Religion can’t always save people, Round 2

Read this depressing story:

Suicide of prominent pastor Jarrid Wilson forces church leaders to confront mental health

, USA TODAY Published 4:20 p.m. ET Sept. 14, 2019

The first time he thought about killing himself, Adrian Crawford was wracked with fear, shame and guilt.

He believed deeply in God but couldn’t shake the darkness that surrounded him. Did being plagued with depression and anxiety make him an inadequate Christian? He had tried everything he’d been taught in church – praying, reading his Bible, being anointed so many times “you could have deep-fried me in holy water.”

Nothing helped. But a part of him hesitated: If he killed himself, was he condemned to eternal torment in hell?

That was more than two decades ago, when Crawford, now 41, was a freshman at the University of Tulsa. Now, as the lead pastor of Engage Church in Tallahassee, Florida, Crawford speaks openly about his mental health struggles, including sharing them with his congregation.

When are most Christians EVER going to understand that being a Christian saves NO ONE, that often people live full and happy lives without any religion at all and certainly not one that claims to be the sole source of salvation and spiritual truth?! Depression and other forms of mental illness claim people whether they are religious or not.

Read this too:

We all need to grow up!

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