The Ultimate Baha’i Delusion?

I posted the following on reddit last week:

Question: What do you think is the ultimate delusion of the Baha’i Faith? There need be no “right” or “wrong” answer here, but I need some opinions on how best to deal with Baha’i apologists like a certain one that keeps invading this subreddit.

You should see the discussion that resulted!

Bahai delusion1

Bahai delusion2

Bahai delusion3

Bahai delusion4

Bahai delusion5

Bahai delusion6

Bahai delusion7

Bahai delusion8

Bahai delusion9

Bahai delusion10

Bahai delusion11

Bahai delusion12

Bahai delusion13

Bahai delusion14

Bahai delusion15

Bahai delusion16

Bahai delusion17

Bahai delusion18

THAT is how an honest and respectful discussion about religion should go. Even when members of a group might disagree, they do not actually fight because their common humanity comes first.


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