The Cracked Website Explains a Lot about Social Issues

As a youth, I used to know Cracked as a humor magazine similar to Mad. I never see Cracked magazines on newsstands, but there is a website with the same name and logo. But it deals with a lot of serious issues.

I will now post links and excepts from various articles in the website.

How Half Of America Lost Its F**king Mind

#6. It’s Not About Red And Blue States — It’s About The Country Vs. The City

#5. City People Are From A Different Goddamned Planet

#4. Trends Always Start In The Cities — And Not All Of Them Are Good

#3. The Rural Areas Have Been Beaten To Shit

#2. Everyone Lashes Out When They Don’t Have A Voice

#1. Assholes Are Heroes

Read that entire article and you will gain an understanding of where Donald Trump’s appeal comes from. And why Democrats have failed.

5 Helpful Answers To Society’s Most Uncomfortable Questions

| May 19, 2015

#5. “Why Do People Shit On Me Just Because I’m (White/Male/Straight/Etc.)?”

#4. “Why Is Everything Always Getting Worse?”

#3. “Why Do People Act Like Sexism/Racism/Etc. Are Rampant, When Even Mild Jokes About Those Things Will Ruin Your Career Now?”

#2. “Why Do I Get Blamed For Things My Grandparents Did?”

#1. “Why Can’t We Just Put This Stupid Shit Aside And Treat Each Other Like Human Beings?”

Read that article to gain an understanding of what so-called “Social Justice Warriors” are concerned about. Including myself.

6 Reasons Why A New Civil War Is Possible And Terrifying

| November 01, 2016

#6. The Beginning Looks A Lot Like Where We Are Right Now

#5. The Violence Could Start With Farms Choking The Cities

#4. The Revolution Will Plagiarize ISIS’s Tactics

#3. There Will Be Hundreds of Sides

#2. Decades of Military Spending Will Bite Us In The Ass

#1. The Internet Will Make It Even Bloodier

Read that to see how bad things could get in the next few years.

6 Famous Political Blunders (That You Remember Wrong)

| November 07, 2016

#6. Donald Trump Didn’t Mock Vets With PTSD

#5. Mitt Romney Didn’t Say He Liked To Fire Workers

#4. Obama’s “You Didn’t Build That” Was Clearly About Infrastructure

#3. Bush “Ignoring 9/11 To Read To Schoolchildren” Was Exaggerated At Best

#2. A Federal Official Was Fired For A Racist Comment She Didn’t Make

#1. Dan Quayle’s Comment About “Learning Latin To Communicate with Latin Americans” Was Made Up By The Media

Read that to understand how politically motivated media, dependent on sound-bites rather than detailed explanations, corrupts our very efforts to communicate with each other.

Don’t Panic

| November 09, 2016
1. You still have tremendous power, if you are willing to exercise it.
2. Half of America did not, in fact, just reveal themselves to be closet Nazis.
3. The internet lets us live in social bubbles that blind us to what’s really happening.
4. What Trump’s supporters just did, you can do.
Read that to know what we as opponents of Donald Trump and the Republicans can do in the near future. The time to start fighting back is not three years from now, but as soon as we can!

One thought on “The Cracked Website Explains a Lot about Social Issues

  1. I found some more articles from the Cracked website:

    7 Reasons So Many Guys Don’t Understand Sexual Consent
    By David Wong | November 03, 2016

    #7. “Forcing Yourself On Women Makes Them Love You”

    #6. “Asking Permission Is A Sign Of Weakness”

    #5. “Women Like To Be Pursued, And Thus Always Play ‘Hard To Get'”

    #4. “Everything Women Do Is Intended To Stoke Male Hunger”

    #3. “Sexual Assault = Guy In An Alley With A Knife”

    #2. “All Sex Outside Of (Heterosexual) Marriage Is Wrong”

    #1. “Boys Will Be Boys”

    6 Anti-Trans Arguments That Sound Historically Familiar
    By Stephan Roget | October 13, 2016

    #6. “They’ll Ruin Sports!”

    #5. “This Is Nothing But An Excuse For Perversion!”

    #4. “Why Bother Giving Them Rights If They’re Such A Small Part Of The Population?”

    #3. “Telling Me I Can’t Harass People Is A Violation Of My Free Speech!”

    #2. “What’s Next? Letting People Marry Animals?”

    #1. “I’m Not A Bigot; It’s Biology!”

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