A disturbing video about Islam

Watch this:

My response to it is as follows.

First, the Quran was not revealed in one piece, but in bits and pieces over several decades and was not even assembled in its final form until some years after the passing of the Prophet Muhammad. Thus we need not assume it is totally accurate in its statements. See these earlier blog entries:



Second, who is to say that Muslims have to assume that the “later” verses of the Quran that teach intolerance for non-Muslims have abrogated the “earlier” ones that preach tolerance? Only those who either want to promote Islamic extremism or those who want to destroy Islam itself. Ironic, that these two factions would have that in common, even while opposing each other as well as moderates among both Muslims and non-Muslims. This alone shows the absurdity of their positions. Also, who says we have to follow every detail of the barbaric Sharia law when adopting Islam? Shouldn’t it be enough to simply follow the Five Pillars of Islam?

  1. Proclaim publicly, “There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is His Prophet.”
  2. Pray five times daily.
  3. Give alms to the poor.
  4. Fast during the daytime at the month of Ramadan.
  5. Make a pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in your lifetime.

Anything beyond that seems irrelevant. Sharia Law seems to be a man-made addition to the original Islam. If it is indeed from Allah, why do Muslims leaders specify only Five Pillars and not more? These Five Pillars certainly do NOT imply attempts to subvert and destroy other religions and secular societies.

Third, if Muslims are allowed to lie in order to spread Islam, isn’t that a logical reason to conclude that Islam itself is full of lies and thus not worth following by anyone? One must wonder if Christians and followers of other faiths pull the same sort of stunts. See this:


The references to the Quran that are supposed to be so shocking are not specified in the video above. So where are they and what do they really say? Until those are revealed, that video should be held as skeptically as Islam itself may be.

2 thoughts on “A disturbing video about Islam

  1. There was once a rattlesnake who swore not to bite a duck if it took the snake across a river. But as soon as the duck reached the opposite shore, the snake bit it and it died. Then a man saw what happened and caught and killed the snake. And afterwards, ducks and men everywhere knew that snakes could never be trusted and that they should be wiped out.

    The meaning of the parable is: Islam represents the snake, Western civilization represents the duck, the river is life, and the man represents me and other skeptics. If Islam tries to convert the whole world to it, it must be destroyed, because that can only happen by force and that is tyranny, and therefore evil. A religion that must be spread by force is more likely to be a false one. And falsehoods are parasites. We must have and live only by truth.

    If the snake had kept his word and spared the duck, then the man and the duck would have no good reason to kill the snake and all would live in peace.

  2. Thank you for posting this…and sorry I haven’t noticed this post earlier…

    I have read most of the Qur’an…In fact, I have a copy with me on my desk now… My feelings towards Islam have been mixed since I started reading it since (as the video says) many of the verses are peaceful, but others are not..

    An example of a tolerant verse:

    “Surely, those who (profess) to believe in (in Islam), and those who follow the Jewish faith, the Christians and the Sabians, whosoever (of these truly) believe in Allah and the Last Day and acts righteously shall have their reward with their Lord, and shall have nothing to fear, not shall they grieve.” (Surah 2:62)

    I remember the first time I read that verse…I found it encouraging as it showed tolerance to other religions. But as the video says, it is found in the early portions of the Qur’an…and we do not see the same tolerance today in the middle east.

    As we go into further into the Qur’an, it does get less tolerant.. In Surah 9, it talks about killing polytheists…To be fair, it talks about protecting the ones that keep their treaties with Muslims….but then…what of broken treaties between fellow monotheists such as the Jews and Christians? Or worse yet: What about broken treaties between fellow Muslims?

    The video is right about the Qur’an…The further into it you read, the more intolerant it becomes.

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