The BIG LIE of the giant oil companies

With gas prices in the United States topping $4.00 a gallon in some places, we are now being told that to reduce prices we must drill in more places which oil companies have previously been restricted from going to, such as the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

Never mind that people generally condemn such vices as greed and selfishness, that are clearly represented by the desire to drill in such natural places when there are already alternatives available. Even if we had a huge increase in oil supply resulting from such drilling, there is no legal obligation in the United States for the oil companies to reduce their gas prices to the levels one would expect. Since there are only a few major oil companies, it would be a simple matter for them to conspire to keep the gas prices relatively high to enrich themselves further. 

Prices can be determined by both supply and demand. So if we really want gas prices to fall, the surest way to do that is to REDUCE DEMAND for the gas. We can do that by abandoning the gas-burning cars that are currently most popular and replace them over many years with hybrids, or better still with cars with fuel cells that burn no gas at all. Then there are the “electric cars”.  With the concern about greenhouse gases, we need to put pressure on the giant auto manufacturers to END production of standard gas burning cars completely. They are OBSOLETE!

It’s better to do that than allow the oil companies to continue to rape the Earth’s environments, and screw the people with high prices at the same time!

2 thoughts on “The BIG LIE of the giant oil companies

  1. Since there are only a few major oil companies, it would be a simple matter for them to conspire to keep the gas prices relatively high to enrich themselves further.

    Do you always accuse individuals of crimes without the slightest indication that a crime has been committed?

    What evidence do you have that collusion, which is illegal, is taking place among oil companies?

    We don’t even have to go toward observing that US companies control a mere 6% of the world’s crude oil, and therefore cannot possibly control the price of crude, which is by far the largest component of current gasoline prices. It’s true — anybody who says the oil companies are colluding to keep prices high has not the slightest understanding of world oil markets — but it’s irrelevant, since the real objection here is that you’re accusing companies of a crime without having even the smallest smidgeon of evidence that a crime has taken place.

    If you’ll recall your Sunday School lessons, the 9th commandment says you should not bear false witness against your neighbor; it’s right in there with adultery, murder, and theft, and it’s just as bad as them. That’s what you’re doing. The real criminal is in the mirror.

    Get an education before you go accusing innocent people of crimes, ok, Chester?

  2. My name is Dale, not Chester, and I would appreciate you not using such foul language in a public forum like this, which is why I had to edit your comment after I approved it to make it decent.

    I did not accuse anyone of a crime already committed. My exact words were a reference to what might be possible and was therefore a WARNING to the oil companies in case they were indeed planning on doing the collusion, that we would be watching them to make sure they don’t do it.

    Unlike you, Philwynk, I am very precise with my words and I do not appreciate someone totally misrepresenting my position. That’s a strawman type argument and THAT is lying, not what I said!

    Because you pulled that stunt, no further comments from you will be allowed on my blogs. You are banned forever.

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