The sad downfall of Silly Old Bear in Care2

Silly Old Bear, also known as Henric Jensen, is one of my best online friends. He is Jewish, Swedish, married, a transexual, and one of the best human rights activists I’ve ever known. He was also one of the most hated people in Care2. Hated because he was a firm opponent of Israel-bashing, which he saw as anti-Semetic, and was just as eager to defending men’s rights even before angry feminists who seemed to have a grudge against all men.

This is one of his blogs:

because it’s fun…” (ten year old girl on the topic of this image on a T-shirt:


Think about this: a picture of a fat, hairy woman, sleeping in a bed. A group of men start making fun of her, saying things like “think about waking up with THAT in your bed!” “disgusting!” “Think about having THOSE legs around you while making love!”

Pretty upsetting, huh? This is nevertheless the style a picture of a hairy man sleeping was commented in a women’s group in a debate forum, and when a couple of men got offended and sad by it, they were driven out of the group with insults and mockery… to this day those women don’t understand that it is just as insulting towards a man as it is towards a woman.

That same women chased me out of a Group for posting a post which said: “All Women are Stupid” and didn’t get why I would say such a thing – they didn’t get that I said that exactly to show how they would react if indeed the tables were turned. Their reaction was exactly what I had imagined it would be. They had absolutely no problem badmouthing men in general, mock and belittle their own husbands and boyfriends, but when I said “All women are stupid” all hell broke loose.

Not only are they misandrists and chauvinist sows, they are hypocrites as well.

And here is his final statement in Care2:

I have decided to Delete my Profile and leave Care2 altogether. It’s been a roller-coaster 4 years. Years in which I have been participating in debates, discussions, and friendship. It has also been years in which I have been subjected to hatred and abuse, bullying and mindless verbal violence. If nothing else it’s been 4 educational years.

Some of you will find that you are now owners of new groups – sorry that I had to dump them on you like this, but I have to get out of here before I go crazy. Those of you who find that you are owners of new groups – you have basically been running the group(s) anyway in the last months, so it’s only right that you get to call the shots – at least you won’t have to manuever around this cantankerous old bear anymore!

I want to thank those of you who have been my friends for that friendsship – may He Who IS Bless you and Keep you and reward you for your loyalty and love. May it all come back to you three-fold.


To all those who spat at that man for those four years, I ask, “Are you proud of yourself?” I, who have never been Jewish, Swedish, or a transexual, never allowed any of my differences with him to get in the way of our personal dealings. Even when he and I had disagreements (and some were indeed serious, like on religious issues) I never felt offended by the man’s presence because he never seemed threatening to me, and was willing to subject himself to honest criticism and advice. And when he was proven wrong, he openly admitted it, just as I would have. That made him far more credible in my eyes than some who always insist they are right, and thus prove themselves to be idiots. Unlike far too many people in Care2, Henric always tried to follow the Care2 Code of Conduct and strictly enforced it in the groups he hosted, which was another reason he was so resented by those who were filled with hatred for what he stood for.

By losing him, Care2 allowed a gaping hole in itself. There are dozens of abusive @$$holes  who should have been thrown out of Care2 long before Henric was forced to leave it. The fact that they are still there and he isn’t is simply injustice. The reputation of Care2 has been badly damaged because of this.

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