Elbow Room, my @$$!

Watch this video:

I remember watching this many times as a child along with the Saturday morning cartoons. It never occurred to me that what I was seeing was white supremacist propaganda. But some on YouTube have pointed that out!

For reference, read this:  The Louisiana “Purchase”

As a adult, I realized that Schoolhouse Rock glossed over what happed to the Native Americans like they never existed.
“Hey man, we needed some elbow room, so we’re gonna take an entire continent and kill and enslave 9/10ths of you.”
They tried enslaving Natives at first, but it was too difficult. They did forcefully confine many of them to reservations, which like a form of enslavement.
Every time they say elbow room, one Settler kills a Native American family
Then an apologist for racism speaks up.
Yeah. Life would be so much better living in wigwams and hunting buffalo. Seriously, it wasn’t a matter of racism. It simply was a matter of a superior civilization absorbing uncivilized peoples. The same thing that was happening in the americas long before europeans arrived.
 that’s pretty fucking racist, you are basically saying we should massacre them because we are “superior”
@Chaos Insurgent B-2607 BTW, we didn’t massacre anyone. We moved here. Indians didn’t like it. War ensued. We won. Tough titty. Otherwise you’d be posting using smoke signals instead that fancy phone/computer. Now, kindly shove your SJW virtue-signaling.
Actually, we DID massacre Native Americans.
The Wounded Knee Massacre, also called the Battle of Wounded Knee, was a domestic massacre of several hundred Lakota Indians, almost half of whom were women and children, by soldiers of the United States Army. It occurred on December 29, 1890,[5] near Wounded Knee Creek (Lakota: Čhaŋkpé Ópi Wakpála) on the Lakota Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in the U.S. state of South Dakota, following a botched attempt to disarm the Lakota camp.
@Chaos Insurgent B-2607 I’d still like to know why my profile pic of a red slash through the face of a mass-murdering communist is “anti Indian”. Pray tell. And I’m still not going to lose sleep over the fate of the American Indian, just as I’m not going to lose sleep over the fate of the various tribes in pre-Roman Europe. Humanity was better off in the long run in both cases.
So the Native Americans were indeed not part of humanity?
They are still fucking humans, just because of their race doesn’t make them inhuman and deserve to die. If we let them live, they would have gotten new tech like the telegraph. There is no harm done, you racist fucktard.
Later, the racist says:
@Chaos Insurgent B-2607 I asked “what would you have US do?” Not, “what would you have preferred your ancestors did?” Besides, I never killed any Indians, nor did any any of my ancestors, so there is no blood on my hands. If you are that overcome by white guilt, then you need to move back to “Whitelandia.” Don’t worry, I won’t hold my breath.
That’s the same attitude of ahistoricality I described here:
Why would they live in wigwams? You do know that one culture can use the technology of another culture right? If the natives were allowed to live near us they would eventually start using our technology.
@Rugged Individualist I like how “Stop lying and acknowledge what happened in history” gets framed as “Feel bad about something that happened” like you don’t know exactly what you’re doing.
Rugged Individualist If you were alive during the Holocaust, you’d be one of the people who didn’t give a shit until it affected you.
And there was this:
Growing up and listening to this song in the 1970s, it jived with what I was being taught in school. And as a catchy song about the expansion of the country, it does, I guess from one perspective, broadly summarize the subject. With the benefit of greater knowledge and the perspective of years I can see how this subject and others were seasoned to be more palatable to a largely white audience of Americans. The idea of manifest destiny was contrived to justify white settlement and cultural expansion of lands that were already, though maybe sparsely, settled by other peoples. It is not that I feel that there is anything inherently immoral about people moving and starting lives in different places, or in the course of doing so, influencing or being influenced by other cultures. But the westward expansion of the United States was conducted, at many turns, by unfair and deceptive means — indeed with violence and hatred. Manifest destiny could be seen as a precursor to the Nazi concept of lebensraum which was used to justify Hitler’s wars in the east. I hope we have advanced in our understanding of these events, but my suspicion is that the progress has been slow.
Conservative bigots may argue in defense of their present day bullshit and their ancestors’ atrocities, but over time the younger ones not brainwashed by various forms of tribalism will reject such things, take over, and make society as a while more enlightened and humane. I just hope that revolution happens in time.

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