{{Re: Discussion of Covenant-breakers

    by MontanaDon » Thu Sep 25, 2008 9:01 am
    A third claimant to Guardian? – I’ve heard that Ali Nakhjavani has said there is a 3rd claimant to Guardian, living in Australia. But I don’t know what this is based on. Perhaps one of Nima Hazimi’s claims?}}}

    {{{by AdibM » Thu Sep 25, 2008 1:12 pm
    Thank you so much for all of that valuable information, Don.

    I would venture to guess that Nima Hazini might have made that claim, but I find it somewhat unlikely considering he hates Baha’is and Baha’i apostates equally, and has essentially changed his name to “Wahid Azal” (I’ve seen him refer to himself as “Amavand” in some places). I’ve also seen him refer to himself as a “Gnostic Bayani”. I think he’s just very confused. If he did make such a claim, it was probably an attempt to create confusion in the Baha’i world or make a bigger name for himself; an attempt that utterly failed.}}}

    {{{The Nima Hazini / “Wahid Azal” Story

    by Keyvan » Mon Oct 06, 2008 3:43 pm
    Well Nima Hazini’s story as I have pieced it together is like this,

    He was originally a Baha’i. Then he had issue with being obedient to the institutions of Guardianship and the Universal House of Justice. In web forums from the 90’s he would talk about how he felt maybe the Will and Testament of Abdu’l Baha can be stretched from its understood meaning without questioning its validity. After struggling with this idea he later realized that Shoghi Effendi and the Universal House of Justice could not be questioned because that would mean questioning the Will and Testament, and that meant questioning Abdu’l Baha, which meant questioning Baha’u’llah.

    Struggling with this some more he then determined his only way to find a break in the chain was to question Baha’u’llah Himself, denying His Station, as though Baha’u’llah was not the Promised One, of which The Bab had prophesied – this was the only way he could reconcile his confused beliefs. Thus, becoming a self-proclaimed Azali. As odd and as fringe as covenant breaking is, for the 21st century this type of covenant breaking is probably the oddest of them all. Being all alone in this new determination of his, and with his delusions of grandeur he adopted a new name “Wahid Azal” to put himself in line with Azali leadership of over a century ago. (Anikan Skywalker —> Darth Vader)

    In taking on this new persona and new set of beliefs, Hazini adopted the same conspiracy theories against Baha’i’s and Baha’u’llah and the Holy Family that the bitter Azali’s had been propagating ages ago. He then mixed these fabrications in with his own personal lies, as well as the anti-Baha’i propaganda created by the Hojjatieh Society and the Islamic Republic of Iran.

    His goal, as he describes it, is to destroy the Baha’i Faith, and to achieve these ends he propagates these conspiracy theories throughout the internet as much as he can. Nothing has stuck, but in his obsession he stays on the Internet all day and night trying to flood Baha’i message boards with propaganda and arguing with rational people. My assumption of why he does this is that he has this deeply rooted sub-conscious psychological need to win over converts to his side so he won’t feel so alone. He cannot bear for a movement to exist which walks over his beliefs, and by nature of its perceived validity would render him unbalenced and misguided – part of his egomania. He’s been doing this for years and probably will never stop. He’s hopeless.}}}

    {{{by AdibM » Mon Oct 06, 2008 5:12 pm
    Indeed; I’ve seen him before at Bahairants and a newsgroup where he has personally insulted you with very immature comments. I find it depressing that someone researching Neoplatonism in the Baha’i Faith – a subject on which he actually gave a talk here in Austin back in the 90s, though as to whether it was at our Center or for a Baha’i Studies Conference I wouldn’t know as I was practically a toddler – has abased himself like this. But hey, “no man knoweth what his own end shall be” so I’ll leave the guy to himself until he confronts me.}}}

    {{{by Keyvan » Mon Oct 06, 2008 7:58 pm
    Yeah his insults are about the level of a fourth graders – he’ll just curse you off and question your sexuality if you disagree with him.

    I want to add another thing. He’s also become very openly racist. He talks down to those that are not Iranian and has this fanatic sense that all things western are inferior to him and his culture. He’ll call Iranians who disagree with him gharibzadeh (westernized).

    I feel this is also why he became an Azali and not any other form of Covenant Breaker. I feel that in his fascist pride, he felt that if he were to simply try to reconcile his confused beliefs by excluding the authority of the Guardian and the Universal House of Justice that that would put him in line with “western” Covenant Breakers such as Fredrick Glaysher, or dissenters like Juan Cole. Basically if he was going to cross over, it was going to be to an “authentically Iranian” group.}}}

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