Obama-bashers are bigots

Take a look at this first:


I once swore that I would NEVER vote for Hillary Clinton to be the next President, for two reasons:

  1. She chose to remain married to Bill despite his infidelities, which struck me as a weakness in her character.
  2. She “carpetbagged” her way to New York to grab an available Senate seat rather than return to Arkansas. To me, that suggested opportunism and disloyalty to her home.

But after hearing from so many former Hillary supporters that they still would never vote for Obama, I understand why. Voting for Obama now for them would be swallowing their pride, and that’s even more painful for some people, male or female, than giving birth. It would be unfair of me to demand of them what I wouldn’t do myself if the situation was reversed.

Now, here is the text of a blog I wrote some months ago on another website:

Blog: I have decided—Election 2008

These are my final choices for the next President of the United States of America:
If the Democrats nominate anyone other than Hilary Clinton I will vote for the Democratic candidate because I support that party and despise the basic platform of the Republicans.
If the Democrats nominate Hiliary Clinton, and the Republicans nominate Ron Paul, I will vote for Paul because I am absolutely opposed to Sen. Clinton becoming President. I didn’t like her as First Lady either. And I think Ron Paul would be a better choice because, while far from perfect, he is better than Bush Jr ever was.

If the Democrats nominate Clinton and the Republicans nominate anyone other than Ron Paul, I will stay home on Election Day!


I am posting this as a record of my earlier statement, but I now RECANT OF THE LAST PARAGRAPH! That blog has been deleted and I now affirm that, had Hillary actually beaten Obama and become the Democratic Party’s nominee, I WOULD VOTE FOR HER! And to prove it, I now push for Hillary to become Obama’s running mate to reunite the Democratic Party, and I call upon ALL Hillary supporters to adhere to her own words now and VOTE FOR BARACK OBAMA TO BE THE NEXT PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES!

You cannot continue to claim to be a Hillary supporters and NOT support Obama too! If Hillary is not sincere in her support for Obama now, then she is a liar. Do you want a liar for a President? How can you trust a liar rather than someone like Obama that has not been anything but generous to Hillary since she conceeded to him?

It’s up to the other Democrats to decide if they really want to win this election or not, and if they really want to prove they are better in character than the Republicans. Hint: Refrain from any further dirty, tabloid style tactics, even against Republicans, let along some of your fellow Democrats. If even Hillary is taking the high road, what’s anyone else’s excuse for not doing so? I see none, and will be looking forward to November to see some of the Obama-bashers be humbled, even if McCain wins.

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