Even Republicans are waking up!

In a previous blog entry, I wrote the following:

Notice what all these current front runners have in common? THEY ARE ALL WHITE MEN! And that is really all the Republicans are appealing to these days, as well as Christian bigots. And these different candidates are engaged in a brutal fight for the nomination that is splitting the party up…..all of them are appealing to a core constituency, white males, who are no longer the overwhelmingly dominant segment of the American population, even though they are still slightly more privileged than those who are non-white and/or female. The fact that John McCain lost in 2008 to Obama should have showed the futility of continuing to appeal to a base that is growing impotent. But the Republicans have not learned how to grow and diversify, have they?

This past year, we DID have a black man, a woman and a couple of hispanics running under the Republican ticket for President, along with several white men, but I’d swear every single one of them sounded like a white male bigot! Not one of them really took any positions or said anything that would be truly appealing to women or minorities. As horrible as Donald Trump may seem to be, at least he seems more honest about his bigotry and appealing to the bigotry of voters than most other conservatives out there.

It does not matter if you put someone like Sarah Palin up to run for office if she sells out constantly to the male dominated status quo. Heck, Phyllis Schlafly is a woman who was a perfect shill for the bigoted men in her life.

Consider also what I wrote here:


In any case, it is clear that the “Tea Party” has become a laughingstock that is ruining the power and credibility of the Republican Party. The biggest mistake Republicans like Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, and others made was to try to draw these dissenters into the Republican camp. Likewise, the Tea Party leaders should have rejected the Republicans and instead drew millions of people into the membership of the Libertarian Party, which would then overthrow the Republican Party to become the Democrats’ main opposition. Because that didn’t happen, there will be no real change in government over the next decade or so. A great opportunity for long-term reform was destroyed by the desire for short term political convenience.

I was proven right this year! And now the conservatives in the media are also admitting it. Sort of…..


The lowest moment of last night — maybe the lowest of the election and in the history of the GOP — came before the debate, when Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus pledged that the RNC “is going to support the nominee, whoever that is, 100 percent.” This came on a day in which Donald Trump’s campaign, despite an eyewitness and audio evidence, denied that its manager strong-armed reporter Michelle Fields — and then savaged her as “delusional.” It comes on a day when violence yet again occurred at another Trump rally, violence that Trump has made light of or encourages (as Jake Tapper ably pointed out). It comes after a boatload of information has revealed Trump’s penchant for lying and misleading consumers. It comes when Trump has refused to turn over his tax records, preventing voters from seeing his real financial picture.

So far, so good. But then the writer, Jennifer Rubin, starts to step back from what seems to me the obvious conclusion.

The sort of soulless, amoral stance displayed last night toward a figure as dangerous as Trump suggests that whether Trump becomes the nominee or not, a new center-right party is required, one that specifically rejects Trumpism. A party is needed that embodies everything that Trump is not — inclusive, ideas-driven, programmatic, dedicated to the rule of law, rational, optimistic — for those who believe that 21st-century liberal statism is not the cure for what ails the United States. (Emphasis mine – D. H.)

NO, that is exactly what we as a country do NOT need at all! Saying you favor center-right politics (as opposed to extreme conservatism) is like saying you favor only a limited amount of poison being ingested in your body, or a limited amount of abuse being inflicted on a child, or a limited amount of pollution in the lake that is intended to swim in, fish from and drink from. Fearing liberal statism is like a child being fearful of the shot a doctor is about to give him to either cure an illness or to prevent illnesses in the future; OF COURSE,  it will be painful in the short term, just as liberal reforms will be painful to the political, economic, and cultural elites…..BUT THOSE ELITES DESERVE TO SUFFER A LITTLE…..because in the end, society as a whole will be better off!

Moreover, #NeverTrump does mean something, namely that he cannot be the president. Ever. Someone so lacking in character, knowledge and respect for the rule of law must lose; no person of good conscience should enable him to reach the White House. A third candidate, in other words, will not make a Clinton victory any more likely, but it could save the Senate and begin the process of reformulating the party for conservatives of goodwill.


You hypocrites supported Nixon, you supported Reagan,and you even elected the supreme idiot Bush Jr twice and NOW you are upset at what your own party has spawned! Trump, Cruz and the others would never have disgraced your party so much if Nixon, and all the other Republican Presidents after him had not paved the way for these current nuts.


3 thoughts on “Even Republicans are waking up!

  1. What would a compete Never Trump party look like? I have talked with various members of the Buckley Club (a Never Trump group) on Twitter and Medium. Last time I checked, there was talk about using the pro-life movement as the basis of the party like the anti-slavery movement started the Republican Party when the Whig Party existed. They mentioned other things as well, but apparently they didn’t know that their platform seemed suspiciously like that of the Constitution Party. Howard Philipps in 1992, 1996, 2000, Michael Peourka in 2004, Chuck Baldwin in 2008, Virgil Goode in 2012, and probably Tom Hoefling in 2016 (CNC is in Salt Lake City in the middle of April 13-16 or around then) have been the nominees. This party is to the rights of Republicans as the spectrum from left to right in America is Green Party, Democratic Party, Libertarian Party, Republican Party, and Constitution Party.

    The Constitution Party hasn’t ever done any good in elections. To be fair, the Green Party hasn’t gotten anywhere near where they got when Ralph Nader ran in 2000. Those parties have been stagnant and imploding since then. Only the Libertarian Party has risen in polls, votes, membership, and even televised political forums (John Stossel on Fox Business Network recorded the first third party presidential debate on major television with Gary Johnson, John McAfee, and Austin Petersen on March 29 with part one airing on April 1 and part two on April 8). If you missed one or both, you can look them up on YouTube or look at the summaries on the Wikipedia page for Libertarian Presidential primaries 2016 (debate dates as well a primary results for Minnesota, Missouri, North Carolina, Nebraska, Oregon and California). The LNC is May 26-30. The Never Trump supporters at the Buckley Club haven’t explicitly said this isn’t the option, but this party is obviously too pro-choice and tolerant on social issues for them.

    Click to access 7714a05b-515f-4ad3-bdaa-e72a6e5f8e61.pdf

    Monmouth University did a poll on a three way race between Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, and Gary Johnson with each getting 42, 34, and 11 points respectively. Gary Johnson got as much as 16 points among some demographics like Independents and Millennials. I’m not sure what Never Trump supporters think of have a Radical Center or Classical Liberal option rather than something evenly slightly Right Wing like they want.

  2. Recent polling has shown that the Never Trump movement might be considering Rick Perry to be the third party alternative to Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump as either an Independent or a pro-life third party.

    Public Policy Polling has Bernie Sanders at 43% or Hillary Clinton at 44%, Donlad Trump at 34% or 35% respectively, and Rick Perry at 12% and 12% respectively. In contrast to this, Michael Bloomberg was polling from 10% to 29% for the sixteen hypotheticals polled and Gary Johnson polled at 11% once to Rick Perry’s 12% twice. Michael Bloomberg polled at 10-13%, 10-12%, 28-29%, 11-13%, 15%, 16%, and 12-14% throughout the various polling times. He started out at 10% during the first poll before rising to 29% at the highest, but fell due to all the rumors eventually being squashed and him deciding not to run. Ricky Perry isn’t officially running either, but Gary Johnson is running, so his 11% may rise to 30% or more as seen with Michale Bloomberg as an example, but with more votes taken from the Republican as opposed to the opposite with Michael Bloomberg taking more votes from the Democrat.

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