Sarah Palin, living a lie

Let me be frank and blunt about this matter of the Republican Vice-Presidental nominee of 2008: She is an IDIOT and a disgrace to all responsible women in America, if not the entire world!

She has five children and her oldest daughter Bristol, only 17, is already expecting a child of her own. So in essence, Sarah Palin illustrates that women, even highly achiveing ones like her, are still expected to be breeding machines as well.

I find that absolutely disgusting!

How can anyone, knowing the vast environmental destruction humans have caused around the world, because of our growing populations, ever put their trust in anyone that herself contributes to the problem?

How can anyone think that her assumptions about birth control and abortion are in any way applicable to places that are overcrowded, just because they seem justified in lightly populated Alaska, the state Palin is governor of?

How can anyone, claiming to be Christian, be so damn materialistic as to favor the exploitation of Alaska’s mineral resources to make people richer, at the expense of the wildlife that live there? Jesus constantly denounced that attitude! So do I, despite being non-Christian.

How can anyone, having so strong sexual urges herself that she would crank out five babies, seriously think that abstinence before marriage is an option for teenagers with their own raging hormones, including her own daughters? One of them has obviously rejected that. If those values didn’t work for the Palins, why should they be applied to anyone?

Nevermind that Bristol, the pregnant daughter, is planning to marry her baby’s father. Statistics show that the overwhelming majority of teen marriages end in divorce. In any case, she is at a disadvantage in moving on with her education, and even if she does that, many teen mothers, lacking financial resources, would not be so fortunate.

Nature made our sexual urges strong for a reason, that being that REPRODUCTION, the purpose of sex, is what perpetuates all species. Unless we eliminate those urges, we will inevitably give in to them when opportunities present themselves. I think anyone who says otherwise is a LIAR.

Therefore, the Roman Catholic Church, advertising its priest and nuns as celibate and therefore “pure” and totally dedicated to the church and nothing else, is lying to us all. And so is Sarah Palin.

Her daughter Bristol is living proof that her values on sexuality are a failure. And that being the case, her values about economics and the environment, issues which are affected by human population growth, are also discredited.

We need to BURY this loon before she destroys us! IMMEDIATELY!

5 thoughts on “Sarah Palin, living a lie

  1. i am older than Bristol, and still have stayed to my vow of abstinence. its not that guys find me unattractive or that the oppurtunity never presents itself, it is that i find it the best course of action, and will follow it. it makes the most sense to me. Sarah Palin is entitled to her opinion about abstinence and you are entitled to yours. she does what she thinks works and you do what you think will. and i have never been to alaska and cannot say difinitively whether or not drilling there would hurt or help. if you have been there? i would love to have your opinion on it. but Mrs. Palin feels that it will not hurt a habitat, and is willing to stake her career on it…idk…it just seems silly to argue that her opinion is stupid simply because it is different than yours. yes, she is a mother of five. i want to be a mother of twelve. not because my family is large or for any other reason than i want to be a mother. it just doesnt seem “wrong” to me, if she is going to be a political maverick and stick to what we elect her for…than let her do it. if we do want her we will elect her, and if we dont we wont.

  2. JRDS, I hope you find a partner that is willing to marry you soon. I’d hate to see you eat your words here in a few years. In any case, good luck, because you will need it!

    I do not say Palin’s opinions are stupid because they are different from mine, I say that are stupid because they are NOT indefinitely sustainable. We have over six billion people in the world already. Do we really need MORE? Do we really NEED to exploit natural resources just because they are there for the taking, or is that what defines GREED? OF COURSE wildlife will be disturbed by drilling for oil in the Alaskan National Wildlife Refuge! How would YOU feel if you were a moose, a wolf, or a polar bear and had to put up with all the noise and filth of oil drilling in YOUR neighborhood?!

    Sarah Palin is entitled to her opinion about abstinence and you are entitled to yours. she does what she thinks works and you do what you think will.
    My point above was that it DIDN’T work for her, and it CERTAINLY didn’t work for me, but Palin still wants to have taught that as binding on all teens and not also offer them birth control to prevent pregnancies and Sexually Transmitted Diseases. If most teenagers are like me or Bristol Palin, that policy is doomed to fail, so we might as well not even try it anymore.

  3. i completely understand why you feel that way. but i am not concerned about my prospects, and i hope you lose no sleep over that. ;). my point being abstinance works, but it had to be my choice, not my parents, not my religion. if the kid doesnt want it…it wont happen. and thats fine, i am not behind every thing she does. abstinance can work. but telling kids nothing about being careful, and why you think abstinance is best is just stupid. if they dont understand why its best, they def wont follow it.

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