My dealings in Deviant Art

Deviant Art is a web community that features the works of artists. I don’t consider myself an artist, but I joined so I could comment on the works of others.

One of the artists I took notice of was:

He is especially well known for his sci-fi drawings featuring a teenage girl character known simply as “88”.

I had so many questions about this character, so eventually, I decided she needed a backstory. Images, no matter how appealing, are not enough.


“88”, real name Diana Miller, is the 88th Caretaker of the sleeper ship Salvation that has been traveling from the ruined planet Earth to an Earthlike world that is over 100 light years away from the Solar System. The Salvation can only go as fast as one-tenth the speed of light, so the ship was intended to take a total of 1,000 years to reach its destination.

Though she appears to be a teenage girl, 88 is actually over 1,000 years old, having spent most of her existence in suspended animation along with thousands of other teenagers dispatched from Earth as its biosphere was slowly collapsing. She was awakened from her sleep by the 87th Caretaker, who intended Diana to take his place while he returned to sleep. To prepare her for her lonely task of overseeing the Salvation’s operations, 87 had Diana undergo severe mental conditioning which suppressed both her normal human emotions and her sex drive, making her rather like a Vulcan of Star Trek. Well, not quite; sometimes her original personality does surface anyway and makes her feel very depressed.

Despite her lack of emotion, 88 still needs to be entertained, and she mostly gets it in the form of video games. The Salvation’s computer has hundreds of video games programmed into it, but 88 also has access to game consoles that were taken from Earth and were originally owned by an earlier Caretaker who collected them; now they are hers.

About two years after 88 began her duties, the ship arrived at the targeted planet and she found the world to be suitable for colonization, so after the analysis of the world is complete she will begin reviving the other people on the ship, including the other Caretakers who served before her. Once they are all revived, 88 hopes to have her conditioning reversed so she can live like a normal teenager again (something denied to all the other Caretakers, who served until they were middle aged). She knows that she will likely be expected to have children quickly to help populate the world too.

Responses to my story included:

I like the concept that you typed here. Humanity in a last ditch effort to save their race set off to a distant world for a second chance for the survival of the human race and the other species that could be taken with them. Also it sure was lucky for them to find that this planet was suitable for colonization, but what truly is “suitable” to you?

Does the atmosphere need be immediately breathable or capable to be breathable in a few generations? Must the planet have life on it or not and if so would they need to think twice if they found that the planet is occupied by life or even civilizations? (Primitive, comparable to modern times, or highly advanced also plays a factor.) How were the teenage passengers chosen and what qualifications did they need and were they physical, mental, education based or any combination of the three or was it a random lottery, volunteers who got there first or was it decided consent of the youthful colonist was not as important than the survival of the human race? (May that decision be chosen for them by their parents or government of origin.) And How many ships were involved for this exodus? (The one, a few, dozens, hundreds?)

auricxsabianNew Deviant

i’d check that anime out!

Momo-The-UnknownHobbyist General Artist
Breathtaking. I’m gonna be thinking about this for a while.
This is one of the best backstories I have ever read
connecteduniverseProfessional Digital Artist
And it didn’t stop there.
This is what happens when you pair a brilliant artist with an equally strong writer; the works get NOTICED. Now if only vashperado and I could actually collaborate on a story, it might become a bestseller!

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