Stop America’s political see-saw!

There was a time when the American people were not so blindly loyal to their political parties as they are now. During the American Revolution itself, the two opposing factions were the Loyalists who favored the American colonies remaining part of the British Empire, and the Patriots who wanted American independence. The Patriots won and most of those who remained Loyalists fled to Britain or Canada. Then there was another conflict between Federalists, who favored the new U S Constitution, and the anti-Federalists who opposed it. The anti-Federalists lost. The next conflict was between the Federalists and the Democratic-Republicans. Eventually, the Federalists lost and faded away. Then the Whigs rose to challenge the Democratic-Republicans (later, the Democratic Party), but they too failed before the Civil War, to be replaced by the Republicans.

So we had three political factions which died out due to being rejected by the American people: the Loyalists, the Federalists and the Whigs. But ever since the Civil War, the people have been stuck on a see-saw. Whenever they become dissatisfied with Democratic policies, they turn to vote Republican. Then when they are unhappy with Republican policies, they turn back towards the Democrats. Then when they are disappointed with Democratic policies, they go right back to the Republicans. Does this make ANY sense? I think not.

The Republicans led us into war in Iraq in 2003, based on claims regarding that country that turned out to be false. Any party that does that should have been thrown out of power the very next year, but it didn’t happen until 2006 and 2008 and the Democrats took over. Now there is a sizable movement to vote the Democrats out of power in 2010 and 2012……so the Republicans may take over again? No, there are other options for conservative voters to consider! Such as:

The Libertarian Party:

The Constitution Party:

The Reform Party:

The America First Party:

Any one of these should rise to take the place of the Republican Party, which I feel has long outlived its usefulness, and likewise if the Democratic Party fails liberals in the future, they should look at:

The Green Party:

The Libertarian Party: (It strongly appeals to both conservatives and liberals for various reasons)

The Socialist Party:

And it should be an unwritten rule in American politics from now on that whenever a party is voted out of power, it should NEVER be voted back in! If we took such a stand, maybe we would truly have a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. Because right now that seems to not be the case!

One thought on “Stop America’s political see-saw!

  1. I vote Libertatian…

    It is unfortunate that we usually have people voting for the two main parties. Now, hopefully they will end up learning from theirs pasts? —- Naaahhhh, won’t happen, that is just wishful thinking.

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