Religion can’t always save people!

Read this shocking story:

Recently baptized mom, 41, kills daughter, 9, and self in ‘shocking’ murder-suicide

news 1 week ago FOX News — Christopher Carbone

A Utah mom killed her 9-year-old daughter before turning the gun on herself in a “shocking” murder-suicide discovered on New Year’s Eve.

The bodies of Karina Clark, 41, and Madison Clark, 9, were discovered inside their home in Magna, near Salt Lake City, after a neighbor asked cops to do a welfare check when a Christmas present sat on their front porch, unretrieved.

“Madison had just been baptized in the [Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints] and they both had so much going for them,” Clark’s older daughter Bailey Miller wrote on Facebook.

Miller added her mother “struggled from mental illness for a while but her heart was always in a good place.” She called the incident “shocking.”

Investigators found three gunshot wounds in Madison and one in Karina, according to Miller.

The family set up a YouCaring page to cover funeral expenses that’s already raised more than $4,500.

Police said the bodies had been in the house for as long as one to three weeks before being discovered.

Friends and neighbors said they were stunned by the incident.

“It just doesn’t make sense,” Ben Cummins, a neighbor, told Deseret News. “It’s in your neighborhood. It’s right next door to you. And you feel like, ‘Why didn’t I see something?’”

Another friend, Karena Marvell, said: “I don’t think she could do that to herself. She was very spiritual and everything, but you never know.”

This isn’t the first tragedy the family has dealt with.

Karina’s two other children, twins named Bailey and Brandon, lost their father earlier in childhood due to a suicide, according to the YouCaring page.

“Mental illness is such an ugly and heartbreaking thing! You never know what someone is going through and capable of and my heart is breaking for these kids who now have to bury their mother and little sister,” a post on the YouCaring page said.

Miller wrote on Facebook: “Madison’s sweet loving personality will live on in the hearts that knew her. I love you so much girly, I know you are dancing in heaven now.”

Note that the little girl was just baptized in the Mormon Church. Given the blatant falsehoods and nonsense associated with it, I have to wonder if her mother discovering its teachings were worthless drove her to suicide and murder.  Of course, that does not justify such things, but it might explain them.

Many people convert to religion in order to free themselves from an addiction to drugs or alcohol, and if that works for them, well and good. But often it does not and only makes them feel worse when it fails them. My own cousin Jim Williams spent most of his adulthood as an atheist, finally converting to Christianity due to my Baptist mother’s influence to make himself quit drinking…..only to hang himself in a city park a year or two later. His religion did not save him. As I noted in another blog entry long ago:

After I left the Baha’i Faith, I realized that religion simply has nothing whatsoever to do with one’s character; if people have screwed up personalities, religion actually can make them worse by making them think that believing certain dogmas and following certain rituals will save them and make them great people before God and their fellow humans. I know from my own experience with myself and others that this is simply a lie.

Having to attend my cousin’s funeral and listen to the pastor talk about Jim being in heaven with Jesus made me feel like throwing up.  Of course, we don’t know that at all. What we do know is that from an empirical perspective, my cousin is still dead. As is that mother and her daughter in Utah. My hatred for dogmatic religion burns because of such incidents!


4 thoughts on “Religion can’t always save people!

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  2. “I have to wonder if her mother discovering its teachings were worthless drove her to suicide and murder. Of course, that does not justify such things, but it might explain them.”
    No. There is plenty of religions, dogmas, beliefs and churches to go around to make it pretty much impossible for “discovering its teachings were worthless” would drive anyone to suicide and murder.
    “As is that mother and her daughter in Utah. My hatred for dogmatic religion burns because of such incidents!”
    What? That doesn’t make any sense.

    Lets find out more about the case before reacting:
    She was fighting with depression, she just lost her job, Madison’s father left her, she was risking losing the house, she had had a surgery (so medical bills)… and the father of her other children killed himself. I can see a lot of reason for her to choose to end it all that has nothing to do with LDS church.

    Sounds like you let your hatred cloud your thinking.

    • Well, I may hate dogmatic religions, but not people who allow themselves to be trapped in them through ignorance, especially since I myself was once one of them. My belief in the inherit worth and dignity of all human beings motivates even my criticism of religions.

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