What Trump’s Victory Means

Last night, Donald Trump won the Presidential Election of 2016, which strikes me as by far the worst one I’ve ever lived though.

Trump’s victory means that America’s tendency to be hypocritical and white male dominated will continue just as it did before. Barack Obama’s election eight years ago was an exception, not the rule. We may not see another black person or woman elected President for decades after this.

When Trump first started to run for President last year, many people, including myself, dismissed his candidacy as a joke. “He is even worse than Bush Jr!” I thought, knowing Trump never held any public office before. Seems I underestimated the collective arrogance of my fellow white men! We tolerated Nixon, Reagan, Bush Sr and Bush Jr despite the dishonorable natures of all their Presidencies. How low could America go, I wondered. Now we know!

Black lives are supposed to matter, but black VOTES do not!

Women do not matter, unless a man wants to assault them.

Gays and lesbians do not matter.

Christians matter, but no other religion does. Atheists will be even more screwed.

America will not have justice and compassion for those who want to come here and make a living and be treated fairly, but are not white and do not speak English.

We feel more comfortable electing an obvious crook because he tells us what we want to hear instead of a principled person who does not. Just like in 1972.

Americans love to talk about equality, rights, and how free we are. Never mind that the very man who wrote the Declaration of Independence and later became our third President was both a slaveowner and a rapist. He also took part in a massive land grab that would later displace lots of non-white people.

And let us not blame third parties and their supporters or Bernie Sanders and his supporters. The problem is and always should be squarely placed on the shoulders of Donald Trump and those who were stupid enough to vote for him.

I am ashamed to be an American and even more ashamed to be a white man in America!

5 thoughts on “What Trump’s Victory Means

  1. Great article but trying to bring some clarity among those who will listen.Im white fm gay.Im a fourth Cherokee but did not know to what degree until a year ago.Im blue eyes whiteblonde.Have other features etc..I am a Gay Christian.I am not welcomed among most protestant churches I’m over it.My Christianity is in line with the Apostles.creed.I do not try to brow beat ppl Christ said ,it’s a gift want it ok I’m here your choice.So that’s the way I am. Now I attended the Southern Baptist Seminary 48 hours of graduate work,need 90. The great President an theologian of the school who recently deposed Trump last srcond,told me in a back n forth I cannot be gay and a Christian .My point is this many gay ppl are being put in a non Christian category I’m trying to stop this.Im not Pat Robertson,Franklin Graham, or any other follower.They are about theological legalism vs grace mercy an love.They preach let us fix you then come ,Christ says come as you are. So they have the cart before the horse .Once a Christian it’s your spiritual journey not to be legalize in collusion with Pence Dobson rgetoric.Not to mention Separation of Church and State. So great on your article. Just wanted u to know Christian LGBT are in the middle and no where.Many thanks ,Karen Spratt

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